Sunday, July 10, 2016

Malaysian Magic Water

MM Online - Enagic Malaysia denies making miracle cure claims about Kangen Water (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, July 10 — The company behind Kangen Water has denied making claims that its product can treat illnesses like cancer and stroke, saying instead that it has reprimanded distributors who do so.

Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a branch of the Japan-based Enagic International, said it has been working closely with the Health Ministry to stop distributors from making such lofty claims but to no avail.

“First, Enagic Malaysia would like to make a clear statement that we prohibit distributors from selling Kangen water and/ or making medical claims.

“Enagic Malaysia has been working with the MOH to fight against those who ignore and sell water or make medical claims by sending warning letters to anyone who we find doing so and sending cc to MOH officials for past one year,” Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd country manager Nick Nakao told Malay Mail Online in a statement yesterday.

He added that Enagic Malaysia has identified a company in Sarawak which made the near-miraculous health claims, but said the company had refused to cease operations, citing permission granted to them by local authorities.

So we have a naughty recalcitrant local company, which insists on persisting with claims of Kangen Water possessing miraculous cure for cancer and stroke.

Just which 'authority' has given it permission to claim miraculous powers for its water, and what will the MOH now do?

Hopefully the MOH is not expecting Enagic Malaysia to carry out enforcement to stop the charlatan claims.

But what shocked me has been following MM Online report:

The Health Ministry’s latest announcement comes in the wake of another alkaline water controversy last month, when Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Malaysia’s sweetheart singer Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin promoted a filtration system called I-Mizu, where its local supplier and dealer claimed the product could treat cancer and diabetes.

WTF is USM doing?

Competing with another university in the latter's claim of having produced a hysteria kit?

Oh my gawd, Malaysian universities!!!


  1. Kangkong di simpang Dan puji.

    Diamond di buangkan!

    Semua di sebabkan olih warna kulit Dan inferiority complex!


    The long march to failed state!

    Pity those blur-sotongs, whose ONLY dream is the 72 virgins in al Janah!

  2. What the HELL is KANGEN water?
    After searching online, the results came back as "alkaline water".

    Could not help but to LAUGH out loud!!!

    Personally WHACKED quite a few "HEALTH PROFESSIONAL" over "ALKALINE WATER", a long-long-long while ago. Sounds like it is back, with a new name.

    Very EASY to make, ingredients include (but not exhaustive)=low voltage power supply (think mobile charger), container (think fish tank), separated by a PERMEABLE layer (let electricity travel through). The NEGATIVE terminal will contain "ALKALINE WATER" while, the POSITIVE terminal will contain "ACIDIC WATER".
    Could also use them to water your plants (most but not all), damn beneficial and cheap to produce!

    As for humans;
    GOOD for the mouth (think teeth), but EXTREMELY BAD for your stomach (think stomach acid). WORST case scenario, you DIE but best case scenario, you get diarrhea. WORST case scenario for your health!

    If you want to get HEALTHY, I recommend to make a "FULL-WAVE-BRIDGE-IONIZER" as a certified professional (not CELUP-PROFESSIONAL), much better (and effective)for your HEALTH, than "ALKALINE WATER" by a large margin!
    Place one in your house, for everybody. (Just keep away from water, "live" humans, and pets!)

  3. OOps, a correction, omit the word "BRIDGE" since you will need the sinusoidal wave to generate high voltage.
    "FULL WAVE IONIZER" will do GREAT for the entire family!

    Already RETIRED for quite a few years, at least my MIND is still FIT (and STRONG), unlike the rest of my body...

  4. let's keep a steady eye on MOH and USM, the former to see whether it'll take action since some alleged "authority'" has sanctioned the claim of miracle cure, and the second, USM, to realize the shameful unbelievable follies of our universities.

  5. As Malaysian government university research funding has been steadily cut, the Universities have been pressured to form "smart partnerships" with the private sector.
    In theory this can be a "Win-Win" situation. Universities can continue get badly needed funding to do useful research, and private companies get access to university-standard research.

    Alas...the low standards in Malaysian universities now mean that a lot of that "research output" is rubbish...or even downright dishonest....

    BTW, there is some evidence to suggest that Alkaline Water (PH slightly higher than 7) has positive health benefits. Modern diets are excessively acidic, so drinking water that is slightly on the alkaline side helps balance it the theory goes....

    However, making claims that such Alkaline Water has magical curative properties for serious illnesses is nonsensical and dangerous....

  6. The Malaysian version of Shi Wang Ti grand master plan of "retarding" the rakyat to make them "blur" ("killing & jailing" the intellectuals & burning of books as parallel to "NEP" them) so that he could "pipe-piping" lead them and command their mindless undivided support. Ended up Ah Jib kor benefiting the most and now come back to bite him. Serve him right!

  7. Drink New Zealand Hawke's Bay Miracle Water...

    Great Taste, Great for Health.

    But No, it doesn't cure any major diseases....wakakakaka