Saturday, July 23, 2016

She moves ulama's to pray



    [Stadium Melawati, Selangor, Malaysia. Monday, 25 July 2016 20:30 Only 2 days until the event!]

    "All mosques in Selangor have been ordered to hold solat hajat after Friday prayers or whenever it is appropriate, before the concert is held to pray to Allah in hopes that Ulamaks & PAS cadres will be cleansed of evil viagra thoughts."

  2. Pray for a wardrobe malfunction.

  3. Let's see if the Friday prayers work.
    If it does work, the concert would be cancelled or something bad will happen if it proceeds.
    If it dose not work, the concert will proceed and conclude successfully. If Allah does permits the concert to be successful, then all those who had prayed ill against the concert need to repent because they had gone against the will of Allah and their prayers have been ignored.
    One should not pray for disaster upon another as such prayer is in itself born out of ill intention. If you make such a prayer in public, then the public will judge your faith based on the end result of your prayers. It is a double edged sword. In poker, they call it sailang, or all open card. They should not have put Islam at risk of being ridiculed should their prayers not work.
    Even if the prayers work and the concert is screwed, do you think the non Muslims will acknowledge the power of your prayers and possibly embrace Islam? More likely they will just curse and swear for being denied their chance to see their favorite celebrity. Do you think Hadi Awang can still say that Huddud does not affect Non-Muslim? Hadi recently said that more people will convert to Islam when his bill is passed by parliament. Where is the logic?

  4. Now that the concert has successfully concluded, it is now open season for analyzing why the state sanctioned Friday prayers against the concert has failed. What can we learn from this episode?