Sunday, July 24, 2016

PAS to contest EVERY seat in Penang

Malaysiakini - PAS to field candidates if Penang state election is held

the rose symbolizing secret or confidentiality stems back to its place among ancient Egyptian & Greek gods

sub rosa (beneath the rose) means an agreement, conspiracy or pact made secretly or covertly

PAS will field its candidates in each state legislative assembly seats, should there be a snap election in Penang.

Its president Abdul Hadi Awang said although the party was not part of the Pakatan Harapan, it would contest in the state election on a stand-alone basis.

"We have the strength in the state based on the history of the party itself that was established in Penang. DAP and PKR should also realise that they depend on our grassroots support to win in the last general election," he said.

Dear Pak Haji, of course your PAS (under you) will, and that's precisely why you have boldly declared PAS will contest in each and every Penang state seat.

People may wonder why in each and every state seat, but then they don't realize you have a vital role to play ..... for UMNO and its machais.

For more of PAS' new role a la sub rosa, please read my earlier post Would God weep?


  1. your constant partisan bikering eh kt..? but it is your duty to prevent and restraint it yea... lest dap government would be voted out by bn? pas and amanah have got a vital role to play indeed.. ha ha

    1. You can convince KT and his uncles to vote Penang PAS by your reasoning.

  2. Oh boy, this guy is so hateful of DAP that he will lead PAS Ulama faction into battle with DAP what come may.
    He forgets that:
    1. PAS grassroots in Penag are urban voters and Urbanites surpports PAS' moderate faction who are now in Amanah.
    2. Pas contesting in 40 seats means they disregard their new coalition partner Ikatan.
    3. If Pas Penang is strong, how come they only won 1 seat is GE13?
    4. The new scenario is that now all Penang Lang know about Haddi's status as Advisor to BN/UMNO after several deals MOUed in hospital. Remember Haddi confessed that he don't want to change the government but only to advise BN.
    Perhaps Haddi should visit the hospital more often to be visited by his counterpart more often in order to come out with a more convincing statement. Right now, he is just talking nonsense with the hole in his South Pole. Can you trust someone like this to be your enforcer of the proposed Huddud punishment?

    1. it is hadi not haddi... ok boy?

    2. heil umno ! can u recommend some umno dedak for me too ? i heard its very sedap ! made in the USA with gambling money. wakakakaka

    3. you can get them from the sundry shops..

  3. Snap polls in Penang are unwise and unnecessary.
    Penang needs to focus on the many governing challenges it is facing.

    A relatively non-complex matter such as flash floods occurring less than 1 kilometer from the seashore - an obvious result of poor drainage - are not being resolved year after year.

    Anil Netto has put it in very articulate terms below...

    Having said that, Hadi is playing a dishonest and duplicitous game in Penang.

    Deploying a PAS candidate in DAP and PKR areas would simply amount to aiding BN....or so he plans....hope you are prepared to "Donate" plenty of deposits to the Election Commission, because you will not get most of it back.
    But what does it matter when UMNO is providing delicious Dedak ?

  4. According to Ktemoc's favourite blogger, RPK, the Works Ministry has suspended discussions over the 3rd Penang link because only a 2 page letter was submitted for approval.

    That's why I said, Penang needs to focus on governing in the time until the next GE, instead of getting all aroused about Snap Polls.

    You have a massive majority in the State Assembly.