Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kafir Harbi No 2?

MM Online - Cops probing Taiping MP for religious insult, sedition over Raya Facebook post

Sorry lah, allahyarham Tok Guru Nik Aziz is no longer here to protect you 

PUTRAJAYA, July 9 — DAP lawmaker Nga Kor Ming is being investigated for his recent Facebook post related to the Hari Raya Puasa celebrations, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said today.

Khalid said several police reports had been filed against the Taiping MP’s alleged Facebook post and added that checks were being conducted to verify if Nga had uploaded the “sensitive” content personally.

“If it is true that he was the one who made [the remarks], I think that is an act of trying to mock Islam.

“That is not something that should be done by someone like Yang Berhormat and in our multicultural country, so I urge everyone to be careful,” he told reporters during Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s Raya open house celebration here.

He added that the investigations are under Section 298 of the Penal Code — which deals with uttering words with a deliberate intent to wound the religious feelings of a person — and the Sedition Act.

Khalid did not specify the Facebook post that the police was investigating.

Two groups had yesterday made four police reports over a Facebook post that allegedly insulted the Muslim practice of giving out cash in the form of “duit raya” during Hari Raya Puasa.

This time no one can blame our most "efficient" and "alert" IGP for not taking prompt actions. At least in this current case of DAP's Nga Kor Ming posting allegedly insensitive remarks, the IGP is moving expeditiously unlike in the case of the Pahang mufti who posted not just insensitive words but a fatwa with "frightening" intent which can inspire devout Muslims to kill those kafir harbi, purportedly in the defence of Islam.

Surely we can see the clear, very clear difference between the allegedly illegal words of a DAP MP, already labelled by the Pahang mufti as a 'kafir harbi' against the sanctioned fatwa of a Muslim cleric which has not been opposed ('yet' anyway) by both HRH Sultan Pahang (the head of Islamic affairs in Pahang) and YAB the PM of Malaysia.

Ironically, wakakaka, Nga Kor Ming had been one of those DAP pollies who loved to sprout Quranic verses, of course with the approval of our late Pak Haji Nik Aziz in those now-forgotten halcyon days of pre 2008. But now, Nga has been demoted to being just a kafir harbi (I think No 2, wakakaka) as per the fatwa of the Pahang mufti.

Anyway, good on you Yang Amat Amat Berbahagia IGP. Thank you so very much for taking time off from your duties at the borders in keeping out the seditious ashes of Ong Boon Hwa (Chin Peng) to address the slanders of the kafir harbi.

Sorry Ah Pek, peace agreement or not, we can't let you a Chinese back into Malaysia as you killed Malay soldiers.

Chin Peng: But what about those Malay CTs who killed Chinese, Indian and indeed Malay soldiers, airmen and police? They have been allowed back!

Dei, jangan pandai jadi lawyer buruk lah! You're supposed to be very dead.

Yes sir, we are so f**king "grateful" to YAB our dear IGP.

Historical note:

In the early days of the Emergency, Policeman Koh Ah Cheng was killed by CT at Bukit Kepong police Station. Ironically the communist assailants were led by a Malay Communist, Muhammad Indera.

For more, see my 2013 post on Chinese policemen.

Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa
Malaysia's highest gallantry medal

awarded by HM the Agong to many Chinese policemen and soldiers, some posthumously

but their children are not entitled to the 'special privileges' that 'new' Malays from neighbouring regions are


  1. The IGP is a highly politicised public servant, who thinks his primary loyalty is to UMNO and PM Najib, not the Constitution of Malaysia.

    Ngar's satirical post hit the nail right on the head of certain very senior people in UMNO.
    There are many Malays who fully understand the sentiments in the message - there is no insult to Islam or Malay culture.

    "Dedak" in this context would mean chaff or crumbs. Its a swipe at those who would turn a blind eye to mega wrong doing , for a bit of crumbs falling off the table.
    Siapa makan cili , dia yang rasa pedas.

  2. On both sides of the political divide there are loose cannons who score their own goals by making statements that invite ridicule.

    I notice that on the Empire's side, most of the loose cannons have quieten down or quit (Azalina, Dahlan, Husni, Ramesh/Lester ...), save only for Keruak, Khalid whose recent action on the 1MDB leaks seems to be causing more damage.

    Nga Kor Ming is one of those on the rebel's side who should have toned down especially after his disastrous remarks/apology for insulting Zambry. They don't seem to realise their amateur remarks (no swimming pool, bark/bite, bad fung shui, Superman screw ...) actually provide ammunition to the other side and become the subject of memes.

    (Update: Nga has now denied the controversial posting).

    People of the faith do not think like the way you wrote. Logic, rationality, rule of law, common sense, reason etc all are secondary to their beliefs. (Your sweetie blogger HA's line of thinking seems to be quite representative of such beliefs).

    Their conviction is not that something is right or wrong, it is the defence of the faith that matters. For example, the PAS hudud bill and SIS court decision are proclaimed as victories in a JAIS Raya sermon. Not too long ago IGP warned against questioning Islam and hudud as it could "provoke a retaliation from Isis militants."

    In 2006 the then (and now) Perak mufti almost caused a riot with his false news of a mass conversion, he justified that he "have fulfilled his duty of reminding Muslims of the threats facing Islam today the threats that now Islam faces". Why was he not arrested? Because any attempts to prosecute him would be treated as an attack on the religion.

    Recently, the supposedly level-headed mufti of Perlis took the case of MAS stewardess being "tormented that she has to serve alcohol and is not allowed to put on the headscarf". Did he not ask the stewardess why she chose this job when there are lots of other jobs that would not torment her, when she knew about the MAS uniform and the need to serve alcohol?