Sunday, July 03, 2016


In Penang there's lots of jealousy dripping copiously, like the heavenly downpour during the NW Monsoon rainstorms, and it's all about the generous bail-support donations to the DAP.

Lim Guan Eng had recently been whacked humongously with an unprecedented RM1 million bail - indeed quite unprecedented for such a relatively minor case of corruption.

Bail should be of a reasonable amount and depends on the likelihood of flight risk by the accused. Guan Eng has only been charged with corruption which in Malaysia, even if he were found guilty, is unlikely to turn him into a fugitive, an absconding criminal.

The RM1 million bail is suspiciously seen by many as (a) an unreasonable harassing factor, but more of (b) an amount to invoke to the public sinister images of Guan Eng as a big time criminal.

But on request by the DAP, contributions have been pouring in with the 1 million ringgit reached with 20 hours. The incoming donations haven't stopped yet.

There's a negative and very jealous response by (naturally) the BN people who have in various forms questioned the DAP on requesting for donations from the public. In reality the donations which are still coming in for the DAP have not only been to support the bail amount but also, and ominously for the BN, expressions of public support for the political cause of the DAP in general and Guan Eng in particular.

Then there have been NGOs and individuals who demanded accountability for the use of the donated money, conveniently forgetting the sum of whatever amount it may eventually accumulate to, is none of their bloody business as the money are donations by individuals to the DAP and not to some public institutes - so don't be so kay-poe (busybody) or so chea-chaw (jealous).

Quite frankly, how the DAP uses it is up to the DAP. Of course the DAP can treat themselves to champagne and lobsters (or abalone) but only at their party's bad reputation, wakakaka.

But as someone who has donated (via my uncle) to the DAP, I would be happy if the eventually returned sum (regardless of whether Guan Eng is found innocent or otherwise) is used for Guan Eng's legal fees, DAP's political campaigns, or to assist deserving charities or political causes.

The bizarre feedback is that some specific-interest groups are already laying rather aggressive/merajuk-ish claims to the donated sums (after the bail money is returned) as if the money belongs more to their individual 'deserving' cause, such as animals welfare, refugees, orphanages, etc.

That was not what the public donating the money had in mind. And these groups don't have a leg to stand on their indecently obscene hasty claims.

Really, it's all up to the DAP party.


  1. Agree with KT. A lot of donors for the 4 Sarawakian hostages were very angry to hear DPM announced that their donations were given to some Muslim organizations.
    Donation to DAP should be used for DAP only.

  2. It is totally unnecessary for Lim Guan Eng to drag down the people of Penang with him.

    From what I read in Malaysiakini, this is such a simple case.

    The accused, a public servant, chaired an Exco meeting where it approved the application for the usage of a piece of agricultural land to be converted. Less than a year later he bought a house at below market rate, from the person who owns the company which made the agricultural land application.

    It is such a simple case, shorn of its political overtones, even a First Year Law Student would be able to give you the most logical verdict.

    And it is also a personal predicament for the accused.
    It wasn't the People of Penang who bought that house below market rate. There is no need to drag in the whole public.