Friday, July 22, 2016

Dr Siti Hasmah's most 'telling' revelations

Malaysiakini - Siti Hasmah: I thought Mahathir was being too harsh on Najib at first (extracts):

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s wife Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali initially thought that her husband was too harsh on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak after he was sworn in as the country’s top leader in 2009.

In her autobiography 'My Name is Hasmah', Siti Hasmah related how signs of a rift between Mahathir and Najib had appeared as early as after the latter became prime minister.

A dinner was then arranged at Seri Perdana for the two to patch things up.

But when Najib reappeared soon after the meeting, Hasmah knew that this was not a good sign.

Najib, she said, had confirmed this, informing her that Mahathir wanted to leave immediately.

Asking what had happened between the two at their home later, Mahathir said he had told Najib that he was doing a terrible job as prime minister.

“I was a little shocked. Najib had only recently assumed office and while I too was concerned with how he appeared to be managing the country, I couldn't help feeling that Mahathir had been too harsh on him.

“He was still fairly new to the job,” said Hasmah, adding how Mahathir himself had encountered a difficult start as deputy prime minister.

It's interesting that she revealed her husband wanted to leave immediately after the first meeting with Najib as PM.

She learned from hubby that Najib as a new PM was doing a terrible job as prime minister, when the younger man had JUST assumed office - as Dr Siti Hasmah said “He was still fairly new to the job.”

Indeed! Najib hadn't even warmed up his PM-engines.

look my boy, I would do it this way
I hear you Tun, er ... I'll think about it
what 'think about it'? just do it, understand!?
yes Tun, er ... I'll think about it


So, what was or were those terrible stuff that Mahathir believed Najib did so badly as to estrange their former mentor-mentee relationship?

Remember, Najib had just taken office as PM thus it would not have been 1MDB as this came much later when Mahathir was looking for a trigger to blast his WMD at his former mentee.

Indeed, I dare say it was not much of anything that a new PM would and could have done except Najib's plans, policies and privately voiced (to Mahathir) intentions, thoughts and inclinations.

Yes, that would have been the material sum of stuff to be judged by Mahathir at such an early stage in a new PM's tenure.

And based on what we have read over the years since Najib's PM-ship, would the stuff that Najib mention or voice his thoughts on to Mahathir, those which the more senior man found to be totally unsatisfactory, offensive or perhaps even to his fury some or all of the following?

  • Crooked bridge? - let's not go there as this subject has been done to death already. Personally I don't believe this issue to be back breaking in Mahathir-Najib relationship. It might have annoyed the old man but more so because he saw Sing getting away with 'it', whatever 'it' was in his mind, wakakaka.
  • Too nice to Singapore? You know how Mahathir gets all so twisted up in his bowels whenever he reckoned Singapore had gotten the better of Malaysia.

    Oh, I wonder whether Najib had then foolishly or bravely informed the 'Emperor' of Malaysia that he was going to sell off the KTM land in Sing and develop that jointly with Sing? My Oh My, how that would have affected Mahathir's ulcers, poor heart and blood pressure, wakakaka.
  • Too accommodating to Chinese Malaysians? An old story of Mahathir and the Chinese - when he needed them, he smiled, when he didn't he snarled. But most annoying of all to him, I bet, was when the Chinese 'delivered' for him, as in 1999, when deep in his heart he must have snarled furiously (at the f**king need to be 'grateful', wakakaka, to those bloody 'ungrateful' Cinapek) even as he smiled on the outside.
  • Najib acting dunno when his erstwhile mentor brought up the subject of 'Crown Prince' Mukhriz's ascendancy in UMNO?

    I bet Najib would have mumbled, something to this effect, "Err Tun, I'll think about it", wakakaka.

    I wonder how the conversation would have then proceeded, wakakaka. 

Najib my boy, about my Mukhriz ...
... Najib, are you listening?



  1. Najib was supposed to do what Badawi wouldn't. What was it that Dr.M wanted from Badawi which he did not get?

  2. Don't bark up the wrong tree.

    I am no admirer of Mahathir, but he is not the Clear and Present Danger to this country.

    But I guess the DEDAK from "Malaysian Official 1" tastes GOOD... just make sure don't choke on it.

    1. (a) what makes you think he is not ALSO the clear & present danger, given his far greater experience

      (b) I heard both sides are giving dedak so both camps (especially yang makan cabai wakakaka) should make sure they don't choke on it, wakakaka