Friday, July 01, 2016

Mufti and AG: "Your father is your mother and your mother is your father"?

A few days ago, RPK wrote a post about muftis and their opinions or fatwas. He said something quite hilarious, that the mufti (he was then referring to the Perak mufti, you know the one who warned wives to give in to their hubbies even if hubbies want to bonk wifeys right there on the backs of camel), yes that the mufti has the power and authority to say "your father is your mother and your mother is your father" and no one can challenge that.

Well it seems muftis don't have a monopoly on such powers of interpretation, because today we read in FMT the following (extracts only):

GEORGE TOWN: DAP Parliamentary Leader Lim Kit Siang has “congratulated” Attorney-General Apandi Ali for framing “incredible” charges against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

The party stalwart also described the charges against his son Guan Eng as historic.

“I would like to congratulate the Attorney-General, as he has framed probably the most ridiculous charge not only in the history of prosecution in Malaysia, but the world.

“Guan Eng is accused of converting, of approving conversion of an agricultural land to residential land."

But until now, (the said land) is still (an) agricultural land. And this can become the subject of the prosecution in order to remove the CM. It is so ridiculous,” he told reporters at the Town Hall at Jalan Esplanade here yesterday."

But then Apandi is a lawyer, and it's said lawyers can turn white into black and black into white, wakakaka.

Dr Ramasamy, Penang's DCM II, quoted a Malay proverb directed at the AG: “Gajah didepan mata tidak dinampak, tetapi kuman di sebarang lautan boleh dinampak."

And assuming this information is relevant, Apandi in an earlier life was also a former UMNO treasurer in Kelantan. Thus I would say he would be meticulous with figures, but perhaps in the way my visitor Bruno would say: "Go figure."



  1. ag sendiri turun padang wor! kenapa tak kontrak shafie dolah saja.

  2. There is no need to go back 20 years to see the nature of the beast Apandi is.

    In the last few months since Apandi's appointment as "Najib's" Attorney General , he has made clear his stripes as a Najib hatchet-man, the most politicised Attorney General in Malaysian history.

    - Wielding Sosma , supposedly intended to be a law to combat terrorism , to lock up Khairuddin Abu Hassan, as well as his lawyer Matthias Chang.

    - Clearing Najib's name Clorox-white by declaring the RM 2.6 Billion in going into Najib's personal bank account as "No Wrong doing"

    - Denying authorisation for Mutual Legal Assistance requests to be invoked with foreign governments to obtain official confirmation of who are the Real owners of 1MDB-linked Goodstar and the False Aabar account.
    Essentially executing a cover-up for Najib.

    And now, the politically motivated prosecution of Lim Guan Eng.