Friday, July 29, 2016

Snap election for Penang - a sinister DAP conspiracy?

Wikipedia explains: A snap election is an election called earlier than expected. Generally it refers to an election in a parliamentary system called when not required (either by law or convention), usually to capitalize on a unique electoral opportunity or to decide a pressing issue.

It differs from a recall election in that it is initiated by politicians (usually the head of government or ruling party) rather than voters ....

Mahathir and many Pakatan people want the latter (recall election) for Najib, wakakaka.

Wikipedia also informs us: A recall election (also called a recall referendum or representative recall) is a procedure by which voters can remove an elected official from office through a direct vote before his or her term has ended.

Recalls, which are initiated when sufficient voters sign a petition, have a history dating back to the ancient Athenian democracy and are a feature of several contemporary constitutions.

In indirect or representative democracy people's representatives are elected and these representatives rule for a specific period of time. But if any representative is not properly discharging his/her responsibilities, then he/she can be called back with the written request of specific number of voters.

As I am not a constitutional law expert, I think, alas, there is probably no provision for 'recall' elections.

Perhaps, for this we can thank our founding fathers who framed our Constitution or perhaps Najib should thank Mahathir during whose PM-ship we Malaysians saw numerous constitutional amendments as well as the mutilation of the now non-independent Dewan Senate.

But apart from supporting numerous calls to the King, rulers and god-knows-who-else for a 'recall' referendum to remove Ah Jib Gor or just straight sacking for the current PM, wakakaka, Lim Guan Eng and the DAP also want the former type of election, to wit, a 'snap' or early election for the State of Penang.

Presumably the DAP CWC must have seen fit "to capitalize on a unique electoral opportunity or to decide a pressing issue".

What these would be have been the subject of considerable debates, allegations, accusations, conspiracy theory, etc, wakakaka, and we'll come to these shortly.

In late 2014, Taipei Times reported:

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe won comfortable re-election yesterday in a snap poll he had billed as a referendum on his economic policies after early success faded into a recession. [...]

The online version of the Nikkei Shimbun newspaper said the LDP alone had won between 290 and 310 seats, and was “on course to secure the two thirds [317 seats] in the chamber with coalition partner Komeito.”

“This victory will enhance Abe’s political capital and allow him to tackle tough issues more comfortably,” University of Niigata Prefecture politics professor Yoshinobu Yamamoto said.

Abe, 60, was only halfway through his four-year term when he called the vote last month.

OK, back to our dear Guan Eng - Those who are not supportive of the DAP or Guan Eng have provided different reasons, all needless to say indicated sinister, scheming or selfish reasons on Guan Eng's motive, with one even suggesting it's to perpetuate the Lim Dynasty (his Father, his Son or his Holy Wife?) though how that would come about was not stated - just typical poo-flinging exercises where facts aren't important compared to flinging the bovine dust around as much as possible so that some would somehow stick, wakakaka.

One rather outlandish suggestion was in an article in FMT titled intriguely and provocatively as Here’s the real reason DAP wants a snap election, which attempts to inform us, wakakaka:

If this snap election is about a show of power that people want to rally behind the island’s chief in the face of prosecution over his personal dealings, how can scoring lower than 30 seats help to send that message?

And with less than 30 seats, which means a weaker state government, how does it help the future of the island?

So, it has to be some other reason.
This is where the Illuminati is brought in, wakakaka.

As usual, the unspoken ones are not those listed and written in an open letter. What is written is what they want us to believe. And usually the real reason and motive is concealed from the public.

So, what is the real reason behind the snap election proposal?
He builds up the suspense, wakakaka again.

Take a step back and ask yourself: If the chief goes down in the graft case against him, who stands to gain the most? The number two man in his own party or the number two man in his own government?

Let's decrypt his tantalising question in the above preamble to his conspiracy theory. It'd be safe to say the mentioned 'chief' is Guan Eng and the No 2 man in his own party is of course a DAP bloke, probably Chow Kon Yeow the current chair of DAP Penang and the likely successor of Guan Eng as CEO Penang, whilst the No 2 man in his own government is the PKR DCM I, YB Mohd Rashid Hasnon

By the by, Rashid Hasnon has just told the DAP off for the latter's stinging words against PKR in regards to the DAP proposed snap election. Rashid Hasnon warned the DAP that the latter's annoying verbal 'barbs' would only compel PKR to further dig their heels in (against the snap election), wakakaka.

Incidentally, RPK in one of his latest posts has advised Chinese that Melayus 'makan lembut' so don't be too harsh or rude to them if the Chinese want their cooperation or help - be humble, be respectful and you the Chinese will be the winner.

RPK had written (extracts): ... in time, the minority non-Bumiputeras will become an even smaller minority. So the DAP Chinese should not be too kwailan or langsi. Accept the fact that you need to share the air you breath with the Malays and not look down on the Malays like you do now.

The Malays are a proud race and they hate being ‘hina’. They are also very protective of their religion, customs and traditions and will go berserk if they think you are belittling what they hold dear.

One thing about the Malays, though, is that they can be very hospitable when you demonstrate humility and respect, and they will protect you with their lives if necessary. And this is the ‘weakness’ of the Malays — you can take advantage of them if you know how to treat them properly.

OK, back to the author's Illuminati-ish conspiracy theory, wakakaka:

Against this backdrop, ask yourself why the party and its proxy continue to pressure the other partners to agree to the proposal of a snap election?

Because they are not among the biggest beneficiaries, but their partner is, being the second in line in the island government, if the island chief does indeed go down before the next general election.

However, the threat of this partner can be greatly reduced if a snap election is held, where this partner is expected to lose heavily.

So, either way will do.

Either this partner agrees to a plan that aims to further weaken itself in the island, or they rely on media pressure to weaken their partner by shattering their image, thus reducing its right to claim the benefits coming from the fall of the chief.

The aim of the snap election is to protect the position of the chief. But to protect it from what? Well, you can make your own chauvinistic guess.

I believe I am on fairly safe grounds if I speculate the author Timmy Say is a pro PKR person or even a PKR member, wakakaka.

Also, if I've read Timmy's article correctly, I believe he is telling us that the sinister purpose of the DAP's proposal for a snap election is to deliberately enervate the Penang PKR through expected heavy losses for the party, so that when (not if) Guan Eng goes to jail, the PKR man who is currently DCM I of Penang (in the government, not in the party) won't be able to become CM.

I love his conspiracy theory (being a conspiracy theorist myself, wakakaka). I also love his unwitting "humour" because he has unwittingly made me laugh, wakakaka again, but if he is indeed a PKR member I also love his assumed self-importance for his party, wakakaka a 3rd time.

But alas, I hate to spoil Timmy's fun article in saying his analysis has been far too simplistic (apart from being Illuminati-ishly conspiratorial) and thus very incorrect.

Look, even if LGE is jailed, it does NOT mean the vacant CM post goes straight to PKR despite a PKR Adun being the current DCM I of Penang.

The Penang DCM posts (there are two) are what they are, deputy CMs, with the DCM I position going to a PKR man as evidence of Pakatan coalition power-sharing.

But the Penang CM post, the state CEO, will always go to the Pakatan component party with the largest number of Aduns. Currently DAP has 19 Aduns whilst PKR only has 10.

Disregarding the snap election (assuming none is or will be held), if or, rather in my personal anticipation, WHEN Guan Eng is jailed, the next CM has to be a DAP man or woman by virtue of the DAP's majority of Aduns among the Penang Pakatan, just as the PM of Malaysia is from UMNO, the BN component party with the most number of MP.

F**ked, so there goes the Illuminati-ish conspiracy of the DAP proposed snap elections serving slyly, schemingly and sinisterly to castrate PKR in Penang, wakakaka.

But say, if a snap election were to be held, and the election outcome for so-called Pakatan Harapan partners turn out to be: DAP 16 seats, PKR 11 seats, PAN 2, guess which party gets to fill the CM position?

Why then is the DAP in a very relatively minor position in the Selangor state government when it has the most number of Aduns, 15 to PKR's 13 and PAS 13?

I'm afraid you'd have to attribute that to Selangor being different from Penang - ampun Tuanku - apart from PKR and PAS no doubt agreeing the DAP should continue playing a minor role there, wakakaka.

As I also remarked in FMT about the war of words for and against Lim Guan Eng and his proposed snap election, in politics that's to be expected. The BN supporters (UMNO, MCA, MIC and Gerakan) would criticize Guan Eng whilst DAP supporters back him. BN supporters see Guan Eng as an archfoe, politically if not personally - and as just mentioned, that's just politics - no hard feelings!

But far far more to be feared, the sinister hidden danger (like a snake in the grass) for the DAP in all these comments of 'hates and likes' would be the adverse remarks by supporters and members of PKR, a supposed Pakatan partner of DAP.

Many PKR members actually hate Guan Eng and DAP, seeing him and his party mainly through envious green-eyes. They like to bring the DAP together with Guan Eng down, even if that is to their own disadvantage.

More than anything, PKR fears the DAP galloping away ahead of it in popularity, favour and strength among the new young voters. And I suspect that could be one of the possible causes for PKR to deliberately interfere in the recent Sarawak state elections in DAP-allocated seats, seats that were allocated by Pakatan higher leadership (approved by Wan Azizah as Head of Pakatan).

PKR turned the five state seats of Mulu, Murum, Ngemah, Mambong and Simanggang allocated to the DAP instead into 3-corner contests by deliberately contesting in them, knowing full well such triangular contests would favour the BN.

The irony has been that it was PKR's Tian Chua who had insisted on engaging pollster Merdeka Center to conduct a survey on six of the 11 seats that both parties had been eyeing for that state elections.

Well, the pollster’s findings favoured the DAP in all but one of the surveyed constituencies, which we have been told pissed Tian Chua off - hardly surprising. And when he discovered the bad news from the pollster's findings ..... well you know the rest ... that's now history, but alas one seemingly repeated by PKR.

Thus it's my speculation (told you I am a conspiracy theorist, wakakaka) that the 3-corner contests in Sarawak seemed to be more about making DAP lose rather than about PKR hoping to win - a dog in the manger attitude. Yes, the circumstances surrounding the Batu Kitang case in particular persuaded me to consider this possibility, but I don't propose to go into details now (maybe next time?), so I will end here.


  1. Still no coherent and rational justification forthcoming from DAP what exactly is the urgency to seek a fresh mandate in Penang State.

    Why ?
    Why ?
    Why ?

    This is just another anti-PKR shriek from this blog owner, one of hundreds of such posts on his blog.

    1. One of the why is to send back Hadi/Pas to East Coast. But it ain't gonna be that snappy, babe!

    2. why? perhaps to put spouse, father and as many lim(s) and chew(s) to be in control of penang? bukan kah niatnya begitu?

  2. It is unfortunate that DAP has been unable, thus far, to articulate fact-based and objective explanations why it is urgent to hold early elections in Penang State.

    What Lim Guan Eng and DCM Ramasamy have written thus far are shallow and facile. Yes, like the way PKR justified the Kajang Move.

    This just feeds speculation that the REAL reasons are too dark and dishonourable to be uttered in public.

    Come on DAP, with power comes responsibility.

  3. The RPK paragraphs you have included above, how does it fit into the narrative of your post, other than to bring in the racial dimension?

    1. why not? RPK wrote about why the Malays are so pissed off with the Chinese who have been seen as quite arrogant, but he also revealed that Malays would be more accommodating to people who are humble and who treat them with respect (makan lembut). I then raised an example of that in the person of DCM I PP (PKR man) who advised DAP not to be so hurtful which would only make PKR resist the latter's call fro snap election even further.

      The aim is to let DAP know its manners and approach towards persuading PKR might have been too forceful.

    2. Ain't this supposed to be a two way traffic?

      Then there is this comparison error (intended??) of race (Melayu) against a party (DAP). Mana ADA betul!

      I can understand from where Julian khoo is picking his fight, but u.....sight!

  4. penang state gomen is made up of cm, dcm1, dcm2 & exco members (executive). guan eng, rashid, ramasamy, kon yeow etc together with 10 umno baru wakil rakyat are state legislators (legislative) whose salaries are paid by federal gomen whilst the state gomen takes care of executives's remuneration.

    jika ketua menteri ambil cuti, siapa yg akan jadi pemangku? dan jika guan eng masuk jel sebelum 2018, hanya by-election utk kerusi air puteh atau dibiar kosong sehingga pru14.

    1. gaji menteri dan exco negeri2 adalah tanggungjawab negeri2 msing, dibuktikan olih hak MB Selangor (Khalid Ibrahim) and CM PP (Guan Eng) naik gaji exco2 maupun MB/CM negeri2 tsb

      jika CM PP ambil cuti atau bertugas di luar negeri, DCM I atau (kalau DCM I ta'hadzir) DCM II mengambil alih tugas2 CM - peraturan 'ni berkait dengan ketidakhadziran CM buat sementara.

      Kalau Guan Eng di penjarakan, seperti jang saya berpendapat, ini bermakna beliau tidak hak menjadi ADUN maupun CM lagi, dan gantinya sebagai CM akan dipilih dari seorang adun dari parti yang mempunyai adun terbanyak, mengikut convention coalition seperti yang teratur di kerajaan negara, dimana PM adalah MP dari UMNO-BN. DCM I dan DCM II dapat bertugas sebagai CM hanya dalam keadaan CM tidak hadzir semetara, dan bukan ketidakhadziran tetap. Maka, dengan penjaraan guan eng, chow yon keow dari dap akan menjadi cm baru.

      Olih kerana masa ke GE-14 kurang dari 2 tahun, kerusi negeri maupun negara yang jadi kosong olih sebab2 tertentu, tidak adanya pilihan kecil.

    2. your para 1 - did i say something different?

      your 2nd one answers my question; dcm1 or 2 will be the acting cm, and the 3rd one, why don't this scenario be put to test? tak perlu buat snap snap.

      the last one is obvious - less than 2 years to pru14 there will be no by-election.