Thursday, July 21, 2016

Takut takut takut!

MM Online - Penang snap polls could trigger other states to follow suit, Penang Umno claims

calm before the storm? 

GEORGE TOWN, July 21 — Holding an early election in Penang could cause other states to also conduct premature polls, Penang Umno Liaison Committee chairman Datuk Seri Zainal Abidin Osman asserted today.

As such, he told DAP not to use the snap polls as an attempt to absolve Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng of two corruption charges, saying these could only be decided in court.

“If the Penang state assembly is dissolved for early state polls, this move might be followed by other states and the people will be dragged into continuous political campaigns and elections the whole year through which will affect the government’s development programmes,” he claimed.

The above further confirm what I and my visitors commented upon in my earlier post Why is BN scared of a snap election in Penang?, that BN is really shit scared of the rumoured snap polls the DAP may call for.

There is actually a Penang term for such fears, namely, kiasu, though it's in the very sense of the term (takut kalah, fear of losing) rather than the insult of 'must win at all cost' which RTA frequently labels his bete noire, the DAP.

As my visitor Teo Akbar advised: It is alway correct to do the things which your opponents and their NGOs try very hard to dissuade you from. It only means that it will hurt them much. Go for it DAP. Your true friends and fake friends will surface soon.



  1. exactly what allahyarham ustaz fazil noor said 'musuh, bila dia sokong kita, mesti ada yg tak kena'.

    if pakatan harapan sapu bersih 40 seats, what's next?

    1. sg besar dah kalah teruk la.. ha ha

    2. Sg Besar has a different consideration. It is a federal seat. Not a state assembly seat. Win or lose 1 MP seat doesn't change the Federal government. Many voters didn't even go to vote.

  2. sebenarnya lks/lge yang takut ...going for a snap state election because of satu orang..?

    ok lah the nons want to show that they are a mighty group dan siapa raja di penang.. tetapi ingat jangan sombong dan angkuh sangat ya.. don't you ever forget that if the malays want it there are many ways just to cucuk the government to declare emergency rule in penang.. ha ha

    abuse of power is abuse of power lah... cakap suruh gempak pun considered abuse of power.

    pernah dengan macam mana penang racecourse was rezoned? pernah dengar a fund manager links with penang pollies?

    ya benar cina dap memang baik macam malaikat sebab itu dia boleh expelled pas, umno, dan orang melayu yang tidak sekongkol dengan dia orang..

    tsk tsk tsk


    1. "going for a snap state election because of satu orang..?"
      You think this is personal? I see this as political tactics in play. LGE is not the target... Penang is. LGE is just a chess piece that needs to be eliminated in order to pave the way for a main assault.
      A snap poll victory for DAP will disrupt and dislodge such ambitions. Penangites would have shown that they believe and still want LGE despite the charges thrown at him. This court of public opinion is stronger than any kangaroo court. So, why not DAP do it when they have all the favorable elements on their side?
      To win a war is to win the hearts and minds of the people. Persecution has the reverse effect.

  3. See? Today LGE dared PM to call for a snap GE14... And the winner goes to...?
    By the way, when minister Said Keruk declared that "Malaysian Official 1" is not our PM, it became safe for that joker from Singapore to say "pencuri = MO1." Wakakaka. Don't quote me on that.