Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Why is BN scared of a snap election in Penang?

Minister Abdul Aziz said it's not necessary nor wise for the Penang CM to call a snap election as it'll be a waste of public funds, and for LGE to take pity on Penangite voters.

erakan has advised against having a snap state election. Its party president (who only managed to beat a DAP newcomer, sweetie Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, in his home town, Teluk Intan, in the last by-election by a mere 238 votes - shame on him) grumbled about the snap election being an annoying distraction and an added burden because of the associated financial cost ... yadda yadda yadda.

Minister Rahman Dahlan also mentioned the non-necessity for a snap election in Penang as it will unnecessarily involve wasting public resources, and that PKR will be the one to lose most if such an election were to be held. He gave the same warning to the DAP.

It's amazing that Rahman Dahlan has been so concerned about loss of seats to the PKR and the DAP, wakakaka.

The common denominator has been that all the component parties in BN don't want a Penang snap election.

And we all know the BN is hardly an altruistic entity, worrying about losses to its political foes, public resources or extra footwork for the Penang voters.

They show they're shit scared to meet the people's might.

[Note: PKR seems scared too]

Currently, of the 40 Penang state seats, DAP holds 19 seats, PKR 10, PAS 1 and UMNO 10.

Gerakan, MCA and MIC makan telur itek.

Telling isn't it, with such an abysmal standing in the Penang DUN, the BN has been responding to the rumours of a state snap election with a most bizarre lack of enthusiasm, when such a snap election will be an early opportunity for them to claw back some seats off DAP and PKR? After all, the BN is already at rock bottom so where can it go except upwards?



  1. It is alway correct to do the things which your opponents and their NGOs try very hard to dissuade you from. It only means that it will hurt them much.
    Go for it DAP. Your true friends and fake friends will surface soon.

  2. My choice for a snap pool if it does happen:
    1. House cleaning. Get rid of those saboteurs in DAP and PKR.
    2. Give PAS seat to PKR to contest...make PKR pick a clear side... PH or PAS.
    3. Out of Umno's 10 seats, give 5 to Amanah, 3 to PKR and 2 to DAP.
    4. DAP keeps the 19 seats while PKR maintains the10 seats they won in GE13.

  3. If DAP wins a snap poll now, it will ensure Penag is safe from BN until years beyond GE14.
    The persecution of LGE will become pointless and there will be no incentive to continue the charges against him.
    Come GE14, DAP Penang can fully focus on winning the Parlimentary seats. BN headache.
    Anyway, elections expenses are from the rakyat, if the opposition parties don't use them, they are not getting the money's worth. Who say only BN can spend the people's money? Only BN will say it's a waste of tax payers' money. Has BN not wasted enough tax payers' money already?
    If PH don't spend it, who do you think will waste it? JhoLow?

  4. Why is BN so scared?
    The answer is here:

    US$3.5Billion now.
    If I am PM, I would be scared shit too to face any election for now.

  5. Teo Akbar, good analysis about the possible Penang snap election.

    Compare with the cries of wasting public fund from the vocal quarters, it CLEARLY shows the mediocre & fence-sitting mind-sets of these people!

    On one side, u have the must-be-politically-correct do-gooder of group like Bersih2.0, trying hard to seek superficial justifications for this, so called, waste of public fund, in order to give supports to the call of snap election.

    The BN side has used the easily cloned & equally easy jingled term to hide their possible tsunamic disappearance of their currently elected Penang assembly seats. They conveniently forget their own dismayed paste reasons in holding similar snap elections.

    Yes, LGE’s alleged crime has nothing to do with a political snap election. But it has EVERYTHING to do with a political manoeuvre.

    Izznt it been repeated time & again, that in a political games, like it or not, EVERYTHING is possible, except NOBILITY.

    Then, there is also that BIG picture - that the good of the country is bigger than the good of the man.

    If a political move CAN cripple a deeply infested corrupted regime, so be it - sensible or not. Whichever side makes that correct move is irrelevant. Bearing mind that the ultimate aim is to destroy yr opposition, no matter how small/cruel is the step taken.

    Current case in hand – Erdogan of Turkey using that failed military coup d'é·tat to strengthen his current political position, despite the CLEAR fact that not all anti-military cuop supporters like him!

    婦女之道, 非建國之道.
    婦女之道, 為治國之道.

    U can ONLY revive a sicken country AFTER u have change a corrupted govt. Ahjibkor WILL try ANYTHING to fortify his political survival, especially the US COJ has started to taken legal actions to confiscate his proxy US assets.

    ALL other talks r just for show – to syok oneself’s own ego about one’s minute nobility in human decency!

  6. I'm very leery about the wisdom of calling Snap Polls not compelled by Constitution / Law.
    The Kajang Move was Rancid Kajang Satay Sauce, be careful we don't end up with Rancid Penang Laksa.
    Lim Guan Eng has been charged with a serious crime.
    Though I do not think he is guilty, that is a personal matter to be settled in the Courts. The outcome of Snap Elections in Penang is irrelevant to the matter.

    Politically, snap polls now would be a very bad timing for the overall non-BN cause. It needs time to sort out disputes, it needs time to heal.

    1. 1. A snap poll is provided in the constitution and its lawful.
      2. In Kajang satay, DAP respect the decision made by PKR. So, in Penang Laksa PKR should respect DAP's decision.
      3. LGE was charged as a public official alleged to have abused his power of office. How is this a personal matter?
      4. I also don't believe LGE is guilty because who the hell corrupt official will even pay RM2.8million for the house if the seller had benefited from a huge profitable contract and land deal? It should have been given FOC. That only will make sense.
      In this case, there is no complainant at all unlike the Toyol case.
      5. UMNO can only hear what Penangites say through their votes. We can debate all night here and in many other forums till the cow comes home, still BN won't hear them. The outcome of Penang poll does have relevance - the voice of Penang Lang.
      6. Bad timing? No, it's great timing for house cleaning. Know your enemy, know your friends.
      7. Wasting public money? If the opposition don't spend it, BN will indeed waste it on the likes of "red shirts" in fact, they will use that money on the main stream media and their NGOs to convince you not to support a snap poll in Penang. Cause they're scared, that's why we do it. Sun Zhi would do it.