Sunday, July 17, 2016

Kryptonite radiation affects Malaysians

While over at Malaysia-Today blog I read Joceline Tan's article in the Star Online titled DAP’s Superman crashes after making costly mistake. Extracts of sweetie's article are as follows:

Hew Kuan Yau was not known as the Superman of DAP for nothing. For many years, he did seem to have super powers given the way he survived controversy after controversy.

But on Thursday night, DAP’s Superman crashed to earth, brought down by a blizzard of criticism over his Facebook posting in which he insisted the South China Sea belongs to China.

Hew had become the latest big-name casualty of social media. He flew into a storm on Facebook and he decided to fly out of DAP also on Facebook. It was quite an ignoble exit, to be accused of being disloyal to one’s country and to be called names like “Super Stupid Man”.

Timing is everything and Hew was out of sync when he said on Facebook: “South China Sea is China’s. Don’t oppose China just because you are anti-Communist.”

This was a day after the arbitral tribunal in The Hague ruled in favour of the Philippines over the South China Sea dispute.

His supporters defended his stand as right of speech but he came across as unpatriotic given that Malaysia is a competing party to the dispute.

kau peh liao lah, chee lay cheen chia lat lor
(alamak, 'ni dahsyat)

limpeh ay last will and testament - please give China this batu hijau to add on to their island building


Hew has been an excruciating embarrassment to Chinese in general and the DAP in particular. His Trump-ism is totally misplaced in today's Malaysian society and it's a blooming wonder that people like him still exists.

Wait, let me rephrase the above last sentence - His Trump-ism is misplaced in Malaysian society and it's a wonder that today people Chinese like him still exists - because today people like that do exist but mainly on the other side of the fence, blokes like Ibrahim Ali and his PERKASA mateys, Harussani Zakaria (Perak's Chief Mufti), members of ISMA, Abdul Rahman Osman (Pahang's Chief Mufti), Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Mohd Ali Baharom (Ali Tinju) ..... but then they, unlike Hew, are The Chosen Ones.

Nonetheless, we mustn't allow Hew to make such an idiotic statement which, despite his micro-insignificance in the scheme of things, affects Malaysia's claim to some of the islands in the South China Sea.

Personally, I suspect Hew's moronic politically-incorrect statement had been more against the much-detested arrogant trouble-making USA rather than against Malaysian interests per se, though of course this/my reckoning could and would be perceived as defending the indefensible so I'll ignore whatever reason Hew might actually have and just accept that he has been too ethnically chauvinistic.

I am glad he has taken the personal choice to exit the DAP.

Sweetie Joceline then wrote:

Hew has always been like this and he does not pretend to be otherwise. Unfortunately, his opinions on issues also represent the right-wing and chauvinistic segment of DAP.

A large number of the DAP grassroots and a fair number of the party’s YBs identify with him.

He is a sort of DAP version of Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali – loud, insensitive and unafraid to voice extremist views.

Hew, said a former think-tank chief, is a product of the way Chinese society has evolved over the last few decades. They attend Chinese schools, fraternise mainly among Chinese friends, speak Chinese, read Chinese newspapers and watch Chinese programmes on Astro.

In short, they live in a “Chinese world” that is quite removed from other communities and many of them tend to think they are cleverer, more superior and deserve better. This “Chinese world” also tends to revolve around China and Taiwan and to a lesser extent, Singapore.

DAP has been tapping into this kind of sentiments through the years. The sentiments from this segment is the driving reason for the party cutting ties with PAS.

Hew’s dilemma underscores the contradiction in DAP, whose leaders are quick to accuse others of extremist views and chauvinism but turn a blind eye to similar elements in their ranks.

The Chinese have also been quick to jump up and condemn Malay extremists who have insulted the non-Malays mainly because the Chinese media are able to report on them.

But my dearest sweetie, what you pointed out, of the pot calling the kettle black, is correct BUT at the same time we mustn't forget that the kettle is also equally black and hypocritical. In other words, you have wielded a double-edge sword, cutting both the DAP and UMNO (and its machai MCA and Gerakan).

For hasn't UMNO also condemned the DAP and Chinese for insulting the Malays, and hasn't UMNO also been tapping into the same kind of racist sentiments through the years.

And if the Chinese press have been adding to the Chinese conflagration of fear and disquiet, what about the Malay news media?

In fact, I dare say UMNO has even gone one step further, not just in tapping the same racist sentiments but effectively developing, nurturing, fostering, augmenting and advancing those anti-DAP and anti Chinese sentiments. The BTN and the teachings in some universities and schools have been stark examples of UMNO's ketuanan ontogenesis.

And a thought just occurred to me compelling me to say, Hew idiotically supporting a foreign country's claims in the South China Sea is not unlike some Malaysians moronically defending a foreigner from association in the horrendous terrorist attacks in Bangladesh.

I blame their exceeding (and absurd) love for foreigners and the interests of foreigners on the radiation effect of kryptonite on their otak, wakakaka.

When Malaysians are adversely involved with foreigners, we should look after and defend fellow Malaysians, first, last and always!

yes if you mean 'aliens', whether they are an Indian preacher or Chinese island-makers

many Malaysians believe in the former individual while one Malaysian individual believes in the latter



  1. In short, the gist of your posting is that transgressions on one side of the divide are sanctioned by the powers-that-be, and transgressions on the opposite side also will be sanctioned by the powers-that-be.

    1. actually the former is to give his audiance a hope for a better afterworld but the later is to give one country/race a super better world.. mana ada sama la..

  2. 'When Malays are adversely involved with Nons, we should look after and defend fellow Malays, first, last and always!'


    Wordsmith at large & twisted scoundrel patriotism rising on its head, using the currently 'politically correct' news media approach!

    Bravo! Well trained as in the class of that megalomaniac & that two bitches of sour dragon seed.

    Want to play smart, in cari makan, so MUST be in tune with the popularity of politically-correctism mindset.

    What happen to logic & fairness?

    Ooop...they don't even buy u donuts to go with yr yoken coffee, Betul tak?

  3. This is Islam country.
    Kafirs have rights, but must not demand equal right and immunity. That cannot happen

  4. This is a secular country. Blur-sotong & munafik have rights, but must not demand equal right and immunity over & above the norms of human decency. That cannot happen even in al-janah.

    Ooop, how many kangkong products r out there?

    1. ck.. there shall not be even a single munafik like you in jannah.

    2. For u yr al- janah, is in yr day dream! So why no munafik in there?

      Quran has dictated such & yet blur-sotong chooses to ignore the holy scripture to follow the contradicting hadiths.

      If the Quran is complete, then WHY do u need spurious 'learned' ulamas to teach u HOW to perform yr religious duties, using man-made sunnah & hadiths?

      Isn't this a munafik behaviuor?

    3. ha ha... ck you should be the eunuch/religious scholar to guide the muslims.. ha ha

    4. U r dead right that there r eunuch/religious scholar to guide the majority of the Muslims.

      That's the ONLY reason why the ummat Islam is so cruel & radicalised.

      U submit yr Allah given thought reasoning ability to those eunuch/religious scholars, rather than to use it properly yourselves.

      The saddest part is u know WHO r those spurious 'learned' pied-piper & still blindly ikut!