Sunday, February 01, 2009

Deformasi disease has leapt home to croak

Malaysiakini - Missing PKR duo: Perak Pakatan to lodge report.

Background to all the current political brouhaha in Perak - PKR Behrang assemblyperson Jamaluddin Mat Radzi and another PKR bloke, Changkat Jering state representative Osman Jailu were charged in a Sessions Court on Aug 25 last year with allegedly receiving bribes over the application for a RM180 million housing project in Sri Iskandar in Perak Tengah. Their case comes up for hearing on Feb 10.

Just gnam gnam ideal candidates for a bit of froggie leaping, away from prosecution, not unlike those UMNO blokes under investigation by the newly formed MACC, a couple of which are said to be NS ADUNs posturing their likelihood of leaping across to PKR but in all probability telling UMNO via the jungle telegraph to call off the MACC dogs.

The two Perak PKR Wonders have now gone MIA.

Perak MB Nizar Jamaluddin today said that his government would be lodging a 'missing person' police report after consulting with the families of the two MIA.

DAP may also be facing one frog in the (also) 'missing person' of Hee Yit Fong. See Malaysiakini Perak deputy speaker missing too.

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini reported in PM: Pakatan reps to join us about a subtle (but quietly gleeful) AAB.

The Anwar Ibrahim froggie ideology has come leapt home to roost croak, where the people’s votes may soon be not reflected into the ruling government of the day.

As Malaysian Insider in Bota crossover looks like a Pakatan coup against itself commented:

Anwar Ibrahim’s triumph in snaring Nasarudin has now made the electoral pact lose its “moral standing” and unable to complain about Umno’s move to entice Pakatan Rakyat state legislators wary of their future or disgruntled with their own leadership, ...

... critics said “All is fair in love and war. Pakatan drew first blood with Nasarudin and Umno now seems to be getting back at them. They can’t complain. They started it first,” an Umno warlord told The Malaysian Insider. […]

“Najib would have appeared unscrupulous if Umno tempted PKR lawmakers to join Umno. But Anwar made that move first and it looks like a tactical failure that has blown up in his face,” an Umno veteran said.

“What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. There should be no double standards that say only Barisan Nasional is low enough to get people to defect. Both sides do it,” a Perak Barisan Nasional veteran told The Malaysian Insider.

“It’s politics. Pure and simple,” he said, pointing out both Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional have been engaged in a pyschological battle in Perak by claiming defections from both sides.

No, it’s not politics, my dear sir – it’s f* deformed politics!

What did I tell you about that so-called political reformer who has really deformed Malaysian political representation a la his created Sabah government of 1994, a subversion of the ballot box.

He makes me sick.


  1. You have been proven right 110%-once we play with kataks, it is every (mad)man for himself.

    To think I even persuaded myself to support Anwar's 9-16 thingy.

    One thing though-let defections occur insofar as the defector is allowed to stand for by-elections.

  2. kt,

    najib makes you equally sick too, isnt it, with him now getting involved in the katak game?
    one thing I have respect for you is your consistent stand.

  3. KT,

    There is no such thing as clean politics. There never was and there never will be. Have you seen this animal before? Never? I thought so.

    The only thing we can do as the common folk is to make sure that the fcuk*** politicians do not make a complete mess of our lives. In order words we need to be better than IWK to keep the sewage from stinking up our lives for sewage from politicians there will be and there always will be.