Monday, February 02, 2009

Perak pariah politics - 'tis the silly stupid & seditious season

Malaysiakini - Duo say it again, we've not quit - in brief, the two PKR ADUN, Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Osman Jailu, denied they have resigned, and insisted they remain the elected representatives for Behrang and Changkat Jering respectively.

Malaysiakini - Ngeh: Resignation letters valid - however, Perak DAP chairperson Ngeh Koo Ham said the resignation letters by the two previously MIA PKR duo are kosher, regardless of what they are saying now, and that the speaker (of the Perak state assembly) has already accepted the letters as legal documents.

Before I come to the question of who is right and wrong, I must ask whether Perak DUN speaker V Sivakumar had, on receiving the two faxes, made an effort to contact the two PKR ADUNs to confirm that they had really resigned?

… or he just made accepted the canned resignations (regardless of who sent them) and on that basis, declared to the EC the two state constituencies are now without representations and therefore require by-elections ...

... with somewhat perceived indecent haste?

Legally, are the resignations still valid when the two persons who signed them said they didn’t resign at all, and in fact are still serving as the ADUNs for their constituencies?

Or, can the speaker ignore their personal and public declarations and insist on accepting the faxes as the far superior intent?

Ngeh has virtually said 'yes' to the above queries.

But even as a layperson, I reckon ADUN speaker V Sivakumar is skating on thin ice here.

Meanwhile the King of Frogs (as Koh Tsu Koon called the Defacto Defective Deformer wakakaka), just like the little boy who didn’t want to play football anymore after being nicely trounced by the other village boys, wanted to take his ball home and cry to mama. He, the King of Bull-frogs, had the brazen shameless cheek to blame Najib for the PKR wannabe frogs as if he's lily-white in the slime shit business.

As if that wasn’t hypocritical enough, he also lambasted AAB for the immorality of hinting of froggie flow the other way.

Brahma was out-frogged every which way. Aiyoh, how to be PM if he can’t even manage such a small deformasi? Well, is he gonna run to the Turkish Embassy and claim he’s being targeted for assassination?

Meanwhile the pathetic pundee piffling pariah piranhas blasted the PKR tadpoles with their full wrath, which of course they denied the real frog Nasarudin. Instead they lavished the Bota frog with high praises of political enlightenment and commendable social morality for doing what the two PKR tadpoles haven’t quite done yet - wakakakakaka.

What brazen bullshit bodoh hypocrisy.

Then, the usual weaponry by a particular political party made its entrance at a timely moment, in the form of the much abused and misused Statutory Declaration wakakakakaka as reported in Malaysiakini
'Najib promised RM50mil for defections'.

Looks like PKR has resorted to throwing even the kitchen sink.

Two, sorry, three reasons why I don’t believe it:

(a) Why make the Stat Dec now and not earlier, like at the Permatang Pauh or even the KT by-elections. In fact the Permatang Pauh by-election would have badly needed this juicy information and put it to good use. Instead the party had to recruit, resource and rely on poor Ramlang Porigi who subsequently lost his public servant job for campaigning for a political party.

(b) The staggering implausible sum, which after some hesitation the author reduced to just RM5 million (a far more plausible sum).

(c) It’s made by a PKR bloke wakakakakakakakakaka - who the f* would believe him other than other PKR people or supporters ;-)

I see Mr Deformasi has even dug up the sorry tale of the missing private investigator Bala, resorting to the doctrine of ‘flinging poo and hoping some will somehow stick somewhere, anywhere’ when in dire circumstances.

I have my own opinion of why Bala disappeared – I would ask ‘Cui Bono’ (who profits) regarding Bala’s mysterious disappearance, and ponder on the most likely political beneficiary of the scandal.

Surely not Najib.

If not Najib, then who could have paid or persuaded Bala to deliberately made two conflicting Stat Decs, ...

... remembering that the second one had been made after he visited the police station, implausibly WITHOUT being accompanied by any lawyer, and then mysteriously f* off conveniently, leaving of course Najib with a lot of questions to answer, a ‘mystery’ to explain and a blame/stigma to carry.


But in the end, I ask – who was the rear end orifice who started the whole sorry froggie business to subvert the ballot box? Whose trademark or modus operandi was, has been and now still is the shonky crass shit of encouraging, enticing and egging political defections for his benefit?


  1. Sad to say it won't be seen as how you wrote it.
    If not mistaken, these were the 2 adun who were caught for graft. Then the party said they were set up, they were good men.
    That was then. Now -- these two are useless and hopeless anyway and good riddance.
    Politics as well usual in our fair land.
    Bila semua mau pergi kerja?

  2. Its really so pathetic to see how bloody hard you try to helplessly squezee those little triangular sqaure bullet ridden rocks into that round mother of all holes ! Don't bloody waste precious Blogspot space ok !If only your awfully spent squandered energy & ki can go towards helping the less fortunate kids or the old folks somewhere
    LOL !

    amazingly honest down to earth guy

  3. Tell me how can I vote for Pakatan anymore in future!!!!!

    Ferking blokes


    Will 100% vote against Pakatan in next election!!!

  4. Malaysia Insider and Malaysiakini, full steam in attacking Najib.

    Low approval for Najib, Pak Lah in new poll as power transfer looms
    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 2 - Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his successor Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak have one thing in common: the majority of Malaysians are ambivalent about them.

    Abdullah will leave office with only 46 per cent of Malaysians satisfied with his performance as prime minister while Najib will take over as the country’s top leader with some 41 per cent of Malaysians believing that he will do well in the top job.

    Pak Lah more popular than Najib
    Feb 2, 09 6:01pm
    A nationwide survey tracking the popularity of prime minister-in-waiting Najib Abdul Razak found that support for him among Malaysians has plunged to 41%.

    The survey by polling group Merdeka Center - conducted over a one-week period between Dec 26 and Jan 2 - showed that Najib's popularity dropped two percentage points since the poll was last taken in late October.

    According to Merdeka Center, Najib's popularity reached a high of 55% in April 2007 but saw a dramatic fall in June last year in the wake of the 40% hike in petrol prices to a low of 34%.


    Anwar (Malaysiakini)full cooperation with KJ (Malaysian Insider)

    Kera say be PM at 40 years old:))))

  5. Bloggers and journalists are politicians too. Like the politicians in PR or BN, you will know their true colours when and if ever they become MPs. Few like Mustafa, Susan loone, and Rocky have shown their colours. Not exactly the kind of people you want them in Parliament or State Assembly. I think RM2 million should be enough to buy them over. Anytime.

  6. @Ex-Pakatan supporter
    "Tell me how can I vote for Pakatan anymore in future!!!!!"

    Well, do tell us how to vote for BN in the future.
    You may have noticed DAP does not endorse katak-katak (ref Chairman Karpal and Sec Gen Lim Guan Eng). At least, you can still vote for DAP ;)

  7. Eric,

    DAP is also another crook, perhaps new crook should i say.

    Why Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Ronie Liew, Karpal Singh, the new arrogant Ngeh and Nga, DID NOT protest sekeras-kerasnya when BOTA Assemblyman Nasaruddin defects?

    Preaching something and doing another thing, is clear Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin.

    Silence mean also sin!!

    I just protest Pakatan sekeras-kerasnya for the next election, I want to punish them with my tiny single vote.

    I voted for them March 8 , 2008, f**king hell, kena conned teruk.

  8. @Ex-Pakatan supporter
    Well DAP through Lim Guan Eng, and somehow even Ngeh himself, requested for the YBs to ask their voters to endorse their jumping, so did PAS through Dr Siti Mariah and Khalid Samad ( I trust Karpal did too. Do not know about the others.

    In fairness, I have to add some some UMNO did (Muhyiddin) and, of all people, PBS's Joseph Pairin (yes, the Sabah former CM).

    Well, do punish by all means, but I fail to see whom you can vote who did not endorse the katak-katak (except those above). A BN vote would not exactly make up for a katak-katak protest either.

  9. "Why Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Ronie Liew, Karpal Singh, the new arrogant Ngeh and Nga, DID NOT protest sekeras-kerasnya when BOTA Assemblyman Nasaruddin defects?"

    Kit Siang celebrated the Bota defection in his blog. As a DAP member, I was disgusted. I have felt for some time now that Kit Siang should resign, but then again it seems to me like his role now is that of DAP Pakatan liaison, so he has to do the occasional Anwar fanboi-ism. Perhaps in that regard it's useful to keep him around, so that Karpal has the political freedom to tell it like it is.

    "Well, do punish by all means, but I fail to see whom you can vote who did not endorse the katak-katak (except those above). A BN vote would not exactly make up for a katak-katak protest either."

    The ultimate assumption made by some in Pakatan, and in PKR especially (e.g. see the discourse on is that the voters will never go back to BN. This may be true, especially of Indian voters.

    But the real danger is that they will just stay home on election day, which will be enough to cause heavy casualties. PKR's majorities were not overwhelming.

  10. Look at the RM50million Statutory Declaration!!!!! I am sick of these Pakatan's stupidity and arrogance. Before 8 March 2008, RPK, Harris, zorro, Elizabeth, etc were are in proper state of mind and we supported their cause. Look now how arrogance they are. Although Rocky is an UMNO trumpeter, but look at this expose on Harris Ibrahim lie recently, reflecting the same style of Anwar Ibrahim, surviving on kelentong!!

    The latestt SD together with RPK and Bala SD, seems to point that Pakatan is going to the drain. And yet Lim Kit Siang is complete silence. Do you know why Lim Kit Siang is complete silence on the IJN privatisation and Labu airport? He merely publish Chen Man Hin letter on IJN< but where is Kit Siang's spine?

    I used to respect Kit Siang, but he blind association with the "I have the numbers man" is disgusting.

    I voted Pakatan because Pakatan was supposed to change UMNO, but know they choose to emulate UMNO!!! Can't beat them, join them isit? Idiot!!!!

    Anti Pakatan now, damn toolan with these Pakatan idiots, will vote for independent next election or abstain

  11. Guys, we are going to have a by-election for those seats whose ADUN wants to do a frog.
    The ex-UMNO ADUN should do the same.

    Isn't that what we've been demanding all along ?

  12. I'm staying out of the issue of hypocricy or otherwise of PKR vis UMNO. I think there are no angels on either side, and plenty of devils everywhere...I'm glad I'm not a voter in either of the 3 constituencies this issues revolves around.

    I'll just comment on the legal matter of the Pre-Signed letters of resignation. I was made to sign one of those damnable THINGS once upon a time, when I took on a sensitive position. I didn't like signing it at all (whoever does??) and I sought legal advice on it, so I'm familiar with the issues.

    The first thing any grown man (or woman) of sane mind must realise is that once you sign one of THOSE damned things, you have potentially signed away a large part (though not all) of your legal rights in case of a dispute.

    2nd is its bloody useless to scream one year later that you signed it under duress. Silence is golden, as they say, and in this case silence for a year is nearly tantamount to acceptance.

    3rd If the two gentlemen had announced their frogging intentions in public, and then only PKR tried to oust them using the pre-signed letters, Yes, the two would have been on good grounds to challenge the validity of those letters.

    4th The actual sequence of events (I gather from the news) is the two gentlemen were unreachable by any reasonable means, the "Resignations" were announced, then only they came out in public to deny it.
    Sounds like Sivakumar can look a judge in the eye and say "Yes, I made all reasonable efforts to contact them, but they were unreachable. I had to fall back on my discretion, and I exercised it"

    Legally this sequence is very damaging to their situation.
    The lawyer who advised me in my case had warned this is exactly the sequence of events I must avoid if a dispute arises - the other side has announced your resignation, then only you deny it .

    4th Historically, its very difficult to challenge the Speaker's ruling in court. Malaysian courts have been very wary of infringing on a Speaker's decisions.
    You may rightly say Sivakumar's actions diminish the dignity of the Speaker's position - that's a political, maybe an ethical issue. But legally, he's on quite solid ground, not thin ice.