Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rid Pakatan Rakyat of contamination

... based on Malaysiakini lastest articles on the Perak political comedy

A Pakatan Rakyat (PR) sweetie told me last night, somewhat rather philosophically and wistfully, that "what Najib has done to PR in Perak has been exactly what Anwar Ibrahim had wanted to do to the BN at the federal level".

She was referring to a host of Anwar's half-past-six 30 frogs (with even a hunting expedition all the way to Taiwan) and the notorious 916, and the disgusting jubilant embracing of Nasarudin Hashim whose lompat sini sana would have earned the envy of the pronking springbok.

Three truths have emerged from the Perak comedy of errors played by the UMNO twins of Najib Razak and Anwar Ibrahim:

(1) F* reap what you sow, fall on your own f* sword, padam muka, etc etc, the f* lot

(2) PKR targets UMNO for frogs; likewise UMNO targets PKR, so we may see more of springbok pronking between the two UMNO parties (main and splinter)

Bad leadership leads to bad discipline, disloyalty and self-centred interests - but on the reality of who holds federal power and money, watch out for more PKR frogs

Hee Yit Foong is just an embarrassing aberration for the DAP, but it's better the she-slime goes or else she'll be forever merajuk-ing and holding the PR to ransom

(3) Anwar Ibrahim is certainly not the person to lead the PR. He has contaminated the minds, stand and example of PR politics. As the saying goes, 'people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'

PR must now seriously consider the so-called political leadership, political ideology and political character of this person - see 'Truth No 1' above

As Lady Macbeth had said: "Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!"

Ma'am, I but concur.


  1. Too many of us found ways to justify the katak phenomenon for 916-now we see why we should not, even if pakatan did promise to hold fresh elections after winning over govt through the back door.

    Anwar must be foaming at the mouth!

    I hope people will stop calling royalty 'learned' and keep going on yelling 'daulat tuanku!' While i do not dispute their position in the country due to the constitution, I can never have respect for unelected representatives, especially when they fail to act in the interests of the people.

  2. Najib is the freest Finance Minister in the world. Time enough to have meetings with sundry low-life.

    Meanwhile the world economy, on which Malaysia depends a great deal for its well-being is imploding...


    Hooray Hooray Hooray

  4. Quote from KT
    A Pakatan Rakyat (PR) sweetie told me last night, somewhat rather philosophically and wistfully, that "what Najib has done to PR in Perak has been exactly what Anwar Ibrahim had wanted to do to the BN at the federal level".

    Must be from the sweet lady Susan Loone

  5. Dear KayTee,

    I have echoed similar tots, PR perhaps needs a new leader. Click below for article.

    Cheers, anas

  6. Ktemoc,
    Any recourse for us voters who voted this Scumbags? Can a Police report be filed against this kataks who played us voters wholesale?

  7. Obviously Anwar have been outclassed by Najib in the former own's game, I don't blame the frogs, but those lures who started it.

    Now their supporters are crying foul, to me these people are lousy losers. Why did LKS and son did not said that it was illegal and unconstitutional then ?, instead they all ganged up to topple the democratically elected Federal Government, which have done a lot of damage to the country economically. Clearly they flip-flop and with these mess which Pakatan Rakyat create, they have lost their right to talk about illegal and unconstitutional means to grab power. Period.........

    I do not condom such manner of gaining power, however to teach PR a good lesson and with BN ability to pump-priming Perak, which the people need dearly right now, I hope that HRH grant BN the right to form the next Perak State Government.

    I also hope that DAP learn for this bitter lesson and go back to the right path, perhaps LKS take responsibility and retire and hand over power to Karpal Singh.

  8. Ktemoc,
    I never was very bright at school, so pardon me for asking what may be a dumb question.

    Assuming we are driven by principles against frogs, which I'm no doubt we all are, instead of purely by dislike for a particular person or party, shouldn't the barrage of criticism apply to UMNO as well as PKR ?

  9. XieAn "BN ability to pump-priming Perak".....the only pumping Najib knows how to do is on himself...

    Bala's SD 1 is perfectly TRUE.

  10. Between Parti KTemoc's KT and PKR's or PR's Anwar Ibrahim, I will vote for AI-PKR.

    What test of fire have you undergone that convinces me your-the-man?

    Cyberworld and Realworld are two very different worlds. Get real, man!

  11. The Sultan of Perak is known to prefer not to trigger another election in Perak.

    But if HRH looks carefully at the names Najib is submitting this morning , it must be abundantly clear to him the prospective BN government can in no way claim to represent the people of Perak.

    27 UMNO, 1 MCA, 3 Independents.
    OK, if we want to talk about race, (like everything else in Malaysia), 29 Melayu, 2 Cina, 0 India.

    I have made clear my opposition to frogs, and I make it clear again.

    Say No to Frogs !

    The decision MUST go back to the electorate.

  12. I must say that this time Najib trounced the GSOS real big time...

    I guess Najib has ditched the old Pak Lah's gentlemanly and non-confrontational passive style of governance. The gloves are off...Najib's a streetfigher to Pak Lah's Kindly Uncle to Anwar's Pak Rempit/Mugger.

    I am finding LKS' response to be rather hilarious, perhaps he is getting senile. Just hand over to LGE lah Old Man.

  13. She-traitor ? If you are in her shoes, what will you do If your boss make fun of your physical handicap? Laugh and take it as a joke?

  14. OKU2
    Since when did the DAP leadership or YAB Nizar ever made fun of her handicap. I do not know if you are really OKU but even if you were so, it does not give you the right to lie nor to sell out the people who voted you in. You think her 10,000 or so majority was because HEE has a physical handicap. She won because only the DAP can be kind enough to give someone with a physical handicap a chance to be an ADUN. The people of her constituency repaid the DAP for their kindness. She repaid her constituency with treachery.

  15. Does the 10,000 majority give them right to look down on handicap? You are one of the arrogant species, just like HIM, you know who.

  16. Mark my words, BN government definitely will pump-priming Perak if they rule. A showcase to win back Kedah, Penang and Selangor. They have the the resources, and ability to do that, will be good for the people of Perak,that matters most. The pump-priming of Perak will come soon in the Stimulus Package ll.

  17. Isn't it ironic that Anwar has been vindicated, don't you think ?

    The Sultan and so many commentators above have confirmed that frogs are a constituationally acceptable means to topple an elected government, even demanded Nizar resigned.

    As one contrarian above (IQ 80, I think) remarked, are you sure you are principled anti-frog or just plain Anti-Anwar (damn the principles) ?

    So Anwar, the coast is clear for your frogging activities...


  18. Don't think the new Perak government is going to be in a coma until the next GE, The people in Perak are the real winners . They are going to benefit from the new BN govt who will inject money into Perak just to make sure they will still be around come GE13 . As Xiean said : The pump-priming of Perak will come soon in the Stimulus Package ll. That will be GE13 Stimulus Package . Also the new BN govt if they are smart they should undo what the previous UMNO did - its arrogance .

  19. To Wakakakakakaka

    Depends on what species of frogs you belong too .

    Some species are eaten for their medicinal properties whereas some are so poisonous they kill you when touch ! So which species is GSOS in ? And which species the three belong to ?

  20. Guys.....stop all the Bullshitting.

    FROGS ARE AN ACCEPTABLE MEANS TO CHANGE A GOVERNMENT, as long as you can successfully get the confidence of the majority of the Members of the House.

    The Sultan of Perak acted correctly.

    I've been saying it all along, except some of you objected earlier just because you are Anti-Anwar.

    Your true colours are now revealed.

  21. What prime pumping? The price of oil is low and OPEC is trying to reduce the flow. Of course, BN can pump in more money but less for Sabah and Sarawak. In the end, they are trying to plug here and there and the east malaysian states will vote Opposition. Sarawak worth more than Perak.

  22. Its a sad day for us Perakians.We have just been f**** by the greatest con artist of the country!Period.

  23. Please compare the statements and actions of Anwar, LKS and son before 916 and now, thats the bullshitting, they completely u turn and thats their true colour.

    HRH is a learned and wise man, I believe he make decision base on the welfare of his subjects, that is who will be in a better position to develop Perak in this difficult time.

    Like wise like chaptokam said BN must shape up and not to repeat the previous misdeed they have done, than I see there is no reason to put BN back into Penang and Selangor come the next electrition. PR not is ready yet, still a lot of ideological issue to sort out. but still they can be used by the people to threaten BN for improvement.

  24. The Sultan acted correctly per the Constitution.

    There is no point fighting this at the risk of flirting with Sedition.

    The best counter-action for PR now is for Anwar to go all out to similarly engineer a downfall of the BN Federal government, that is, if it was real to start with.

    Those of you who support BN with its action today very well lost all moral standing to criticise future frogs

  25. Hi French Frog,

    Said that to all PR leaders that they have lost all moral standing to criticize BN or any froggies now, ask them to shut up......

  26. At Heraclea in 280 BC, King Pyrrhus of Epirus poured such massive resources into the battle that he successfully defeated the Roman Army.

    In the process he so weakened his own position that he eventually lost the war. Hence how term "Pyrrhic Victory" became an idiom in the English Language - a battle won so costly that you lose the capability to win the overall campaign.

    I think within the narrow confines of the Constitution, BN has won this battle.

    But politically, this has damaged Barisan Nasional heavily. I'm surprised Najib doesn't see this coming. Maybe he thought a little bit of pump priming will bring all the Perak folks around. Same old ideas recycled from Kuala Terrenganu.

    I had warned people I know in PKR that Anwar will suffer similar damage if he actually triggered his plan to topple the BN government via frogs.

    BN likely will be celebrating a Pyrrhic victory in Perak.

  27. Observer said...

    BN likely will be celebrating a Pyrrhic victory in Perak.

    Depends on prevailing conditions at time of occurance . Prevailing conditions in 280BC might or might not be applicable , many factors have to be taken into consideration .

  28. Hi French Frog,

    Who is the King of all Froggies ?
    Here I think we have to differentiate between a frog and a toad . You have to think what I am trying to say , soory no clue from me .

  29. Prolog,

    'Does the 10,000 majority give them right to look down on handicap? You are one of the arrogant species, just like HIM, you know'

    Please give me ONE example of how the DAP looked down on Hee because of her physical handicap. By the way being physically handicapped doe not give anyone the right to lie and to be treacherous.

  30. Look, to add more analysis to the above debate about pro-paryy hopping and anti-party hopping, let us be clear about two things:

    1. If party hopping followed by snap elections is justified as an unjust means to a fair end, then there will be no end to party hopping, what more when vast amount of money is offered under the table. (Anwar, pls take note, you are at an economic disadvantage in this respect).

    2. Now that both BN (sin by commission) and PKR (sin by temptation) have created this political mess, it is the honourable thing for both Anwar/PKR leaders and Najib to outlaw party hopping. But first, to regain his credibility with the voters, Najib should call a snap election soon in Perak to make amends for the unfairness with which the Perak people are subjected to. That way, he will doing what Anwar actually promised, cross over and give back the mandate to the electorate.