Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Face of a she-traitor

New Strait Times photo

[She] durst not do 't; [She] could not, would not do 't; 'tis worse than murder - Shakespeare (King Lear)

Well, worse than murder or not, she did it, betrayed her party and her constituency!


  1. Even a DAP die-heart



  2. KT
    don't blame her, the culprits who were responsible are the cousins the Ngeh and the Nga fellow . DAP has a history of good and capable leaders leaving the party , before its the arrogance of Kit Siang , now its the Ngeh and Nga assholes .

  3. Hai KT and Chap

    Too long in Obamaland and now decide to return to ourland.
    Hmm politics now sickening right?
    So Ngeh and Nga became Sengeh and Nganga.
    Just like bad cockles.
    Pity the people of Perak.

  4. For a traitor, she seems less-than-jubilant in many photos. Hand forced, or unhappy about the infighting in her party? Who knows, eh.

    Now, heh, when Anwar asks for people to jump ship, its okay, but when Najib does it, it's not? Methinks if he really does have those 30 MPs in his hand, it would be best to have them leave or whatever and call for snap elections in those areas.

    Would it be right for me to say padan muka, Pakatan Rakyat? Get your shit together before you lose another state.

  5. My solace is that this froggie circus is not (or has not?)marred the Federal stage.

  6. Ask YB Wee Choo Keong, sure you get a feel why Hee doing it.

    But why not point to the arrogant Ngeh and Nga.

    I think Ngeh and Nga should do harikiri!!!

    They reap what they sow!

  7. Hee , the first political whore in Bolehland, hope she sleep well tonight..

  8. We, Malaysians who favour democracy and clean governance, must all look at this setback for PR positively and creatively. Do not lose hope for Malaysia because God has a greater plan beyond the obvious cat and mouse game.

    Look at the irony of the situation: The unethical cross over planned by Anwar failed last September.

    Today, God may allow the devious cross-over and reverse takeover of the Perak state government by BN for one very good reason: the whole population of Perak and the country will start to see how unethical and undemocratic is the BN in trying to gain power.

    Let them win the war of cross-overs but they will definitely lose the battle for the hearts and minds of the voters.

  9. I really hope she doesn't have kids. Her children and grandchildren would have to live with the shame of her actions.

    So what if she doesn't like Nge/Ngah - the people of Jelapang voted for DAP.
    She could have stood as an independent in the next GE and see how many votes she gets. No reason to go running to the competitors.

    She is just a prima donna !
    And what's with the pathetic face during during the press conference - expecting some sympathy, is it?

  10. Fucking DAP Traitor Bitch! Curse her and her whole family! She will never have peace!

  11. aiyoh, leave her family alone lah - what have they done eh?

  12. You mean besides giving birth to a political whore? Nothing much.

  13. What do you mean she-traiter.
    She's my Heroine !

  14. She got guts !! and she could easily bargained for self interest when the two disappeared as she is in a position to be king maker . Whoever she choses to align with will form the next govt but she DID NOT . Instead her actions are a definite response to the arrogant Cheap Minister from Penang who proclaim that anyone who cannot be contacted for 24 hrs shall have their seat vacated or more like terminated . Can you take arrogance like this ?? Our Cheap Minister still in locked up in Opposition Mentality .

  15. No mater what, she is still a prostitute of the highest bidder and a scum bag.
    She should stop giving excuses of the Nga and the Ngeh cousins.What did she wanted?She was pluck from a rat hole (a clerk) and became deputy speaker.They pitied her for her hard work but this scum of the earth has no morals on loyalty .What respect can we Perakians have for her? If i were her better for her to savlage whatever face she has.
    With thousands of curses on her and family from Jelapang i wonder if she sleeps well.She never knew the people's wrath or was she testing faith.?

  16. She was given a choice of going off in a poof! like Altantooyaa or receiving RM10 million. She chose the latter option.

  17. it;s all ngeh-nga fault for bad leadership in perak dap, don blame Hee. plus, if lge don open his big mouth, hee probably won't do this. lge must have fault for making veiled threat when the crossover haven't taken place yet, and this accelerate her decision....

  18. Chaptokam, you are nuts! This traitor Hee YF is a coward. Just a few threats and an offer less than Jamaluddin and Osman, and she caves in already. You can kiss her ars* if you want. Doubt if the other 9,999 voters agree with you. Where's the honour?

  19. Here is Phua's Tenth Law of Malaysian Politics:

    "When a serious economic recession/depression looms, you stimulate the economy by pouring money into the hands of selected politicians and selected electoral districts"

    Phua Kai Lit

  20. Hee is toast if MCA ever dares to put her up as a candidate in elections. She may even lose her deposit...

    MCA ? Come next GE it will be buried so deep you won't be able to see it...

  21. well, if she cries out loud and starts beating chest saying ngeh-nga mal-treatment that forced her to leap, and in tears highlighting her contribution to jelapang and her physical disability, she might earn public sympathies again. and malaysians easily forget what happened today....

  22. She has prostituted herself ... her biggest customer is UMNO.. she has no shame...