Friday, February 20, 2009

Anwar Ibrahim - 'Make an uproar in the east, hide the west'

Malaysiakini - Anwar warns against moral hazard!

Anwar? You all know me ;-)

It’s so hard to take Anwar seriously. Whenever he pontificated, either piously or pompously, I always look for something underlying his usual grandstanding oration.

Of course I still recall his claims of assassination when he scooted off to the Turkish Embassy, and claiming as well that the ambassador had either invited or advised him to do so. Subsequently the Turkish ambassador denied that.

Oh, don't forget the flak jacket too wakakaka.

And the real issue?

Saiful Bukhari Azlan!

Then, coming to KeADILan, a party set up with one sole purpose, to fight for Anwar’s release from prison …

… KeADILan grew into PKR with basically still the same nonsensical not-about-reforms reformasi.

After playing coy and resisting expectations for him to join PKR formally for years*, we see his wife suddenly resigning as federal representative of Permatang Pauh to enable Anwar to stand in the by-election, as a PKR candidate wakakaka.

* I've always held the belief he wants to return to UMNO, which has been why I reckon he didn't want to formally join PKR

And the real issue?

He thought his arrest for alleged sodomy was then imminent!

Now, we hear the 916 man claimed in Parliament, as reported by Malaysiakini, that he had adduced evidence of corruption and chicanery by the Umno-dominated Barisan Nasional, which led to the Perak coup d’etat.

... as if we need evidence to know that!

He also talked about corruption in Kedah, accusing the BN of attempting what had been done in Perak.

This is the best part in the Malaysiakini news article 'Bribery in Kedah': MACC ticks off Anwar: Anwar said the BN’s shenanigans in Perak and Kedah, led by the prime minister-designate Najib Razak, were done without the ‘slightest trace of shame’.

Wakakakakkakakaka – was there the slightest trace of shame in his froggie 916? Was there the slightest trace of shame in his Taiwan forays?

But leave that - Why has he modified Sun Tze’s 'Make an uproar in the east, strike in the west' into 'Make an uproar in the east, hide the west'?

And the real issue?

Elizabeth Wong!

As I blogged in Elizabeth Wong's 'Et Tu PKR'?:

Instead of looking after Eli during her most vulnerable period, the [PKR] top brass have been looking over their shoulders, more concerned about the impact of this issue on the heartland’s support (which they prefer than the current urban support they enjoy), and also fearing that their PAS partner with their conservative tight ass morality, may be repulsed into UMNO’s arms.

These senior party members (you know who) want Eli to preferably disappear from the face of the earth, but if not, then to resign and, to put it cruelly, bugger off.

Forget about her loyalty, service, and dedication to the party. She has now become a liability to PKR. […]

Oh, the pressure she had been subjected to, the betrayal, the lack of support – can you understand why she broke down into tears?

But wait, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

The Malaysian Insider reported in
Eli could remain assemblyman, but exit exco because those spineless Wonders now realized how blooming popular Eli is, and are shit scared of the no-no move of accepting Eli’s resignation.

Eli’s supporters and those very sympatheic to her cause may be so pissed off that they will desert the PKR banner.

Malaysiakini reported in Anwar reveals 'evidence' of bribe attempts that when the press asked him “… why he had to wait until today [19 Feb 09] to make the revelation, he replied: “We had to wait for the ACA to conclude their investigations”.

“During the last parliamentary session, I did not have enough information about it. That is why I had to wait until it is complete. This is the earliest I could reveal to you now.”

But today Malaysiakini reported in 'Bribery in Kedah': MACC ticks off Anwar that MACC chief commissioner Ahmad Said Hamdan was mad with Anwar for revealing issues on an incomplete investigation, stating: "The Kulim case is being investigated and is not completed and Anwar's statement will affect investigation."

Now, let’s re-pose the question that the press asked of him yesterday: “Why did you have to wait until today [19 Feb 09] to make the revelation.”

And the real issue?

Eli’s supporters must be marshaled back to the fold, and the best way to do that is to have an easily identifiable foe, the evil UMNO (mind you, not that UMNO doesn’t merit the title sometimes).

Distraction and re-attraction.

It’s not as if we don’t know Malaysian politics is full of corrupt practice, with possibly the only 2 parties that would stay clean being PAS and DAP.

But yes, the real issue has been PKR’s pathetic and disloyal treatment of Eli Wong, asking her to resign.

We could sense this a thousand kilometers away from the stench of fear emanating from an equivocating Khalid Ibrahim, and an unhelpful, unsympathetic Azmin Ali with his moralizing statement, obviously distancing the PKR from her, whilst ironically UMNO’s acting Law Minister Nazri and even KJ were supportive.

Added to this has been the fact that the most likely culprit behind Eli’s distress, shame and premature retirement from frontline politics is a PKR man. He’s equally gutless as well, disappearing into another country.

All in all, it has been a monumental disaster for PKR.

But the gutless deserves to be gutted!


  1. The Lord has given us two eyes, two ears,and only one mouth. What does that mean. PKR should see more and listen more and speak less based on the of ratio of 1:4
    We always say that the government has a GO-LOOK-STOP syndrome.PKR should do one better. There many people who have retired from government servive who will be willing to give you advice for free. Seek them and stop making fundamental mistakes that even a PTD officer will not make in his first three years of service. RAMLAX

  2. Friday, February 20, 2009
    Curtain slowly closing on Anwar, Pas should seek a backstage exit

    "It seemed behind the public eyes is an internal PKR problem looming. Words in the canteen hall of Parliament are that of a conspiracy by Azmin Ali to takeover the Selangor Menteri Besar post from Khalid Ibrahim.

    Eli Wong, as told by one source, is a collateral damage in Azmin’s attempt to embarrass Khalid."

  3. Yes, the Lord has given us two eyes, two ears but only one mouth. However, when it comes to Anwar and Keadilan, KTemoc has one eye, one ear, but two mouths.

  4. The leaders of PKR had to say what have to be said at the time because there was a high possibility of more intimate photos surfacing. No-one could tell except perhaps EW. KT, were you so sure then that no other photos were available and perhaps maybe even worse such as those depicting oral sex, anal sex, foot sex, armpit sex, ear sex, golden showers, arse to mouth sex, bondage sex etc etc. I don't think you are even sure now. So how could they convincingly defend her without any explanation from EW.

  5. How long can the present PR govt in Selangor lasts , I wonder .


    MACC finds ‘strong evidence’ against Selangor MB

    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 20 — The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has said there is "strong evidence" to show Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim had misused his powers over the purchase of 46 cows and maintenance of his own cars.

    The cases are believed to be linked to allegations brought up by his predecessor Datuk Seri Mohd Khir Toyo, and which is now the subject of a law suit brought by Khalid for defamation against the Barisan Nasional man.

    It is understood the investigation papers have been forwarded to the Attorney-General's Chambers.

    "The MACC can decide but it's better for the Attorney-General to consider and take action, it involves a VIP and we have to be fair to everyone," MACC chief commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan told a news conference in Penangafter performing the ground-breaking ceremony for the Penang MACC quarters building.

    Bernama quoted him as saying that from the technical point of view, there was evidence pertaining to the allegations.

    Abdul Khalid has been accused of using state government funds for the maintenance of his personal sports utility vehicle, a Lexus bearing the number plate WQR779, and the purchase of 46 cows costing RM10,400 for sacrifice.

    Rest of article can be found in Malaysian Insider .

  6. MACC has hinted strong evidence of corruption involving Khalid ibrahim.
    Said also said a bombshell is coming soon as investigation is almost complete.
    Is it involving Anwar?
    Or os it the high-pofile BN man?
    Of Mice And Men, that's my favorite Steinbeck novel.
    It's a sad story indeed akin to Eli and Anwar the men.
    In a nutshell, troubles in Malaysian politics start with Anwar entering Umno.
    Everything he touches turn to dust.

  7. Ktemoc,
    The PKR leadership, Anwar Ibrahim included failed to give Eli their full support, and I'm very, very disappointed with them.

    I beg to differ on the underlying issues and fact.
    My initial reaction to the unfortunate events was that it was a personal vendetta that's gone out of control due to Eli's high political profile. I had initially thought Khir Toyol's disgusting antics were just crass political opportunism.

    But that's not how I see it now.
    If I look at the overall pattern I now see an organised, planned campaign to bring down Eli Wong and perhaps an even wider agenda.
    Who's behind it ? My brilliant young friend (actually my friend's adult son) has got independent and objective evidence.
    Independent because he's not aligned to any political party, and his work requires a high degree of neutrality because it usually involves potential legal or criminal cases. Objective because its technical data which any person with the right skills can review it.

    The salacious photos were spread in chain e-mail and chain SMS form by people associated with UMNO, through IT facilities associated with UMNO.

    Here's something I would remind folks like Chaptokam and XieAn.

    When UMNO misbehaves, the voters punish Barisan Nasional. There's no point complaining its unfair. MCA, MIC and Gerakan share the same bed every night with UMNO - that's how voters see it - and they are right.

    I strongly hope there's no By-Election in Bukit Lanjan, but if there is one, the retribution BN will suffer may be very ugly indeed.

  8. Observer

    The salacious photos were spread in chain e-mail and chain SMS form by people associated with UMNO, through IT facilities associated with UMNO.

    Just to add , there are many photos , computer photoshop remake or enhanced like the ones spread by Tian Chua purportedly showing Najib with Altantuya , photos pasted in the comments section in Malalysia Today by kritz , justice etc etc showing Malaysian leaders in bad light .
    You agree to it ??

    These photos are put on the net for all to see rather than by email !
    You agree to this ?

    Further , there are many anti- establishment articles , photos spread by chain e-mail and chain SMS form by people associated with PKR , DAP and PAS , through IT facilities associated with UMNO.
    Agree ?

    Finally there's one salacious short video clip showing Khairy with an actress in a compromising position in a candidate's web blog prior to GE12 for everyone to see . This PKR candidate happens to be the one contesting against Khairy .
    You agree to this also ?

    This is politics , there's no way to stop people from using their mouth , and UMNO facilities from disseminating "information"

  9. Hi Observer,

    I think it is better to look at root cause, who took the photos and what are the aims. The spread of photos are less relevant, anybody can do that and also can be planted.

    For you information I have not association with any political party, just ordinary people. In fact I voted for PKR during the last election, believing in PR policies.

    But I am extremely disappointed with them, to cut it short they mis-behave, u-turn and betray the people. All the problems we having now started by them. Simple put they want the federal government with all means and at the expense of the people.

    To me now PR will collapse, writing is on the wall, not because BN is better but rather PR foundation is not strong as such they kill themselves...KAMIKAZE.

    With the current economical situation we are facing now that people are losing their jobs, it will be better for the country that the collapse happen soonest the better. So that the BN government can concentrate their resources on putting the economy back on track. The priority now is to fill the stomach and who is in the position to feed us. I think PR does have the resources and the more the problem prolong the more we are going to suffer.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. A great write up on the current political situation from my ADUN Hannah Yeoh

    After I read the article, my thoughts were "She is so RIGHT !"

    You're doing a great job Hannah !

  12. Hi Observer,

    Hannah Yeoh got it wrong, the people frustration were due to PR grand plan to topple the Fed Govt, that cause the political instability and not the a strong opposition. Hope turn to dust when their leader turn to that direction, people are not stupid not to know what they are up to. PR were given an opportunity in the five states they won to show their ability and capability to rule, but they screw up, spent most of the time politicking and until today still in election mode.

    Hannah should change within her own party first before changing others, that should be her goals.......

  13. Great job ? hahahahaha wakakakaka
    great joke .

  14. She's not Jewish, so stop referring to her as Eli.

    It's one of Elizabeth, Eliza, Liz, Liza or Beth.

    Don't know where all these media guys get Eli from, do you? Another testament to the disgraceful state of education in this country!!

  15. chapotokam I have deleted your comment gossiping about Eli Wong's private life. I don't welcome such salcious comments. Thank you.

  16. She is known to her friends as Eli.

  17. Chapto*f* is a typical specimen of the Mentally Challenged Association.

    I'm so glad we kicked almost (but unfortunately not) all of their ADUNs and MPs in Selangor.