Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eli Wong - our sunflower, our sunshine, our sweetheart

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Carry with you or wear a sunflower, the symbol of Elizabeth Wong's courage

Support our Eli Wong

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Eli's supporters with her symbol, the sunflower
Warning to PKR and Khir Toyo
Don't you dare f* around with the ADUN seat of our Eli


  1. She chose to sleep her way to her goals and now we are supposed to protect her public life when things go wrong for her. Her privacy is hers but her public life as a representative of the people belongs to the people. Quit and seek reelection from the people who voted for you and see what they think of your private life Ms. Elizabeth Wong.

  2. Kaytee

    Why are you gushing over Elizabeth?
    Does she smell sweet like a flower?

  3. KT

    Are you falling in love with her ?
    She smells sweet , ain't she ?

  4. If anybody out there spent two seconds to take out their mask of hatred towards BN, they would find some very interesting things:

    1. Nobody sleeps with glasses on, and lies down on their side. It hurts the ears.

    2. Nobody sleeps on their backs with their legs spread wide open and kness bent. I can only think of two situations where that position is applicable: childbirth and cunnilingus.

    3. The bloke, if you check out his facebook page is a PKR guy through and through.

    This actually explains a lot about Frog King and Khalid's actions.

  5. Errr Don, I sometimes sleep with my glasses if I am reading something and fall asleep. Done that many times.

    People sleep with theri head against a pillow.

    As to the way she slept, I think it is obvious that it looks like while she was sleeping, the dude moved her legs to that the pic.

    But, apparently there is more to come so let's see

  6. quote "She chose to sleep her way to her goals ..." unquote

    Vinnan, you're out of line with your reckless allegations. I trust you're able to back up your words.

    idzan, chaptokam, I have been asked before whether I was in luv with Susan Loone, Marina Mahathir, Jed Yoong, Teresa Kok ... and now Eli Wong ........ besok pula mungkin Nurul, Hannah Yeoh, Fong, Sharizat, Mak Cik Rafidah, Azalina, etc wakakakakkakakaaaa

    but Vinnan ... tsk tsk tsk

  7. idzan Ismail asks:


    Why are you gushing over Elizabeth?
    Does she smell sweet like a flower?

    Yes, she does! I can even smell her through my computer screen. I guess only a select few could smell her fragrance. But even an MCA member like Chaptokam, who would otherwise only smell the supposedly perfumed emanations from important UMNO members (even if they actually stink like a thousand farts!), can smell her sweet fragrance. I'm not sure if KTemoc does as well, but I'm certain he's blessed with other abilities to sense Eli's positive qualities.

    As for the Don, who hasn't got the "mask of hatred towards BN" that we fortunate folks are supposed to have, I have to say I don't know. Unlike BN enthusiasts, who presumably have a huge collection of photos of women sleeping (which they could sell to perverts like the Toyol for political gain), I don't know if it is common for

    1. People who wear glasses to sleep with their glasses on, by the side. (in addition to Sans' confession above, I have seen my cousin does this, but I didn't photograph him, and on rare occasions, I have done it myself, although, for obvious reasons, I wasn't able to photograph myself while I was asleep)

    2. People to sleep on their backs with their legs spread wide open and kness bent.
    (I've seen men sleep like this, although I
    didn't photograph them, and I don't think they were trying to give birth, either in their dreams or for real)

    Well, Eli's fragrance has wafted into my nostrils again... and I can't continue...

    Yours gushingly,


  8. Just wonder if the analogy to Lingam video is appropriate to reflect on the current response on Eli photo on privacy and action against perpetrator.

    Loh Gwee Bourn took the video at Lingam house without consent.

    Anwar Ibrahim officially released the video ala Hollywood Grand Premiere.

    Did Lingam cry for invasion of privacy?

    Did the perpetrator punished? The cameraman was instead elevated as MP in this case:)))

  9. Dear Kaytee

    I learn alot here on how people with glasses are supposed to sleep. Ha,ha,
    Some of you are rather graphic.
    But in one photo I saw Elizabeth looking rather fulfilled.
    But when I woke up this morning, I wonder are the photos really her.
    She can deny it, and I for one will believe her.
    I thought she is rather studious, bookish, geeky not given to a playful romp.
    I even thought she is a good candidate for nunnery in the St Francisan order.
    But she's like us all ordinary woman.
    The Hilmi guy has a build like a gym instructor.
    I don't blame Elizabeth.
    Power to her.

  10. She can learn from Lingham sifu and could have said, "Looks like me, sounds like me, but it is not me" based on those not so clear photos.

    But what would happen if, there are other crystal clear photos? I think she is probably worry of that.

  11. Idzan Ismail

    The Hilmi guy has a build like a gym instructor.
    Ever thought that she could possibly be charmed by that Hilmi guy with his contacts ? In Kelantan , there are so many bomohs doing and selling charmed lotions and they are good at it .

    I for one momment thought the guy looks like the Bollywwod Star who recently got a Batukship from Malacca , you know the swanky guy , Shah Ruk Shah now called Batuk Shah ?


    Oh yes I can smell her sweet fragrance everywhere , not only thru the computer screen . Beginning to smell some fragance around me , is it fragance ? Wonder from whom it's commming from ? Mmmmm.....maybe from the Elifan person .

  12. "Susan Loone, Marina Mahathir, Jed Yoong, Teresa Kok, Eli Wong, Nurul, Hannah Yeoh, Fong (Po Kuan), Sharizat, Mak Cik Rafidah, Azalina"

    What do you have against indian sweeties??? You don't know what you're missing...

  13. For all, Eli Wong didn't deny but confirm the photos were of her.

    Unlike the Lingam tape, she wasn't seen to be doing a 'deal'; rather she was sleeping, unaware that a (alleged to be PKR) grub was taking photos of her in her moments of innocent sleep.

    However, I did wonder whether that videotaping of Lingam was also an invasion of privacy.

    Int, aiyoyo, just between you an me, it's really the Akar's and Tangachee's that I truly luv ;-) please read my and mind you, I didn't confine myself to only Punjabis - I have a Tamil Aneh who has sweet Tangechee's whom I cast my adoring eyes over wakakakakaka

  14. PKR top leaders did not stand by her, in contrast, showed little sympathy and took moral high ground. This is already bad, but what is worst is the called for Eli resignation which her leaders base on assumption that in store are more damaging picture and video. Is this a poker buff or they, themselves possess those damaging picture and video and blackmailed Eli ?

    Wake up little girl, your enemy within are more dangerous and toxic. You rightly fought UMNO because their policies are bad. But you have forgotten that most of of your leaders come from the same mould, Anwar, Azmin Ali, Khalid Ibrahim, etc and their politics remain the same, reforms and changes were use for conveniency only. You think Anwar and his gang won't go back UMNO if given an opportunity? Obviously you people been used, PKR is not a platform to fight for injustices and reforms.

    Those activists still in PKR, your turn will come. Its time to abandon ship before its to late.........

  15. My young friend is a highly skilled (and highly paid) specialist in IT investigations; I think the fancy term is IT Forensics; the science and art of gathering evidence from IT systems.

    Like so many of us, he's been incensed by this attempt to destroy Eli Wong.

    He's got hold of two separate e-mail copies of the salacious photos, and put his skills to work; very interesting.
    Those of you who know about these things would be aware the invisible embedded portion of an e-mail retains a great deal of information on where and when it has been passed from one hand to another, the e-mail's "DNA" if you like.

    The persons who have been sending the mail are associated with UMNO; the chain e-mail was earlier forwarded through servers associated with UMNO websites.

    At this point there's no evidence that UMNO had anything to do with the original release of these photos. I can still accept at face value DPM's claim that their leadership had nothing to do with it.

    But, after the point of release onwards, UMNO is guilty as hell of spreading this gross violation of Eli Wong's person.

    I'm sure PKR has access to its own IT resources, but if they need help, my brainy friend would be happy to do pro-bono work on this issue to expose the perpetrators.

  16. Dear Ktemoc

    From Malaysian Insider:

    Question of the day: what happens when you spit into the wind?

    Phua Kai Lit

  17. Somewhere in Tamil Nadu

    Aru: Dei dei tangachee, tangachee …

    Eli: Dei, who's that?

    Aru: Tangachee, it’s me, Arumugam ...

    Eli: Aru? Dei tambi, I thought you were in Bkt Selambau?

    Aru: No lah, I'm on the run from my 1st wife. What are you doing here?

    Eli: I'm on the run from my boyfriend lah.

  18. Alamak, your scenario/script not realistic lah - how can a tangachee call the other a tambi - Penangites would say 'boe tua, boe say' (no big, no small = no manners) wakakakakakakakakakakaaa

  19. Hi Observer,

    That why the PKR people are so cunning to plant the so call "DNA" to UMNO website and blame them. They kicked up the dust to force Eli to resign and now they going to the Sultan for decision so that they can wash their hand.

    Its all about deception and their actions are very treacherous........

  20. Revision of script

    Somewhere in Ponticherry , Kolkata Ravula-palem

    Aru: Dei dei tambi , tambi you buta ?

    Hilmi Malek : Poorah , lu siapa ?

    Aru: tambi it’s me, Arumugam ...

    Hilmi Malek: Aru? Armugam Pillai ? Oh Dei tambi,Aru dari Bkt Kerbau!

    Aru: Bukan Bkt Kerbau lah , bodoh , dari Bkt Selambau .

    Hilmi Malek : Apa buat sini ? You ada isteri ketiga sini ?

    Aru :I'm on the run from my 1st wife. What are you doing here?

    Hilmi Malek : I'm on the run from my girlfriend lah.

    Aru : Siapa you punya girlfriend ?

    Hilmi Malek : You tak tau ? aiyoh bodoh sangat ! Tak bacha surat khabar atau blog-blog macam ktemoc konsider ?

    Aru : ilek ? tada bacha .

    Hilmi Malek : Saya punya girlfriend nampak macam Sarah Pailin , pakai cermin mata juga , kulit puteh pun macam dia , sexy pun macam dia . Dei saya tak mau cakap lagi ... ok ...

  21. Hi Ktemoc

    Take a look at this:

    P.S. Is this why our MCA friends get so agitated about LGE in Penang? DAP-led PR govt in Penang is frugal and does not throw money around like they are hell bank notes?

    Phua Kai Lit

  22. Hi Phua Kai Lit,

    Penang government is not frugal, simply they have no money to throw. Can't you see they are begging from the Federal Govern?

  23. Phua Kai lit

    Sometimes I really do not know what to think of you . There are times like this when you talk like a 3 year old boy .
    You are bringing up an issue rgd the expediture of the polis in KT and equating that to people like me . I think you have nothing better to do and I think you are a nut.
    You think the MCA boys will get benefits from a bankrupt state govt ? You think we are beggars ? You think we have nothing much to do , while waiting for tidbits to fall from heaven ?
    If you are not staying in Penang , kindly shut you trap , otherwise your jaw bones will drop off one of these days .
    Please burn the degrees you get from Baltimore , I think you have gone ku-ku and we get agitated not by LGE , but by people like you talking crap .

  24. Phua Kai lit

    Can you write your comments to the point ?
    Practically all your comment always direct the readers to some foreign thread , like take a look at this , take a look at that . Please lah this is KTemoc , don't ask us to go to Timbaktu to see this article or that article .
    Lagi , your comments are always very short , contains no substance and contain baseless arguments .
    Only shows you got no substance .

    Did you buy your degree ? Or you pass your exams giving sexual favors to your lecturers ?

  25. Phua

    Anonymous Phua must be a Nasaruddin Paige boy .kekekeke

  26. Actually my point was:

    1. She wasn't sleeping - she was posing.

    2. She knew about the pictures.

    3. Frog King and Khalid knew about the context of the pictures.

    4. Hilmi is a PKR guy through and through. He was a fan way before the elections and continued being an anwarista way after the elections. Facebook tells you a lot.

    5. This is a simple case of a jilted lover, not a political assasination.

    6. If she were a random girl and her nude pics started circulating, we would say it was a case of a jilted lover, not looking at her work colleagues in an elaborate conspiracy theory to get rid of her.

    7. Sometimes things are indeed as easy as they seem.

  27. KT 4:36 AM, February 19, 2009

    That's right what I have done is to make allegations. However, do you think I am the only one doing so or thinking so. If she is so righteous in her actions then let the people decide. Like I said what is deemed proper in one's private life becomes the scrutiny of the public the moment one becomes a political figure, more so in a country like Malaysia with a large conservative Muslim population. Politics as you well know is about perception, matters not as to the truth, the onus is on Ms. Elizabeth Wong to correct the perceptions.

    Life sucks ok. Politics sucks even more.

  28. Too late, but Eli Wong should had appreciated this song by Carolyn Dawn Johnson

    He's Just Not That Into You

    If he doesn't call when he says he'll call
    Or if he doesn't even call at all
    Well he just might not be that into you
    If he's too busy to see you on the weekends
    And he doesn't introduce you to his friends
    Well he just might not be that into you
    Cause if he was
    He'd be hangin' on your every word
    He'd put away his little black book and put you first
    He'd be doing double back flips to make it work√Ę€¦..out
    If he's a month late for your birthday
    Or if he calls you by another girl's name
    Well he just might not be that into you

    If he says he's not the marrying type
    And he only calls you in the middle of the night
    Well he just might not be that into you
    Yeah, yeah
    I got your back, yeah
    You gotta listen, girl
    If you're not the centre of his world
    He's not that into you, yeah

    If he says she's just a friend, like a sister
    Then one day you see him up and kiss her
    Well he just might not be that into you
    Yeah you just might wanna find somebody new
    Yeah that's what I would do
    Girl if I were you
    Yeah, yeah, find somebody new
    Yeah he's not that into you
    Yeah, yeah, girl find somebody new
    You know you're gonna find someone out there who loves everything about you
    It's so great
    Just hold out
    It's worth it

  29. Hey Don Kiddo,
    You obviously are not married or have very little experience of life. Go back and ask your Mommy or Daddy to teach you about the facts of life.

    a) People do sometimes fall asleep with their glasses on, especially if they are very tired.

    b) In the course of sleep, people do sometimes end up "on their backs with their legs spread wide open and knees bent". In fact all manner of positions.

    I don't have the link, but there is a classic National Geographic article about Human Sleep, and there is a photo montage showing the sequence of movements and positions a real person went through in the course of deep sleep. A real eye opener.

  30. Helmi Malek will most probabbly campaign for BN in the Bukit Selambau and Gantang by-elections, detailing how he was seduced by the sex-starved cradle-snatcher from Bkt Lanjan. Being seduced will receive less severe punishment compared to khalwat and zina....

  31. Kudos again to the BN Spin doctors (they must be the same bush team) they have manage to create another kink in the racial unity of PRK. You guys have fallen into their trap and the bloggers are the engine to achieve this. Man great work using the speculation of bloggers as a strength breakdown the PRK, DAP and PAS alliance.

    KTemoc is also tool and a very effective tool.