Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wakakaka headlines

Star Online - Focus on unity, says Tee Keat!

Chua Soi Lek: Lu kok-eye ah!


Star Online - Go online and register as a voter says Election Commission (EC)

Star Online - Umno starts online recruitment

Coincidence? wakakaka

Star Online - Not the time to be choosy about jobs, says Abdullah

hey, I’ll be looking for one next month - wakakaka

Star Online - My people support me: Nasarudin

Bloke said: “Many of them agree with my decision (to defect to PKR). I will go down to Bota to give them an explanation.”

If they've agreed with your defection, why do you need to go & give them an explanation? wakakaka

And was that why your people 'supported you to lost' in the contest for the division head post of Parit Umno, two months ago - wakakaka - see Malaysiakini
Perak Umno who defected to PKR

Star Online - MIC to defend deputy ministers over mortuary incident

… after ensuring Jakim was not involved in body snatching - wakakaka

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