Thursday, February 05, 2009

A tribute to Karpal Singh

Alone he stood, proud, undiminished in spirit
Voicing his frank, fearless and familiar fatwas
Sage of constitutional laws and political ethics
Lion-hearted, resolute, a pure spiritual warrior

Standing aloof from scum, stench, and snakes
Frogs, slugs, cockroaches 'neath his contempt
He tolerates no scoundrel, false prophet, Loki
Slicing through deceit and lies with his kirpan

His kacca reminds against lust of wrong power
He'd stand no snake oil charm, no nonsense
Uncompromising in his search for the Truth
Blessed Khalsa, blessed brave political Guru



    Cartoon depicting the drama.

    Karpal's the man indeed.

  2. so we can lump BN under Najib together with the scoundrel of all scoundrels together?
    oh, we include the handicap lady too, rite?

  3. Karpal Singh must be vindicated.

    "Anwar,didn't I told you so not to engage in frog jumping!

  4. Some PR actually condemns Karpal .
    As many failed to holds on to principal. And while some of us blames Anwar but umno will tries to do it as well.
    umno did invites PAS to do a Selangor power sharing.

  5. I woke up this morning and thought I was back in Zimbabwe.

  6. Dear Anonymous 9:55 am

    Scary isn't it?

    Kleptocrats in power. We are beginning to resemble the sorry collection of Sub-Saharan African
    failed states and soon-to-be failed states more and more.

    Phua Kai Lit

  7. Many of us here DONT see that this ANWAR is the one who spoiled DAP and PAS. Many of us here fail to realize that ANWAR just want to be PM and he used/abused DAP and PAS to achieve his goal. many of us here also fail to see that all the PKR MPs and Aduns are bunch of corrupt craps and will cause more hazards in the near future. Many of us here are so stupid that we fail to realise that Anwar is using everybody for his own agenda. So why do we still want to keep him? Power is not important, but the integrity and principles stand! Dump ANWAR NOW!

  8. And people were bashing and slamming him like no one business... truth is even party leaders such as Guan Eng and Kit Siang did not dare to shut him up LOL~

    Anyway, am glad he stood out and said he will sue the Sultan and new government!