Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Perak DUN - a house of cards undone by frogs

Piffling Pathetic Pariah Perak Pollies!

None are so low and slimy as those who metamorphose into frogs.

And what did I tell you about Bota ADUN Nasarudin Hashim a former member of
Perak Umno who defected to PKR, as reported by Malaysiakini on Sunday, and whom I blogged on in UMNO sore losers, PKR new warriors.

I wrote: Malaysiakini reported that “...There had been talk that Nasaruddin might quit Umno after he lost in the contest for the division head post of Parit Umno, two months ago.”

Nasarudin was just a sore loser, merajuk-ing (sulking) his brat-ish way into PKR.

But of course Anwar Ibrahim pretended it’s otherwise and claimed the Nasaruddin’s defection “... reflected the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... as the beginning of a new wave.”

Well, it seems the frog is omni-directional in his leaping, a sign of his f* ‘availability’ to anyone with the necessary ……..

The former UMNO member is now a former PKR member.

As for DAP’s former MP, Hee Yit Foong – sheeesh, what a f* bad choice by the DAP to pick such an unprincipled person as a state candidate. The only consolation I can get is that Lim Guan Eng didn’t apologise for doubting her – he has been justified in his suspicion.

She must have reeked so strongly of treachery.

I hope the Sultan will consent to the dissolution of the Perak State Assembly, because if HRH doesn't, the PR is not only out of government but out of it for good (at least until 2013).

Coincidentally, today HRH said: ... the throne was also the judiciary where matters which needed judgment were tried in the palace before the ruler, who had the final say.

Well, historically or not as that might have been, it is now - the sorry saga of the State's political instability and undemocratic happenings is being tried again in the palace, with the royal judgement awaited.

HRH has the final responsibility to give the go-ahead to resolve the wretched and unsatisfactory state of the State, at least politically.

And should that come about, as it surely must, I would just like to see whether the three slimy slugs Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, Osman Jailu and Hee Yit Foong get re-nominated by the BN as candidates for Behrang, Changkat Jering and Jelapang respectively – wakakakakaka!

As for Nasarudin Hashim – it’ll be a miracle if a known traitor gets re-nominated by UMNO but WTF, I never believe in his reliability though Anwar Ibrahim was just bloody stumbling forward in obscene haste to embrace such a grub.

But that’s Anwar – so hard up to gain power, even via the backdoor. And as Malaysiakini has just reported, this man has the brazen cheek to accuse BN of trying to form government in Perak 'by hook or by crook'.

'... by hook or by crook'?

WTF about his 30 frogs and 916 and Nasarudin Hashim? Sheeeeesh!

I hope the PR will wake up and keep this hypocrite of a snake oil salesman out of their leadership. All along he has been the principal troublemaker due to his f* infamous impatience - just see where it has all led us to.

Surely PKR has other capable Malay leaders? Or, is it as we've suspected, that it’s just a one-man show for the personal interest of one man?

But the bloke who has come out shining in all of these slimy stinking stench is, surprise surprise, none other than Dr Mahathir Modamed.

In Malaysian Insider news article Dr M warns Umno against errant PKR duo
, he said of UMNO’s embracing of the two slime slugs Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang) and Osman Jailu (Changkat Jering):

"Is Umno so desperate that it cannot wait for the criminal court decision against them [for corruption] before accepting them”.

"If they are accepted now and then found not guilty, the so-called Umno-led government will be accused of influencing the court. True or not does not matter as the public's perception is such. It will have an effect in the 13th general election."

"If we add to all this by accepting those accused of sexual bribery, Umno's image will get worse."

"Datuk Abdullah, Umno president, think first before being eager to accept people like this."

At least there is one sane bloke in UMNO (or perhaps not, as Dr Mahathir may not have rejoined that notorious party yet). But doesn't it show his superior character over that snake oil salesman?

... miles man, miles ahead and above.


  1. mahathir can go f*ck himself thank you very much-DSAI's a hypocrite but a better human being than that dictator.

    Hoping for royalty to act(!)-when will people realise that unelected representatives don't have to listen to the rakyat, and why should they when even the elected representatives don't?

  2. let's see whther HRH puts his money where his royal mouth is

  3. Perak loyalty doesn't like Nizar.
    I think they will accept Najib's request for BN to form the next Perak state government.

  4. The Snake Oil Dr. can go f*k himself. Anwar may be a hypocrite, but I haven't had an ounce of respect for Dr. Doom for a long time.

  5. What happen to the Great Snake Oil Salesman ?? Hahahaha didn't I post all these before that its so so much easier to get just two kataks to lompat to BN then to get 30 kataks to lompat to PR . The man who started it all propagating kataksification . Wakakaka today lets sit back and enjoy the greatest blockbuster called Slumfrogs Millionaire . Synopsis : tells about a guys transformation from a tadpole to become a frog and made millions out of it . hahahaha . Seems that the great snake oil salesman has decided to go into hibernation with nothing of substance coming out from him . Perhaps he has also been compromised just like the two . Their corruption cases will be dropped and so will be the sodomy case to buy silence . What a great movie , sit back , relax and enjoy the movie as it unfurls .

  6. KTemoc,
    My bet is that the royals will side those f$#%@ing bn GOONS.Hey its the money and favours they can ditch to them.Nothing to lose but what the f@#$s! it pays to screw us voters.Well i hope we can give those froggies an earful when are back to Ipoh soon.This traitors needs to be burnt at the stakes.some may prefer C4 instead.

  7. Dont forget the Royals are just businessmen! plain and simple.
    They have been in tuneed with those Barisan for ages.With Pakatan its too transparent but with BN anything goes!
    It's a fact of life.You scratch my back and i scratch yours.

  8. Next change of movie

    The fruits are ripe for picking in Selangor ..Akan datang ...

  9. The next few days are going to be very emotionally charged, hence the flying language. But I don't think it's emotional to lay the blame for all this entirely at Anwar Ibrahim's feet.

    The saddest part of this sorry affair that played out over the last 6 months is the fact that so many Malaysians - including one that I have a close personal relationship with - were so corrupted by the vision of Anwar Ibrahim keeping UMNO in check that they would not publically and outright criticize the 916 prophecy, despite the fact that I think in most cases their moral compasses told them that it was wrong. They would dismiss it as being not possible, but they never condemned it as being wrong.

    And now we reap the rewards. I hope this is a good lesson for everyone. I think it doesn't matter which party holds power already, whomever it is, the Perak government is going to be in a coma until the next GE, and the biggest losers will be the people of Perak. Stagnation is the last thing that state needs, and that's exactly what it's going to get now.

    And we're still waiting for a simple shadow cabinet... how anyone can be enamoured with Anwar is beyond me.

  10. Karpal Singh is the biggest winner... LOL...

    Never ever embrace the frogs... and the country will have a better democratic future...

  11. Fucking DAP Traitor Bitch! Curse her and her whole family! She will never have peace!

  12. alamak, don't be so cruel lah as to damn her family as well

  13. int

    But I don't think it's emotional to lay the blame for all this entirely at Anwar Ibrahim's feet.

    Isn't this a replica of what Anwar did to the people of Sabah ?? What goes round comes around except its the other way round .

    Don't think the Perak government is going to be in a coma until the next GE, The people in Perak are the real winners . They are going to benefit from the new BN govt who will inject money into Perak just to make sure they will still be around come GE13 . If they are smart they should undo what the previous UMNO did - its arrogance .

  14. You have very short memory. The "Old Man" was the "snake-oil salesman's" mentor.

    Maybe the Old Man has become more moderate and introspective. That is good but it doe not delete the pages written by him in his 22 years.

    The current political developments offers an opportunity for him to atone by trying to say and support the right things now.

  15. Kt,

    My apologies for having doubted your stand on Anwar Ibrahim. I stand corrected. Anwar is indeed the greedy asshole that you described him to be.

    Once again my apologies

  16. All I can say is this.
    As much as Anwar wants 2 change the government via crossovers, he exercised caution and patience 4 he is aware of the backlash from UMNO

    If he had revealed the names of those crossing over, Anwar had signed their death warrants

    The MPs will be threatened with arrests or worst ISA, their family's safety jeopardized,forceful coercion into rejoinin BN, privileges taken away(exp:children's scholarship terminated)

    Anwar n Pakatan realised that UMNO/BN would do anythin 2 cling 2 power such as ignitin public unrest ala May 13 2 put the nation under martial/emergency law

    That why Anwar seeks an audience with PM Badawi to obtain his assurance of a smooth transition of power(which he denied) b4 seeks the King's consent 2 form the goverment

    I'm Ok with Anwar engineering crossovers.He just need 2 make sure the right MPs(people oriented,no baggage,corruption clean,does not seek special post)r crossing over.Anwar must not resort to force,threats,bribery or kidnapping 2 entice the MPs 2 crossover.Or else,Pakatan is a Barisan in the making