Monday, February 16, 2009

I support Elizabeth Wong; I deplore Khir Toyo's cynical politics

Malaysiakini - Nude photos: Exco lodges police report.

A headline guaranteed to titillate the puerile, but alas, the photos are those of one of the finest and most competent women I have had the honour to know. Thus I am almightily pissed off.

Elizabeth Wong or Eli as she is popularly called, is also the ADUN (assemblyperson) for Bukit Lanjang, and an executive councillor (exco) for Selangor State.

Who took her photo when she was asleep, who betrayed her trust – all these are irrelevant. The shameful grubby act has been the unconscionable circulation of those very private photos which had caught her unknowingly in her moment of utmost privacy, when she was fast asleep.

Is there no depth to such lowdown act of unmitigated shameful intrusion into someone’s private life and at her most sacred moments, during her sleep?

Malaysiakini photo

Malaysiakini also published another article aptly titled Wong: I was a victim, which she has been.

kaytee stands by her and deplores those unknown parties who have resorted to such underhanded unspeakable unmitigated sleazy methods to smear her reputation.

I say again, kaytee has the utmost confidence in Eli Wong as an assemblyperson, a wonderful lady and a brave advocate of human rights.

This should be a time when such a despicable act should merit bipartisan wrath, but regrettably Khir Toyo, former MB of Selangor, failed miserably to rise to the occasion to condemn the loathsome, contemptible and reprehensible attempt to tarnish Eli's standing.

Instead he sought to exploit the sordid beastly affair by demanding Eli Wong resign – see Malaysiakini She must quit, says Khir Toyo.

Khir Toyo told Malaysiakini: "This is a moral issue. Previously, (former health minister and MCA deputy president) Dr Chua Soi Lek had also resigned over a similar incident."

How the f* did Khir Toyo come up with the assessment that the case of Eli Wong’s being photographed while she was asleep is similar to the case of the DVD capturing Chua Soi Lek having sex with a woman who was not his wife?

The only similarity was that both cases were gross invasion of privacy …

… but Chua Soi Lek’s flagrante delicto had tossed a personal moral issue between him and his wife, as well as between him and his constituency. Other than those parties, it should be nobody’s business. It was Chua's personal problem to deal with, and so he had. But that was his decision based on his own perception of the gravity of the issue.

I do not see Eli Wong's case being similar to Chua's, thus the call for her to resign is nonsense and driven by equally shameful politicking. It's lamentable that Khir Toyo couldn't rise to the occasion when basic decency should have prevailed.

To summarize, I deplore the gross invasion of Eli’s privacy, and I regret deeply the inability of Khir Toyo to rise to bipartisan decency to condemn such an shameful slimy sleazy intrusion into Eli’s innermost sanctum, her private life.


  1. You shud start to write more sensibly,like this. Instead of Anwar bashing becoz you wanna be different ! To show your un-fine mettle to an imaginary pool of misguided loyal kte-amok readers.. There is still hope tho

    judge dread 4

  2. Liz Wong is a victim, not the perpertrator of porn or vice activities!

    If that mf pendatang Toyo bays for her blood, we should then ask him and UMNO/BN to account for the actions of a very, very senior judge who burnt his marriage certificate, another who groped a lady in a 'cigar' bar, the MB who was caught with A$2 million down under and the MCA top gun caught on video committing bigamy and many, many others over the years.

    And what, seriously, does any M'sian really thing that all our MP's were glorious, innocent virgins before they got married or that they have all been 100% faithful to their wives and husbands since?

    This is the 21st Century. So, stop acting like children!!

  3. Being the cheap politicin that he is si-Hir Toyol will feed on rotten crumbs and make a meal out of it.

    He'll soon die of food poisoning if he doesn't watch what he 'eats.'

  4. Pathetic this Khir Toyo isn’t it? He has Javanese ancestry and is strategically stirring up racial hatred towards non-Malay communities just as they did in Indonesia, towards non-Javanese communities - remember the massacre of the Chinese Indonesians, Christians in Sulawesi, Christian Ibans in Kalimantan and Christians in West Papuans and Balinese Hindus? Plus, during his reign as Selangor MB, many low cost flats and land for villages have been sold to Indonesian Javanese migrants - check out Batu Caves! Can an investigative journalist do some investigation to see if he goes to any lounge and sleep with the hostesses there, as typical of many Malay Umno politicians? When I was detained in the cell at Duta Court, during the International Human Rights Day March arrest in Dec 2007, a Malay hostess who was also in the cell for taking drugs, from a lounge in Klang told me, not just politicians but also many Malay Special Branch officers are forcing the boss to supply hostesses to provide sexual service as “bribe”! Such hypocrites! Oh yes, the Special Branch quickly removed her from the cell when they saw me chatting with the hostess! And they dare to judge Ms. Wong, in her personal and private space. Besides, the focus should be on the criminal ex-boyfriend (MAN!), who is the scum of the earth, for selling off (I bet!) such private photos!

    I have been observing that such racial hatred are stirred more and more within broader and deceitful political agenda by Javanese Indonesians and Pakistanis, towards the non-Malay/non-Muslim communities in Malaysia and including Sabah. We, Malaysians, used to live in harmony between different races and religion but Malays are being instigated to feel hatred now towards other races and religion by these two main culprits, especially during the leadership of that twisted pervert, Khir Toyo! If we want to prevent such barbaric crimes happening in Malaysia, as keep on happening in Indonesia towards non-Javanese/non-Muslim communities, we must be very vigilant against this hidden agenda. By the way, my observation is due to my Social Anthropological background and analysis! By the way, Ms. Wong, don’t let this sexist and perverted macho men bring you down! We women are behind you all the way! Be strong and challenge such hypocrisy with dignity and confidence; I will pray for you with Christ today Ms. Wong!

    Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)

  5. Nowadays, easily anyone can be caught in embarrassing situation in photo or video. For politicians and persons of public interest, it is a big matter, they are the model for people and children to emulate. Dr Chua Soi Lek is honest about it that why the impact is less. Like wise I sincerely hope that Elizabeth Wong is straight in her answers and nothing more to hide. If not then she better resign before more spill out.

  6. I bet my to my last dollar that the Mot***** Fcuker KT is involved in the buying of the photos from her former Indonesian boyfriend and distributing it to the press.
    While Chua's case is different as it involves sex and can be prosecuted under the Malaysian laws , Elizabeth's case as it seems right now is invasion of privacy for the purpose of monetary gains . I understand that her former Indonesian boyfriend is nowhere to be seen and has fled to Indonesia .
    What a scum !!

    Btw KT stands for that scumdog KHIR TOYO . I will call a spade a spade and will call that scumdog Mother Fcuker .

  7. This is really gutter politics to the pits !

    All PR reps has to be extra extra cautious as the enemies are really playing dirty !

  8. Gan

    All PR reps has to be extra extra cautious as the enemies are really playing dirty !

    Seen Enemies are easily identified .

    Its the unseen enemies that causes the greatest damage .

  9. now, this is more like it. I just need a reasonable and right thinking article for reading. By listen to what Toyo said, i wondered if he uses brain to think.

  10. chaptokam,

    be careful? freaking hell, she is a single and is entitled to her private life. why dont you tag along with low lifes like Toyo. A pig has better sense of moral than the shit Toyo.

    And KT, when do you have to feel regretful for such despicable low lifes like Toyo.

    Ask him to come to stand against Eli in Bukit Lanjan and the people will throw an arsehole like him out. Toyo fella will only be good in a shit hole full of his type. Rgerets, KT?

  11. The use of the word 'regret' in politics is in fact a powerful form of criticism, like "I'm f* disapppointed in what Khir Toyo has done".

    Its significance is often not well understood like the word 'quite', as in "I'm quite disappointed with Khir Toyo" ;-) You work out what this means wakakaka.

  12. What's with this son of Toyo person?
    He's acting like a Toyol eversince he lost Selangor to PKR.
    If he is as 'enthusiastic' now as before, he and his men will not be left out in the cold.
    Eversince day one, he has been meddling and quarreling with all the PKR people on how to run Selangor.
    Nary a day, he does not go round looking for Khalid's mistakes.
    From cows, to cars, to building of hypermarket in Kota Damansara.
    Such sour gape, a poor loser.
    As a long-time Selangor resident. I want Selangor to prosper as the most progressive state, irrespective of who is in charge.
    Toyo's son can shut up, lest people start digging skeletons in his cupboard.
    It seems he is leading in the race for Umno Youth head.
    He's got TV3 to run his propaganda machine.
    Don't you guys noticed that he's only in his early 40's yet he looks older than Tun M.
    What does that mean?

  13. Show our support to Eli by signing the petition online here.

  14. Show our support to Eli by signing the petition online here or go to the link :