Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nizar for Parliament? & various snippets

Malaysian Insider - Guan Eng: We’ve always opposed hopping which reported:

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said the party had never ceased asking for an ‘anti-hopping’ law — even when Pakatan Rakyat (PR) de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced the supposed crossover of Barisan Nasional (BN) members of parliaments on Sept 16 last year.

“This is the DAP policy...I have tried to be like a brother’s keeper but sometimes, we cannot be the keeper all the time.

‘… brother’s keeper …' eh? Genesis 4:9 – go on, Cain, do the political needful wakakaka!

But good on you Guan Eng, I was beginning to despair of you and your dad.

Malaysiakini - Perak crisis: Down a dark alley by Dzulkefly Ahmad (head of PAS research centre and the MP for Kuala Selangor). He wrote (relevant extracts):

All hopes were naturally pinned on Sultan Azlan Shah’s decision, but revisiting his judgment makes one really wonder what has gone wrong with this great legal mind.

Not willing to fulfill Nizar’s request, the sultan has contradicted the position he preached in 2004, in a book called ‘Constitutional Monarchy, Rule of Law and Good Governance’.

He wrote: ‘Under normal circumstances, it is taken for granted that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong would not withhold his consent to a request for dissolution of parliament. His role is purely formal.’

He also noted that no sultan or Agong had withheld consent to dissolve a legislative body, except in Kelantan in 1977.

Quite sadly, the sultan was adamant about what he wanted - for Nizar to step down immediately and a few hours later, to back the appointment of the new menteri besar.

That was immensely regrettable that sultan could no longer grasp the heartbeat of the majority of his people who had voted in the Pakatan-led government 11 months ago. Many have alluded that his discretionary power has played into the hands of the other power-that-be.

Going against the rule of law places the state in the act of forming an illegal government. The sultan must undo the crisis, judiciously and beyond partisan interests. Otherwise he runs the risk of living with an illegitimate MB and an illegal state government advising him.

Not only that, Dzul, he is now a ruler afraid to meet his rakyat.

Malaysiakini - Karpal refuses to apologise still, protests mounting

Does a lion heed a pack of jackals?

Malaysian Insider - Nik Aziz: Don’t be the candidate, Nizar.

Why not, Pak Haji?

Nizar could well be the new leader of Pakatan Rakyat and a future PM!

(BTW Pak Haji, puhleeeze lah, Arumugum is NOT a man ‘with principle’, but ‘with 2 wives’ – wakakaka)


  1. Remember the story of a beautiful house with the unstable foundation. When the wall of the house crack, they patched up and repainted the wall so that the house look beautiful again which they then show off to the people that their house are nice and pretty.

    However beneath the surface, the cracked on the house foundation is getting wider and wider, it a matter of time the house will collapse. The superficial changes will not save the house, but to reinforce the foundation with substances will. Clearly LGE is still in denial, his untenable explanation are not helping their case.

    Until today they have yet to accomplish anything of real substance, but still in election mode.Sigh............

  2. KT, Arumugam does not have 2 wives - he has a wife and a mistress.
    No need to sugarcoat it.


  3. Nizar has his plate full with his DUN seat & the rightful claim to the MB-ship of Perak. PAS should field another candidate that is able, which shouldn't be really a problem.

    I'm a bit suspicious of the passing of Roslan of Bk. Gantang... the timing seems too coincidental. Already some of my more paranoid pals are suggesting that he was offed after refusing an offer he cannot refuse.

    With the right guy/gal, PAS should win, but they shouldn't be too overconfident.

    BTW, I think those two loose cannons Ngeh & Nga deserve a slight whack on the head, with a rolled up copy of "The Rocket".

  4. You are kicking up a big fuss over Arumugam over his having 2 wives. Open your bloody eyes and you will see many others with 4 wives and more, such as the Brunei Sultan

  5. CRACK..........

    KUALA LUMPUR: DAP chairman Karpal Singh claims that the entire DAP is behind him on anti-hopping and hudud laws and wants secretary-general Lim Guan Eng to explain why he supported the defection of Umno’s Bota assemblyman Datuk Nasarudin Hashim to PKR on Jan 25.

    “The party has been against crossovers, which betray the rakyat, and hudud laws since the very beginning,” said Karpal Singh.

    “If any member is against this stand, then he, including the secretary-general, is wrong.”

    “Guan Eng must explain why he supported the Bota assemblyman’s crossover. He made a big mistake and I think he subsequently realised it and issued a statement against Jelapang assemblyman Hee Yit Foong crossing over,” Karpal Singh told reporters at his office after a group of Umno Youth members demonstrated outside his office yesterday.

    MORE CRACKS.............

    PUTRAJAYA: Kulim state assemblyman Lim Soo Nee of Parti Keadilan Rakyat has threatened to quit Pakatan Rakyat if it continues to implement policies that do not benefit the Chinese.

    However, he said he would not defect to the Barisan Nasional, which he said had made a good offer for him to hop over to the coalition.

    “If I was (going) to defect to Barisan, I would have done so last year and I would not make it public that I had been approached,” he said in an interview with China Press.

    He said that if he were to assess the performance of PAS, which led the state government, he would rate it as “fail”.

    “However, if the state government starts implementing policies that take care of all races and gains the trust of the people, it will become a state government that passes the test,” he said.

    When asked what kind of policies are considered “not doing any good to the Chinese community”, Lim said one of them was the mandatory installation of glass cubicles by pork sellers at markets.

    “The state government should place emphasis on improving security in the state and other problems that concern the people instead of touching on such sensitive issues,” he said.

    Therefore, he hoped that the state government would introduce more policies that would benefit the people to gain the support of the Chinese community.


  6. I agree that PR needs to do some serious self-appraisal, correct its weaknesses and focus on building governance especially in the states which it governs. And stop blabbering about potential frogs.

    As to Karpal Singh, I have this to say. He may have cemented his support among his core admirers and those who are opposed to Anwar Ibrahim on principle. However, his recent statements have not gone down well in the wider public. This khalsa warrior brandishing his kirpan is looking like a fair-weather friend at best, a back-stabber at worst.

    If DAP is foolish enough to listen to Karpal and cause the collapse of the PR coalition by pulling out instead of talking it through with its partners, the retribution DAP would suffer from the electorate in the next GE would be akin to genocide.

    Et tu, Karpal ?

  7. Did Lim Guan Eng lied?

    Look at these 2 statements reported on Feb 10 and Jan 28.

    The one made on Feb 10, he says he "We'have always opposed.."

    But the statement on Jan 28 , he welcome the BOTA assemblyman.


    Guan Eng: We’ve always opposed hopping

    PENANG, Feb 10 — The DAP today made its stand clear that it was against party-hopping by elected representatives.

    DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said the party had never ceased asking for an ‘anti-hopping’ law — even when Pakatan Rakyat (PR) de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced the supposed crossover of Barisan Nasional (BN) members of parliaments on Sept 16 last year.


    Wednesday January 28, 2009
    Guan Eng lauds Bota rep’s move to PKR

    GEORGE TOWN: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng lauded Bota assemblyman Datuk Nasarudin Hashim’s defection to PKR, saying the move would strengthen the Pakatan Rakyat government in Perak.

    “The situation in Perak is not like Penang where the Pakatan has a big majority.

    “With one more assemblyman (for the Pakatan government), we hope their situation will be strengthened and give them a boost to continue striving and working for the people,” Lim said after hosting a state Chinese New Year open house at his residence on Jalan Macalister on Monday.

  8. Bright Eyes.
    Do you have cataract or myopia?
    See an optician, fast.
    Better still a shrink doctor.
    Come off it.
    Don't tell me death too is caused by Barisan.
    It's God's way of tellling Nizar and Pakatan, prove your worth.
    A second chance so to speak.

  9. LGE made a big mistake, he must apologize to the people that he was wrong to support Anwar's frog hopping culture and move on to govern Penang responsibility, instead of being arrogant and lying through the teeth, he will destroy DAP along with it .

  10. And from Tengku Razaleigh:


  11. Gerakan and MCA does not need to play the theme which PR publicize, the controversial and colorful magic work " CHANGE OR REINVENT " thats all bullshit and only an election gimmick. Just like the lemon tree's flower which looks sweet and pretty but the fruit of the lemon are bitter to eat.

    All they have to do is very simple, go back to basic, that is to serve the people accountability and responsibly and the rest will follow. People will get back to their sense.

  12. Hey Ktemoc

    This is an interesting piece on
    your leonine hero Karpal Singh:


    Phua Kai Lit

  13. Hey Guan Eng !
    Now only you're talking .
    Where were you when Anwar was talking 916 ?
    Why didn't you stop him ?
    Why didn't you voice your objection to 916?
    Is it because you were hoping it would happen ?
    Why were you rejoicing when the UMNO katak leap frogged into Pakatan ??
    Why didn't you stop him ?
    Why didn't you put forth your objection to Anwar ?
    Why did you allow it to happen ?
    Why didn't you support Karpal on this issue ?
    Why didn't Lim Kit Siang support Karpal on this issue ?
    Why did both you and your father side lined Karpal ?
    Why did both of you made Karpal irrelevant by not consulting and get his opinion ?
    Why did you all made Karpal your punching Bag ?
    Why did you all made Karpal your legal mouth piece and bear all the consequences of his actions ?
    Why don't you get all your lawyers cum Aduns to be your speech messenger ?
    Why did both of you were speechless and mumed when UMNO youth lodged a report on Karpal ?
    Did both of you lost your voice ?
    Why did the DAP did not come out to defend Karpal publicly ?
    Why ?
    Why ?
    Why ?

    Guan Eng , don't talk cock . You are Penang's flip flop Cheap Minister .

  14. PKR Football Club

    Looking for potential Kataks/Footballers to join our prestigious Football Club

    If frogging is bad , perhaps they should also have a policy whereby footballers should not be frogs jumping from one club to another club with the lure of more money . You see money makes the world go round , nothing in this world is FREE including the air you breathe in . Same like in politics , you can expect money to be the lure of all politicians . You can not blame politicians to want to leap frogg to riches . Politics is also another occupation , work with your gap of your mouth . Get it !!! Imagine if you are elected a assemblyman , with your pay of 5000 , you have to contribute to all deaths and weddings in your constituency , wake up in the middle of the night for any problems , sevice your service centre , everyday listening to grouses and peoples problem ! 5000 enough ?? If someone were to flick 10 million in front of me and I can forget about all these problems , its bye bye , I'll do the greatest leap frogging . Why be a hypocrite ? hahahahaha

    Which comes down to this , those who voted in frogs are themselves to be blamed .
    How to spot a frog ? easy those who went into politics with no or poor financial background . Easily tempted with money . Many PKR ADUNs fall into this category .

    Those who have poor educational background , meaning difficult to cari makan ealsewhere , join PKR and get elected by fcuking the govt everyday , right or wrong . Also many PKR ADUNS fall into this category . There are PKR ADUNs who are formerly masseurs , hawkers selling tau choi , bicycle repairers ,now bicycling everywhere . These are a few examples as RPK said low class candidates .

    Those who have poor or NO track record , not proven or none at all , helicoptered in to contest as they could not find any candidate . Example Loh Guo Burne the film director of Korek , Korek , Korek . and Anwar's daughter and many more ...... Of course I don't expect Nurul to katak .

    Blame Anwar , PKR and most of all BLAME YOURSELVES for voting in Kataks .

  15. chaptokam, you're beginning to spam on your "why" comment. Please don't!

  16. BTW, I notice a number of commentators have been associating Karpal with Jelutong (federal constituency), not only here but in other blogs. That's incorrect. Karpal is the MP for Gelugor whilst Jeff Ooi is for Jelutong.

  17. Hi chaptokam,

    More cracks in PR will come.

    After all MCA does not have to do anything.

  18. Hey BrightEyes

    Want to know why he died ?

    I tell you why he died . He is 50 years old and had 50 children and still very very active screwing away .
    Maybe , just maybe somebody gave him a packet of viagra and he took two tablets instead of one for enhance turbocharged performance .
    But his poor heart couldn't take it , poor guy , didn't even had chance to try out his super turbo charged brother as he was rushing back , can't wait to see its performance .

    Agree with me ? Nothing to do with BN lah ! He was with most probability offered free supply of viagra for the whole year .

  19. KT

    Unintentionally done , I ment to post it here but somehow due to haste it ended up in the wrong tread , my apologies , that why I reposted it .

    Btw it is correct to refer Karpal to as the Lion of Jelutong as he was once the Jelutong MP . Jeff only came in this round . During the last GE11 all the DAP lost their seats including LKS due to the Pak Lah factor , that includes Karpal .

  20. correction

    He is 50 years old and had 11 children and still very very active screwing away .

  21. Hi Xiean

    You are correct MCA has nothing to do with it .If they want to join us , we cannot refuse as MCA is open to all Malaysian Chinese , however MCA does not go out to entice them to join MCA are we are dead against money politics and buying of kataks its a useless exercise . That why when OTK when asked whether Hee was joining MCA , OTK replied he is not aware of it , that is MCA is not offering anything for her to cross over . And as I mentioned if she wants to join MCA on her own free will , we cannot stop her from wanting to join .

    You are dead right there's more to come , however what I can say is when the durian is ripe it will drop off by itself . To pluck the durian even though it looks ripe will make it uneatable , cannot be eaten .

  22. let's have petition and banners to demand lge to step down and go fishing, agree ?

    lge, you're no leader - you screwed penanng and you don even stand up for your own principles. i demand you to QUIT now....

  23. Why should Lim Guan Eng step down ?
    I live in Penang, and as far as I'm concerned he's doing his job as Penang CM.

    The economic slowdown isn't his fault and in any case Penang has been steadily losing its attractiveness to Multi-Nationals for donkeys years, most of which were umm..under BN..

  24. denzook

    Lead the way we'll support you , after all he 's NOT from Penang and neither is he a Penang Kia . He should step down and let Phee Boob Poh take over as Phee was the only sole DUN from DAP when all of them fell by the wayside during GE11 . Yeah the only DAP state assemblyman and yet did not become CM . Had to make way for a boy from Malacca . Penang bo lang u leow . Malacca kia ka u leow .

  25. Hi chaptokam

    Funny logic. Only Penangites can lead Penang??

    And what is your definition of a
    Penang Kia? Born in Penang?
    Born elsewhere but lived for more than X years in Penang?

    Born in Penang but whisked away as a baby and grew up elsewhere = Penangite?
    Born elsewhere but lived decades in Penang = non-Penangite?

    I don't follow your "MCA" logic
    (MCA = Mentally Challenged Argument) :)

    Phua Kai Lit
    (Kuantan/Baltimore/Kuala Lumpur Kia)(Born in Kuantan, lived 18years in Kuantan, lived 11 years in Baltimore, lived 12 years in KL suburbs).

  26. PR is currently facing stormy seas.
    But here's my prediction.

    BN will lose both by-elections, clearly rejected by voters.

    In two months time, Najib will be under tremendous political pressure due to his inability to win by-elections.

    The Mentally Challenged party and Semy-Value party will continue to be dead in the water.

    We'll still be here, listening to Ktemoc rant against Anwar Ibrahim,

  27. Phua Kai Lit

    Funny logic. Only Penangites can lead Penang??
    Well it may be funny logic to you , but not to me . One man's meat is another man's poison . Funny I taught you specialised in sociology but your thinking is so one tracked , you don't seem to see both sides of a coin .
    I do not wish to engage you in your rantings about as I think you are one not worth my time going into a discussion with . Wasting my time talking to you .
    If MCA is Mentally Challenged Party , so be it , you are entitled to your opinion .

  28. Phua

    Are you mentally retarded ? Who cares whether you'll be here listening to Ktemoc ranting against Anwar Ibrahim . Go and carry Anwars's balls and lick it for him , he wiuld like that .

  29. Anonymous 2:49

    What your problem with Penangite leading Penang ? Are you saying Penangite shouldn't lead Penang ? Or Penang should be lead by people from other states ? What does LGE know about the problems Penangites are facing ?
    I don't buy your reasoning .

  30. Calling all PR Football Club players .
    We would like to get good footballers into our club to make it into Division One . Transfer fee is negotiable . We are willing to pay and prepared to pay millions for transfer fees alone . Salary also negotiable .

  31. Hi Anonymous 3:25 pm

    Unlike you, I don't resort to anonymous insults and gutter talk when unable to answer straightforward questions!

    Hi Chaptokam 3:19 pm

    Please enrol in a course on logic.
    This will make your arguments
    more coherent.

    Phua Kai Lit

  32. Hi Phua Kai Lit

    In politics you need not make your arguments more coherent . This is because the people who votes , who reads , who writes come from across the society , people who don't understand the situation , who don't see the real picture , who listens thru coffee shop talk , who listens thru the grape wine , people who have their own personal interest , people whose personal interest are at stake , people who couldn't care a dime what goes on , who wins , who loses .
    So where does one's arguments stand ? If I can get just 55 percent of these people to agree with me , that's good enough . You can never get even 80 percent of people agreeing with you .
    Even Obama has only a 76 percent approval rating . I'll be happy with 55 percent .

  33. Mr Kuantan/Baltimore/Kuala Lumpur Kia

    Go and take care of your Kuantan and Kuala Lumpur . Leave Penang to Penang Kia OK ? Don't come and tell us what to do . We know how to suck eggs , don't come and teach us how to suck eggs .

  34. Hi chaptokam 4:18 pm

    1. I agree with you.

    2. What I disagree with is your argument that Penang's Chief Minister should be a "Penangite".
    A Malaysian citizen obviously but
    a Penangite does not necessarily understand Penang's problems better than a "non-Penangite"
    (such as one who is well educated and has lived there for decades).

    You mentioned USA's Obama.
    In USA, the Prez must be a citizen who is US-born. But all others
    (Governors, Senators, member of House of Representatives etc can be foreign-born US citizens).
    Examples: Gov Schwarzenegger (born in Graz, Austria), Congressman Tom Lantos (Holocaust survivor born in Europe, probably Hungary)

    Phua Kai Lit

  35. Hi Anonymous 4:22 pm

    So, you are saying that your one opinion represents the opinion of all Penangites? (Or even the majority of Penangites?)

    Penang Kia 12:35 pm disagrees with you!

  36. Hi Anonymous 4:22 pm

    As I said earlier, I don't hide behind "Anonymous" labels.

    Message sent at 4:33 pm is from me

    Phua Kai Lit.

  37. Phua Kai Lit

    Would you be happy if I rephrase my statement that we prefer our Chief Minister to come from Penang ? or be a Penangite ?

  38. Hi Chaptokam 4:35 pm

    Yes, why not?? :)
    Obviously needs to be an educated,
    knowledgeable Obama-type and not
    a George W-type! :) :)

    Hi Egg-lover 4:22 pm

    Thanks for giving me the idea of moving up to Penang
    after retirement, becoming a
    Penangite and giving unsolicited
    advice to Penangites. Good idea, no?

    Phua Kai Lit

  39. Phua Kai Lit

    You are welcome to move to Penang , Pearl of the Orient . Beautiful island in the sun .

    Egg-lover 4:22 pm

  40. Hi denzook,

    I will join you.

    LGE is doing a lousy job as Penang CM. Who is making all the decision, none other than the three parachutes, the local boys have no say. LGE is reverting Penang backward lah. His populist policies are irresponsible, Penang motorist now can park their car where ever they want and congested the road, without any fear that they will be fine, you know why.........

    My Friend in the NO PORR committee told me that until today LGE refuse to meet them and during BN time KTK never fail to meet NO PORR people even though the previous CM have been whacked many time by these people.

  41. Xiean

    You know why he LGE refuse to meet the NO PORR committee ? He has already promised his financial and moral supporter a local Tan Sri to restart the PORR project . In fact this Tan Sri has already submitted a MOU to him . Matter of fact this Tan Sri used to be a very strong supporter of Gerakan , left and on the verge of joining MCA and now with DAP . These are the type of spineless businessman we have in Penang . He's also the Chairman of the Han Chiang college board of governors . That was why they could have a big rally there in GE12 .

    Lets give them enough rope to hang themselves . BN lost Kebun Bunga , Pulau Tikus and Ayer Puteh partly also because of PORR . Almost all the residents in these area up to Gurney Drive objected to PORR .

    Come GE13 these three state seats are in for a good fight . Our Cheap Minister only won by slightly over 2000 votes in Ayer Puteh even though the MCA candidate was a new untested candidate with NO support from MCA . Most of the MCA members didn't vote for him . Matter of fact over 25 branches from the Bkt Bendera Division came out openly in the papers NOT to support our own candidate .

    Let's wait and see .........

  42. The Ripple Effect


  43. Hi chaptokam,

    I know which Tan Sri, very bad reputation and a fallout from Gerakan. I am aware of their connection and the PORR are payback reward. If they start the project I will be one of the people obstructing the construction, we will give them hell.

  44. http://margeemar.blogspot.com/

  45. Dear Egg-lover 4:55 pm

    Thank you. Your beaches are very beautiful. But so is the beach
    at Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan.
    (I am tempted to say
    "even more so ...") :)

    Phua Kai Lit