Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Political Obituary for a PKR bloke

Malaysiakini - 'Decision was made to shield Pakatan'!

Poor Aru was under threat from UMNO
Claimed they were gonna kidnap him
All because he's brave ‘nuff to say No
To their utterly evil nefarious scheme

But wait, it ‘s hooligans from Hindraf
Those blokes who shout Makkal Sakti
Who want to treat poor Aru real rough
Can’t they show him some sympathy

Poor Arumugum has problems galore
That've staggered even the Kedah MB
'Cause it’s not just his kidnapping lore
But a real notty thingy called bigamy



  1. Nowadays IF anything bad happened to you, you have a good SCAPEGOAT - UMNO! So should anything (anything at all) e.g If you get caught with another woman/man you can always tell your wife/husband that it was a conspiracy laid by UMNO! And I am VERY VERY sure your husband/wife will BELIEVE it !wa kah kah kah

  2. If frogging is bad , perhaps they should also have a policy whereby footballers should not be frogs jumping from one club to another club with the lure of more money . You see money makes the world go round , nothing in this world is FREE including the air you breathe in . Same like in politics , you can expect money to be the lure of all politicians . You can not blame politicians to want to leap frogg to riches . Politics is also another occupation , work with your gap of your mouth . Get it !!! Imagine if you are elected a assemblyman , with your pay of 5000 , you have to contribute to all deaths and weddings in your constituency , wake up in the middle of the night for any problems , sevice your service centre , everyday listening to grouses and peoples problem ! 5000 enough ?? If someone were to flick 10 million in front of me and I can forget about all these problems , its bye bye , I'll do the greatest leap frogging . Why be a hypocrite ? hahahahaha

    Which comes down to this , those who voted in frogs are themselves to be blamed .
    How to spot a frog ? easy those who went into politics with no or poor financial background . Easily tempted with money . Many PKR ADUNs fall into this category .

    Those who have poor educational background , meaning difficult to cari makan ealsewhere , join PKR and get elected by fcuking the govt everyday , right or wrong . Also many PKR ADUNS fall into this category . There are PKR ADUNs who are formerly masseurs , hawkers selling tau choi , bicycle repairers ,now bicycling everywhere . These are a few examples as RPK said low class candidates .

    Those who have poor or NO track record , not proven or none at all , helicoptered in to contest as they could not find any candidate . Example Loh Guo Burne the film director of Korek , Korek , Korek . and Anwar's daughter and many more ...... Of course I don't expect Nurul to katak .

    Blame Anwar , PKR and most of all BLAME YOURSELVES for voting in Kataks .

  3. Now only you're talking .
    Where were you when Anwar was talking 916 ?
    Why didn't you stop him ?
    Why didn't you voice your objection to 916?
    Is it because you were hoping it would happen ?
    Why were you rejoicing when the UMNO katak leap frogged into Pakatan ??
    Why didn't you stop him ?
    Why didn't you put forth your objection to Anwar ?
    Why did you allow it to happen ?
    Why didn't you support Karpal on this issue ?
    Why didn't Lim Kit Siang support Karpal on this issue ?
    Why did both you and your father side lined Karpal ?
    Why did both of you made Karpal irrelevant by not consulting and get his opinion ?
    Why did you all made Karpal your punching Bag ?
    Why did you all made Karpal your legal mouth piece and bear all the consequences of his actions ?
    Why don't you get all your lawyers cum Aduns to be your speech messenger ?
    Why did both of you were speechless and mumed when UMNO youth lodged a report on Karpal ?
    Did both of you lost your voice ?
    Why did the DAP did not come out to defend Karpal publicly ?
    Why ?
    Why ?
    Why ?

    Guan Eng , don't talk cock . You are Penang's flip flop Cheap Minister .