Thursday, February 26, 2009

UMNO Youths mobbed wheelchair-bound Karpal Singh

Malaysiakini - 'Singh is King' mobbed, MP claims assault

A wheelchair-bound Karpal Singh was surrounded and mobbed by 30 UMNO Youth members at the lobby of Parliament House.

While the Hang Tuah-ish perwiras harassed a man who is, in modern impolite words, a physical cripple who needs a wheelchair to get around, police and security personnel stood by idly, refusing to intervene - see Malaysiakini 'Cops, security did not help me'.

Karpal had to ring his DAP colleague sweetie Fong Po Kuan, who arrived with a 'rescue team' to save the DAP chairperson. Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng was bashed in the face and body.

An outraged Lim Kit Siang demanded that Umno Youth leader Hishammuddin Hussein and PM AAB apologise over the incident.

Uncle Lim sai: "This has never happened before ... it is the most outrageous and shameful episode in the history of Parliament."

Karpal called upon Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia in chambers later, and urged the latter to pass a resolution under the Houses of Parliament Privileges and Powers Act 1952 to issue a warrant of arrests against the Umno Youth supporters.

I heard Pandikar couldn't be reached for comments. Elegant silence? wakakakakaka.

Uncle Lim said it was also a clear violation of the Houses of Parliament Privileges and Powers Act 1952 and that those UMNO Youth "... should have been arrested on the spot for violating the act ... something has become very ugly in Malaysian politics."

Those gutless Wonders! And one of them could be a future PM.


  1. You are safely ensconced in Australia.
    Don't you know who is the Tuan in this country ? Karpal the Singh needed a clear reminder.

  2. The original name of this country at Independence was Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.
    Don't you dare forget it.

    Hidup UMNO !

  3. Brave lah - only 30 to tackle Karpal; next time bring 60 - you need all of them wakaakakakaka

  4. Kaytee

    A very shameful act. Your old lion MP quarelling with some Pemuda Umno minions.
    His cub also joined in the fray.
    What and who started it in the first place.
    An unsubstantiated allegaton made by Karpal under cover of parlaumentary immunity.
    No bullets with the letter were shown as proof.
    Unparliamentary word chelaka was used when alleging Pemuda Umno did it.
    It's old already this bullet issue. Last year the bullet thingy also surfaced.
    And Karpal is still standing (oops sitting) roaring out loud and warning people "don't play with me."
    I look at him as a paper tiger.
    Courting trouble and then citing law when the accused fight bck.
    Where is the court action against he Sultan of Perak?
    A few days back I saw a softening of stance when he said we got to respect the constitutional monarchy.
    I think he don't have to provoke Pemuda Umno who are hot headed punks into this issue.
    You know who one of them was at the fracas?
    One the sons of the Silat Mahaguru Omar Din.
    Let the Parliamentary special committee formed investigate the fracas.
    And Khairy the man, has already given Karpal 24 hours to substantiate his allegation.

  5. Persekutaun UMNO Yang Tiada Telor. Tak malu serang OKU. Hang Tuah maklu lah.

  6. These umno youth bugger think they can threaten Karpal Singh by brute force,hahaha...KS was screwing BN's ministers when these buggers still suckling milk, KS will stand firm even these buggers point a gun at his head.

  7. Bodoh Betul ini Standard Six UMNO .

    Shame On You !!!!!!
    30 Pemuda U Must Not Oppressed threatening a helpless wheel chair bound orang cacat .
    Malu , Malu , Malu .

    Anak Silat Mahaguru Omar Din - Lagi Malu , pergi simpan muka dalam sarong mak .
    Belajar silat untuk mempertahan orang lemah , bukan guna silat untuk BULLY orang cacat !!

  8. UMNO youth = Mat Rempit...

    No brain, only brawn

  9. >>The original name of this country at Independence was Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.
    Don't you dare forget it.

    >>Hidup UMNO !

    And what does this have to do with 30 over people threatening a disabled person to... ahem... counter his accusations of threatening him?

    PersekuTUAN Tanah UMNO more like...

    Looks like Karpal 'Singh Is Kinng' Singh just had his point proven. But he should seriously stop baiting the mentally retarded. Its too easy.

  10. the UMNOputras can just go take their kapchais, put a malaysian made rubber over their "keris", and go terrorize an old folks home while babbling about their ketuanan UMNO.

    Eh Hello! MAlaysians(most of them-monkeys like Khairy and Khir Toyol not included) are smarter now! See la the next General Elections!

  11. UMNO has been thrown with many accusations without a shred of evidence. The countless SDs, press conferences, letters, SMSs have accused UMNO of all things from extramarital sex to murder threats to even ethnic cleansing.

    Like a kid in school who is verbally abused for too long, some members of UMNO eventually snapped and physically confronted their accusers.

    Karpal latest unsubstantiated allegation, under Parliamentary immunity even, was next in the escalation and for the Youths was the breaking point.

    I don't agree with 30 men ganging up on a wheelchair bound man but lets face it, Karpal is not the defenseless kid who did nothing to provoke.

    He was just as uncivilized, throwing wild accusations without evidence and mouthing obscene insults, as the 30 men who ganged up on him.

    Gutter politics is no stranger to both PR and BN.

  12. It seem that this race-based politics is getting out of hand, no thanks to UMNO which condones this type of hooligans.


    It's time for Malaysians who love peace and hormony to reject UMNO totally.

    Puuuiiihhhhh Hisham & KJ.

  13. "Gutter politics is no stranger to both PR and BN."


    "Like a kid in school who is verbally abused for too long, some members of UMNO eventually snapped and physically confronted their accusers."

    Please la, violence/intimidation by UMNO Youth is hardly unprecedented! I wouldn't go so far as to call it their MO... but then again I wouldn't argue with someone who did.

  14. At the rate events are unfolding, this so-called Lion of Gelugor is going to end up a dead Tomcat.

    I don't approve of violence, but can't help it if some Patriot treats it as a serious matter of honour and takes matters into his own hands.

    If that happens then its Adios Khalsa Pussy....

  15. Some body send bullets to Karpal," can be internal work?"......uncalled for
    Karpal provoked UMNO youth that they send the bullets.....uncalled for
    UMNO youth mobbed Karpal.......uncalled for

    Karpal was not hurt that an importance factor to judge the seriousness of the metter. To me small issue.

    But this incident reveal that LKS who jump sky high and Anwar who open his big mouth to deplore violent is the most sanctimonious.

    There are two earlier incidences whereby the media people covering PR events were mobbed and beaten up, LKS was silent and Anwar said not their people. Both did not deplore that incidences meant silent endorsement ..........

    Anyway what is the outcome that two incidences, already settled with money ah!........

  16. Many things are done by individuals belonging to certain organisations WITHOUT the knowledge of the Organisation . Like for this instance , could the bullet that Karpal insists was sent by an UMNO Youth member might indeed have been sent by a disgruntled UMNO Youth member on his own accord ? without the knowledge of its organisation ? ie UMNO Youth ? that led them to protest this uncalled for protests and violence ?
    Two things here ,a) Karpal might be right , but he needs to provide the proofs /evidence , he cannot go around making accusations without evidence . b) UMNO Youth 's actions are simply put , SHAMELESS !! for attacking an orang cacat in wheelchair who is defenseless . Nobody in their right sense of mind will condone such actions . They are increasing the political temperature here in this country , or is it a red herring diverting attention away from some other problems ? I believe its NOT .

  17. Back to this issue on Zulkifi Noordin , the Kulim Bandar Baru PKR MP who created another storm with this !

    PKR man upset ‘Allah’ can be used in Christian publications
    By Adib Zalkapli

    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 26 — PKR’s Zulkifli Nordin today questioned the decision made by the Home Ministry in allowing the Catholic weekly The Herald to use the word “Allah” in its publications.

    “Have they referred to the related decree? The ministry should not compromise on this matter,” said the Kulim Bandar Baharu MP when asked about the decision.

    He told The Malaysian Insider that his opposition to the use of the word “Allah” by non-Muslims were not motivated by theological arguments.

    The Home Ministry has allowed Herald to use the word “Allah”, but the publication has to clearly print the words “For Christianity” on its cover.

    “We should look at the social context where the word is used by the Malay Muslims in the country, what is the reason behind their insistence on using ‘Allah’,” said Zulkifli.

    read rest of article here :

    I think Anwar has been toooooooo lenient on this PKR RACIST and till today nothing has been taken on this joker , NO DISCIPLINARY action on his CINC BALEK CHINA issue .

  18. Let me see...
    I never condone violent thugerry, but I haven't lost the ability to assess different situations.

    A reporter got roughed up in the midst of a fracas in an open public place by persons of unknown identity. Yes, PKR rightly got criticised for not being able to control its supporters.

    A group deliberately went to Parliament House to manhandle a Disabled Person to prevent him from entering the Parliament chamber. If not for the intervention of Karpal's colleagues, I'm not sure if he may have suffered injury. One of the MPs was hit repeatedly, I believe.

    That's something else..To me, NOT small issue.

  19. Well, Chaptokam, I recall MCA was silent throughout the saga of the Herald being banned from publishing a Bahasa Malaysia edition

  20. The fact that the UMNO youths who ganged up on Karpal were behaving like a bunch of monkeys suggests that they, or some of their members, are actually guilty. They are a good illustration of Eric Hoffer's brilliant observation that:

    The most effective way to silence our guilty conscience is to convince ourselves and others that those we have sinned against are indeed depraved creatures, deserving every punishment, even extermination. We cannot pity those we have wronged, nor can we be indifferent toward them. We must hate and persecute them...

    KTemoc seems to have forgotten, or to have systematically hidden, the fact that the protesters here are from Selangor UMNO Youth (his inexplicable distrust of Khalid Ibrahim and his tacit unrequited love for the Toyol may have a hand in this!). Selangor UMNO, just like the mamaks of Penang UMNO, is in a bad state. Its members, especially the more youthful ones, behave like wounded dogs, and have resorted to barking at odd hours and at wrong places. Selangor UMNO is also in a confused state, and further actions which, paradoxically, will increasingly damage them in the eyes of the public, are very likely.

  21. Come on lah, you guys. If UMNO youth intension is to hurt Karpar, karpar would have being inured by then, no time for him to make call lah.....only PR want to make into a big issue.

  22. Chaptokam,

    Abstract from Malaysian Insider:

    PAS Datuk Seri Hadi Awang calls for a unity government, sign that PR is breaking up.............

  23. Aiyoyo, BN everyday plotting, waiting, praying for PR to break up.

    The ONLY way BN can win back the trust of the majority is to make real reforms in the way the country is governed.

    Otherwise, BN be prepared to sit on the opposition benches after the next GE. No more "Durian Runtuh"

  24. Wu Shu,

    You are still blind, Datuk Hadi Awang have already wake up to reality. Without PAS, PR is nowhere........

  25. The US will soon be sending over their Predator UAVs to hunt down the unmo youth terrorists

  26. Anon 11:46AM,

    US have already closed down Guantanamo......Wakakakakakakak

  27. i thot the mp should have the right to speak freely without hindrance in parlimen. guess i was big wrong. .... maybe we're only to talk freely in bedrooms, no ?

  28. denzzok,

    They should talk freely and responsibly.

  29. That's right XieAn they do not need Guantanamo anymore. A carrier version of the Reaper UAV already exist. The US will be able to wage war at a fraction of the cost they now expend. Hope this is frightening enough for you. Read up on this technology and you will see how the US military intends to leapfrog the world in the development of its weapon systems.

  30. Wu Shu

    The world is undergoing a metamorphosis right now ending in 2012 . What happens then nobody knows , whether you and I are still around , heaven knows . When I mention the world , not only physical in the sense as climatic change , physical change , government change but also spiritual and cosmic changes . Right now the evolution is in process , whats the final outcome , hope we are still around to see it . In the meantime we contribute our part to the evolution . Cheers !

  31. There are heroes...
    There are super heroes...
    And there is...
    Karpal Singh


    PS: Why is Chaptokam talking about climatic and cosmic changes, and the likelihood that he will die in 2012 (God save his soul!)? The comments here are supposed to be on Singh is King, and the DUmno mobs attacking him.

  32. Isn't Karpal saying "Singh is Kinng" another sign of disrespect for the Monarchy ?

  33. I am a 50 plus Chinese who grows up alongside Malays in a Kampong. We are all friends and give each other food during chinese new year and hari raya. We make sure we do not give them pork and they do not give me beef. No one is rich, no one claims to be the superior race. Then UMMNO comes along. Everything changes.

  34. "You know who one of them was at the fracas?
    One the sons of the Silat Mahaguru Omar Din"

    If so he is a real disgrace to his respected father.
    I hesitate to use the word "Kurang Ajar" because it implies his father didn't teach him proper manners.

  35. Anonymous said...
    Isn't Karpal saying "Singh is Kinng" another sign of disrespect for the Monarchy ?


    Hahahahahaha! That's a good one! (I hope you're not making a serious comment, are you? -- One never can tell, with these Umnoristas, where jokes are treated seriously, and serious comments are ignored or sent to the MACC to be investigated [who in turn forecloses them as criminal offences against UMNO! LMAO!!])


    I'm getting a bit worried about Chaptokam dying in 2012. But then MCA will organise a mass suicide that year, except for some smart ones who will join DAP or PKR or PAS (I think a repentent CSL will join the last party).

  36. Ktemoc and Others.

    Stop voting for Karpal. One less troublesome politician to contend with
    Is he really disabled? I don't know but some people say he uses the wheel-chair to gain sympathy,
    True enough, KT writing pitying him.
    I don't condone what happened yesterday.
    But Karpal needs to be challeged sometimes.
    He's getting out of hand.

  37. Celaka betul Si Singh ni.
    Cis bedebah !

  38. Singh is Kinng

    Oh btw thank you very much for your concern , but you read my statement out of context .What I am saying is

    "Live like there is no tomorrow , for tomorrow might never come ."

    I hope this Singh understands what I am saying , as he has repeated twice in his comments already .

  39. Unlike the most of our politicians, Karpal Singh has a spine and has balls!

    Malaysia is a constitutional monarch, the monarch, as crude as it can be, only has ceremonial duties. They are not elected and they will never be. there is a sudden surge in people calling for more power to monarchs..why? Are we moving back to the stone age??? Careful ba, nanti the portugese come and conquer!

    People like Anwar cakap angin only, people like Bodowi cakap tidur only and people like Najis cakap bomb+sex only.

    UMNO youth and all its lackeys like Keris waving Hishamuddin(Chua Soi Lek's Keris is better), Rempit loving Khairy, and Pls mandi with Baju Khir Toyol should go fly a kite(in the north pole with a bunch of rempits)!

    Uncivilized bunch of pinheads!

  40. I think the security people or the police should be blamed for the fracas.Why didn't they take action in the first place.They are wasting the public's money and they did not preach as what they are supposed to!

  41. Hi,

    True colors of umNo Comes out. All these times we think, they are innocent and caring but actually they're scam basket and rubbish bin. Why we voted them previously? For all to see the result of these telling us that not really play right or correctly speaking, they become a monster that terrorised rakyat. Time to buried this old party and their legacies. Shameful even to mentioned this party name and the leaders. We have a bunch of monkeys in country that don't follow the law of this country. Even police also corroborated with umNo....How we can trust police. Harap kan pagar, pagar makan padi. Shame, shane, shame.

  42. I see Zimbabwe coming ten years down the road or earlier.Ramalx

  43. Kawan-kawan...please get one thing right.
    I am a Melayu, and I say this.
    Karpal Singh may have insulted UMNO, but that does not amount to insulting the Malays.

    UMNO does not represent me, and I know a lot of Melayu, including a majority of the younger voters feel the same way.