Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elizabeth Wong's 'Et Tu PKR'?

Malaysiakini columnist, Dr Bridget Welsh wrote The political rape of Elizabeth Wong, a sorry tale of how women in politics have male prejudice stacked against them.

She raised the victimisation of Elizabeth Wong as a prime example of double standard hypocrisy, with contrived moralising by crooks against an adult female bachelor who should have been free to do what she wants within the privacy of her home (provided no criminal acts were committed).

My good matey Susan Loone was more blunt, dropping the adjective and terming the unjust bias against Eli as the Rape of Elizabeth Wong.

I had considered that ‘rape’ word too but I was a bit more careful, fearing I might possibly add on to Eli’s distress.

And talking about Susan, she also confirmed what I had posted in Elizabeth Wong - betrayed and betrayed again!.

In Susan’s latest post I weep over Eli Wong’s resignation she wrote:

This blog mourns for Elizabeth Wong, the Bukit Lanjan state assembly woman who has been pressured to resign because of nude pictures of her being publicly distributed.

The person(s) who did the act of taking her pictures without a consent and distributing it continues to enjoy impunity.

I know it was the party she represented - PKR - who asked her to resign. And that to me, may be a strategic but a most disheartening thing to do.

It gives credence to gutter politics, to sleaze and evil politicking, within and without the party.

As a woman and friend of Eli Wong, I weep over what has happen to her. It will take me some time to recover for sure.

Yes Susan my dear friend, we are devastated as well, including my matey Dean Johns who penned in his usual Malaysiakini column Elizabeth Wong resigns - right or wrong? these sad words: And a sign that, as painfully stripped of her confidence as she must be feeling right now, Wong would be wrong to resign.

Blast PKR for its gutlessness, for being worried about the rumoured ethno-religious mix surrounding the issue of Eli’s victimisation.

Instead of looking after Eli during her most vulnerable period, their top brass have been looking over their shoulders, more concerned about the impact of this issue on the heartland’s support (which they prefer than the current urban support they enjoy), and also fearing that their PAS partner with their conservative tight ass morality, may be repulsed into UMNO’s arms.

These senior party members (you know who) want Eli to preferably disappear from the face of the earth, but if not, then to resign and, to put it cruelly, bugger off.

Forget about her loyalty, service, and dedication to the party. She has now become a liability to PKR.

Scat Eli, except they again lack the guts to say it – instead, ‘persuading’ her to tender her resignation, when earlier she had already stated resolutely she was not going to cave in to such contemptible smearing.

Oh, the pressure she had been subjected to, the betrayal, the lack of support – can you understand why she broke down into tears?

But wait, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

The Malaysian Insider reported in Eli could remain assemblyman, but exit exco because those spineless Wonders now realized how blooming popular Eli is, and are shit scared of the no-no move of accepting Eli’s resignation.

Eli’s supporters and those very sympatheic to her cause may be so pissed off that they will desert the PKR banner.

But Khalid Ibrahim seems still keen to see her go, stating: … Wong was a victim but her willingness to resign from all posts is a selfless decision on her part to protect PKR because she is well aware that BN will continue to exploit the issue to damage the party.

And of course he would seek the advice of the Sultan of Selangor before making any decision. Mr Wannabe-Teflon!


  1. KT, much as I agree with your analysis of the event, I am not sure whether your assumptions on the behind the scene manoeverings are correct. Mr Teflon is an apt description. Mr Tai Chi is better. Will the Sultan be blamed for any decisions?

    Sure she has been 'raped' by the despicable cameraman and the scum who leaked the images. Maybe they are the same person, with many fingers pointed at eli's ex beau (she has not confirmed nor denied it, strange silence here).

    I think Eli needs time and space to reflect and collect herself. I think she did the right thing to resign. She need to recover from this episode in the safety and security of those whom she can truly trust. Being in the full glare of the public's snide remarks and sniggerings will not help. Let her recover and perhaps come back stronger to serve and fight for all of us.


  2. I'm never a fan of MB Khalid... Remember one of your post saying that you were starting to go "friendly" with him... LOL~

  3. Elizabeth Wong - please don't quit. You have done a good job as an ADUN and as a Selangor Exco.

    I'm very disappointed with the PKR top leadership - for not showing any leadership. This is not the time to cave in to the feral wolves such as Khir Toyol.

    PKR - especially Anwar Ibrahim - better make up their minds whether they want to be a multi-racial party or just another Malay party. If its the second case, I'd rather vote for UMNO. They are filthy but they have the power of incumbency.

    I'm well aware PKR has this split-personality of being a majority Malay party, but its support among rural Malays is so-so. Many of the seats they won in GE12 with massive support from urban Malays, Ah Bengs and Muthus who are sick of UMNO, and bought into Anwar Ibrahim's "Ketuanan Rakyat".

    Well, I say this - take off your mono-ethnic caps and start thinking like a multi-ethnic party.

  4. Umm...I think the PKR top guys are starting to get the message that there's going to be a political price to pay, especially in their urban support, if they are seen as the ones pressuring Eli to go...

    Thanks to the loud and unambiguous voices in the blogs.

    There's a meeting for further developments.

  5. PAS MP says refer to Makhamah Syariah!!!

    Sementara itu Ahli Parlimen Titiwangsa yang juga ahli Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat, Dr Lo' Lo' Ghazali berkata sekiranya benar bekas teman lelaki Elizabeth Wong itu seorang pemuda Melayu beragama Islam dan dibuktikan bersekedudukan, lelaki itu bukan sahaja mesti dihadapkan di makhkamah sivil, tetapi juga di mahkamah syariah.

  6. This is the reality of Pakatan. With PAS onboard and a wishy washy party like PKR- the problems are showing very clearly.

    The problem is very deep and will continue to erode the Pakatan unless its leaders stop it.

    If only Anwar had expanded his energy to cement the Pakatan instead of 'dying' to be the PM through unethical means.

    The quality of Pakatan leaders is showing. Its make or break time.

  7. I agree with Y1.

    As strong as Elizabeth Wong tried to portray herself, it is clear the spread of the pictures have shaken her to the core.

    The kind of anguish is devastating. It is dangerous to a woman's mental and physical health to continue living her current lifestyle given all that has happened.

    She needs to resign from her high profile EXCO job. That is the least she can do to give her the time to recover mentally and find peace of mind. And if needs be, resign as an ADUN.

    I know many look for her to continue her cause and she has put on a brave face to answer the call. But we must remember to never let herself burn out to fight for us.

    Look at history of women who burn themselves out fighting for the cause they believe in. Example, Prince Diana who never took a break from all the scandals that befall her succumbed into depression, eating disorder and self injury.

    If it could happen to Diana, it could happen to Elizabeth if we don't allow her to have space, if we don't say "it is alright we don't need you to fight during this personal hard time".

  8. She was involved in an adulterous relationship with a muslim man, which means stoning to death in some "civilized islamic" countries such as pakistan or saudi arabia

  9. If the man has been a Muslim (I am referring to past events as the relationship must have been), the Muslim crime of adultery had been his and his alone.

    Eli is not a Muslim and the hudud doesn't, in fact cannot apply to her - wasn't this what both Anwar Ibrahim and PAS had assured us, apart from the constitutional fact that civil law is supreme (though admittedly I am worried about the actual and eventual practice).

    Additionally, even if hypothetically speaking she had committed adultery (a legal impossibility as she is not married), it is not a crime under civil laws, or Chua Soi Lek would have been charged.

    So raising these issues (adultery, hudud) is irrelevant and a meaningless furphy.

    Just an interesting query - was that alleged Muslim bf already married when he and Eli were together 'an item'?

    I recall reading somewhere that after her election victory in the March 2008 GE she thanked, among many people, her bf, implying clearly he wasn't yet married.

    So your 'adultery' accusation has been thoroughly shot, again.

    Worse case scenario for that then-unmarried grub, he would be punished for khalwat, much as many people want to chop him to shreds (ancient Chinese punishment of death by a thousand cuts - wakakaka)

    Again khalwat doesn't and cannot be applied to Eli.

  10. Anonymous 8:20 AM

    She was involved in an adulterous relationship with a muslim man !!

    The word adulterous is incorrectly used so is the nude word as she DID NOT commit adultery ( this only applies to married people )She not married and she's single and so is the hilmi joker .
    On the nude thing from what I have seen , she's NOT nude , more correct term to use would be UPSKIRT , where people use hidden camera to photograph ladies secret assets with or without their knowledge . This is a punishable offense .

  11. Question:

    If that dodgy ex of her can leak 'compromising photos' of her, is it possible that he can also leak some state secrets that he might have obtained from her?

    She's a public figure. Who she gave access to privacy in life is important to her responsibility as exco and DUN. Here in my opinion, her lack of jugdment can be a liability in her position. Her absence of diligence compromised her private life, the same slacking can compromise the state....

    She should not resign for some leaked photos because she's a victim.....

    But she should resign because her lack of jugdment can put the state in compromising situation...She could be trustworthy but the people who have access to her most private life are not and could get hold and leak 'secrets' as demonstrated by this ex of hers. The public cannot gamble on that....she's not only responsible for her act, she's also responsible for her jugdment being a public person.


  12. Dei, her bf is apparently in PKR and also political secretary to another PKR Selangor State ADUN, so what 'secrets' would he need to know that he couldn't get from his own ADUN.

    Don't overstretch yourself or you inadvertently rip apart your armpit wakakakakaka

  13. So if the bf is in pkr, he's incorruptible? Hello, apa ini? tulis article panjang2 about how some of them could betray, kasi argument kaput......

    Dont be shy about your admiration of the supreme leader Anwar in spite of your half baked articles on him. This clearly shows you condone the judgment of their type to just about anybody…hey anybody I can trust to be my PA, hey anybody I can trust to sleep naked while he’s around….Oh am so innocent, I don’t have to be responsible, I don’t have to be diligent. I want to take over country but I can be as reckless as I want…It’s the fault of others…

    Look, her private life is her bloody matter ok, but when you are exco and you show such a lack of judgment on people you give access to your life…holding a state position like her, she’s not only responsible for her acts, she’s also responsible for her judgments and decisions.

    I admire her for taking the hard road of resignation so you should respect this as well.
    But am of opinion she should just say that her private life is no business of others but she accepted that her lack of judgment can compromise her duties thus the resignation….maybe that might put away of all this scrutiny over her private life because again, it’s no business of others…. let time pass, learn about being diligent and strengthen her political wits… this should have been a proactive resignation not a reactive one...

    Or maybe she’s impatient, oh yeah you like impatient people, don’t you? Like a certain person above mentioned ah?

    And who says the ex bf didn't get to any documents
    or were you also there wakakakaka back.....

  14. quote "So if the bf is in pkr, he's incorruptible?" unquote

    You either have problems with reading comprehension or you're attempting to put words into my mouth

    quote "Dont be shy about your admiration of the supreme leader Anwar ..." - obviously you don't know ktemoc and are a new comer to my blog wakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakkakakakakakakakakkkKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKKAKAKAAKAKAKKAKAAAAA

  15. I do read a bit of your blog ktemoc, I are called the 'closet admirer'...say one thing, in heart another.
    Why else would you haplessly try to argue against Eli's own decision to resign because of the same weakness trait she shares with her supreme leader Anwar?
    Your 'hidden' love makes you blind....kesian

  16. 'If the man has been a Muslim (I am referring to past events as the relationship must have been), the Muslim crime of adultery had been his and his alone.'

    Same thing applies to Hudud law lah.Why did you condenmm Anwar for taking a posit6ion akin to yours over Hudud laws. Aiyo yo KT you are so inconsistent.

  17. My statement is one which doesn't accept hudud, therefore they can't touch Eli but only Muslims.

    Anwar accepted hudud and tried to assure us non-Muslism won't be affected, but I trust Karpal's words anytime, where hudud would have applied to Eli where the outcome for her would have been adversely different.

    mana inconistent?

  18. The Perak Crisis: Karpal stumped by Sivakumar's decision

    IPOH: Pakatan Rakyat members are shaking their heads in disbelief over the suspension of Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six exco members by Speaker V. Sivakumar for 18 months and 12 months respectively.
    Even DAP chairman Karpal Singh, a prominent lawyer, is stumped by Sivakumar's decision to order the suspension.

    Karpal told a press conference at Parliament House in Kuala Lumpur Sivakumar must call for the assembly to meet to endorse his decision to suspend Zambry and six executive councilors.

    He said Sivakumar's decision must be endorsed by the house.
    read rest of article here :

    Anyway looks like it getting from bad to worse , waiting for the explosion and then kaput .

  19. Can anyone give me a good reason why Eli Wong wants to get herself involve with a Muslim ? knowing very well its a one way street . Getting is easy , coming out is practically near impossible . Further she's a Christian . I still don't and cannot comprehend why she want to get herself in this situation .

    Perhaps she wants to be known as Elisa Malek Wong Abdullah . That's the only reason I can think off .

  20. Right you are Annu again.