Friday, February 06, 2009

Silver State's Sickening Sad Sandiwara

Nasaruddin’s decision is critical and reflected the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... this reflected the demand of the public and ... as the beginning of a new wave - Anwar Ibrahim (when welcoming UMNO's Nasarudin Hashim's defection to PKR)

;-) that's the danger of sleeping around with frogs - they won't turn into Princes Charming, coz politics aren't fairy tales and besides, frogs having no loyalty nor morals, are more likely to shaft you (like they did their old side) as that's how they promote their own interests

Jumping in is okay but jumping out is not legal. Hee, hee, hee! - Dr Mahathir (sniping at Anwar Ibrahim)


After the March 08 GE, the Sultan of Perak dragged his feet in swearing in the PR State Government. Why is it that He is now so speedy in sacking the PR State Government, and equally speedy in swearing in the Barisan Najis government?

I am very flabbergasted! What has gone wrong with the highly respected Former Chief Justice? - sing lau, February 06, 2009 Malaysian Insider

You tell me ;-) but I have never placed my faith in royalty

The least the sultan could have suggested was for a vote of confidence taken at the assembly before he asked Mohd Nizar to resign and hand over power to BN.

However, the sultan was quite adamant on what he wanted – for Mohd Nizar to step down immediately, and a few hours later, he backed the appointment of Zambry as the new menteri besar.

Sultan Azlan Shah has overruled Mohd Nizar’s repeated request for the dissolution of the state assembly, which would pave the way for fresh state elections.

And by so doing, the sultan who was a former lord president and an eminent reader of the law, had caused a constitutional crisis in Perak - K Kabilan (Malaysiakini journalist)

see sing lau's comments above - HRH was noticeably a wee too eager to gert rid of Nizar and the PR state goivernment

He is the guardian of his people. He must listen to their wishes. He cannot make a decision which the majority of his subjects do not approve.

If we thought a constitutional crisis was looming yesterday, well it is with us today. Perak is facing a constitutional crisis and it is caused by its own sultan - Professor Abdul Aziz Bari (constitutional expert)

I don't like Prof AA Bari very much as he has been noted to be over-the-top pro-PKR but in this instant his remarks may be worth examining, as it seems to concord with Kabilan's.

Many, including the Bar Council have said that His Highness's decision not to dissolve the Perak legislative assembly although advised to do so by the menteri besar (Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin) is beyond question or in legal parlance non justiciable - Zaid Ibrahim (former Law Minister)

HRH has actually ignored his own written words in his book 'Constitutional Monarchy, Rule of Law and Good Governance in 2004' that 'no sultan or agung had withheld consent to dissolve legislative body, except in Kelantan in 1977' ... and that ...

'Under normal circumstances, it is taken for granted that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong would not withhold his consent to a request for dissolution of parliament. His role is purely formal'

Cakap ta'serupa bikin lah


  1. Look back at the relationship between Perak Royals and the PR government...

    1) Raja Nazrin ruled against convention to pick Nizar as MB... luckily Nizar is a very good MB anyway~

    2) Sultan Azlan Shah ruled that the MB has got no power to remove the chief of religious department, as "the MB should consult the Sultan over the religious matters"... Karpal Singh disagrees, but no one, either MB or Sultan replied him...

    3) Hasty sacking of MB Nizar even though it is not the royals rights to do so... One wonders if HRH has been reading the state constitution all the while, or else, how could HRH makes his decision so swiftly?

    Did he refer to all the previous legal cases and read through the state constitution, the interpretation act 1948 etc carefully before making the decision? I believe even a judge or lawyer would want to spend few days time to research carefully and even take cases from other countries as reference... Or was HRH reading all these so carefully in the past few weeks? Why? Was that because someone told him the PR government will fall in few weeks time?

    HRH was a Lord President, but that was more than 20 years ago, he wasn't practicing judge/lawyer since then...

    It seems to me the Perak Royals, who had been happily embracing the BN government, have reasonable hatred towards the MB and his government?

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  3. Thank you. We really admire your blog and those commenting on it.

    Could you please post the views at the link below on your blog, or your views on it to facilitate intelligent discussion and a civil debate?

  4. Bentoh

    Just not too long ago, the PR cheerleaders had been hailing the Perak Royal as the perfect rulers and some even suggested that Raja Nazrin should the PM.

    Just one decision against PR and then the HRH is reviled like a mass murderer.

    I think you are unaware of the intrigues of Perak PR politics. Since DAP had the by far the most number of seats among them, Ngeh naturally offered himself to be the MB. However, the Perak constituition does not allow a non Muslim to be the MB. As such PKR with the next most seat wanted the post. However the fight was so bitter between PKR and DAP that the HRH and the PR national leadership intevened. So finally the compromised was reached to give PAS (ie Nizar) the post. But of course Ngeh was the Tok Dalang who made most of the decisions.

    Yes, Nizar was easily the most likable among the PR heads of states. LGE is publicity and power crazy, Khalid is a bumbling clown, Nik Aziz is a senile old man while Azizan is a kampung preacher made good. Nizar had a pleasent personality and a good administrator but he was not a good MB. He might do well as a school headmaster or pegawai kerajaan but definately not a good MB. Certainly when you have Ngeh and Nga to tell you what to do.

  5. I think people missing the point here. It is immaterial if the Sultan is right or wrong, he made a decision and like it or not there is nothing to be gained by going against him.

    PR better off accept the decision in good faith but challenge the validy of 2 froggies in the court of law.

    Looking at the media coverage, I think PR lost much of the sympathy they won due to their loss of Perak. By resorting to anti-royal statements and actions and the highly objectionable rebellion (a demo against the HRH is construed as such, they have gained the everlasting wrath of the Rulers. As Chaptokam has said, PR leaders better be prepared to be stripped of their Datukships soon.

    Karpal might be principled and bold, but he is not particularly known for his intelligent or thinking before opening his mouth. He tend to shoot from the hip and in the process injure his own posterior.

    PR has made 2 major tactical blunders here and they are making more and more as the hours go bye. Nizar's behaving like a school kid deprived of his lollipop, still clutching his hand of the long gone stick and not letting go.

    To make things worse, Anwar been proven to be a fool and been beaten ar his own game. What he has been trying to do in 10 months been achieved within 10 days by Najib. If I am a PR member, I would demand he resigns...just like what he demanded of Pak Lah after March 2008.

  6. it took the palace years to build up the reputation. it just took one decision to lose everything.
    good luck, Nazrin. No point in talking anymore.
    as a perakian, I will neer forget this day.

  7. Wonder why so called Perakians keep on harping on the decision of HRH . Further they have now shifted the blame to Nazrin when its HRH who made the decision . Just goes to show the hypocrisy of PR members and supporters .

    Suddenly we have so many lawyer buruks who have become in a matter of a day become so well engrossed and experts in the laws of constitutional monarchy . They now seem to be able to interpret the laws so well that they can tell you so is right and so is wrong .Wakakaka

    As Killer said It is immaterial if the Sultan is right or wrong, he made a decision and like it or not there is nothing to be gained by going against him.
    That's absolutely correct and morally correct , he is the ruler of Perak , whether you like it or not , whether his decisions is right or not , it is his call .

    PR should better off accept the decision in good faith but challenge the validy of 2 froggies in the court of law.

    Meanwhile PR has blown their cover by demonstrating against his decision , sleeping on road to prevent VIP cars from moving ahead , blocking the car of the Raja Muda , throwing stones at cars and at HRH palace , calling HRH names , and calling on people to fight to the last drop of blood . Is this the right way to go and the right thing to do ? I don't think so .
    It only shows the VIOLENT nature of PR members particulary PAS and PKR .I would think twice in future to vote for candidates from such parties . They have forgotten what happen to UMNO in the recent by election in KT when UMNO members put up posters calling the Sultan of Trengganu who is also the Agong , Natang .......

    stand up to oppressors...
    every men, women, child, take on the oppressor pawn...
    each take one arm, leg, head...
    throw the gas can back to the samseng..
    overturn samseng watercannon trucks..
    ask the samseng parents, bros, siss, to talk to them...
    convince samseng not to blindly follow orders of oppressors..

  9. Killer,
    not sure if you are malay but i think you sum it up nicely.

    being a chinese and a PR supporter - i quite agree with what you ve said. particularly with PR going against the HRH. If PR would just back off and take the high moral ground - they would gain alot of advantage in the next election/battle. Take this time to learn from mistakes & get those Ngeh, Ngas, Ngs, Ngos to take some lesson in how to address Malay royalties. The royalties will remain a blessing or a stumbling block in years to come unless malaysia becomes a republic. That's just how life is.

    On the other hand, if the PR don't do anything to address this issue or malaise with Bn just picking off their froggies - how do you run a state goverment? if they can just hang over bag$ of inducement - your government can collapse any time be it kedah or S'gor. how?

    Anyway i am sad the HRh has taken this decision BUT i am not surprised. PR must have offended the HRH too many times and this could be the blow back. HRH is aferall a human being.

  10. Actually the mistake by MB not to seek state re-election before the frogs started jumping was the biggest mistake.

    Anyways...My take is if you are lost for words at the shenanigan in the silver state and unable to restraint your anger but still want to stay sane, you can swear and still stay saintly! This blog has a link in how to curse your enemies without losing your cool! :)


  11. >> Actually the mistake by MB not to seek state re-election before the frogs started jumping was the biggest mistake.

    nO. it is quite difficult to know because the PR (unlike the BN) do not have the apparatus of intelligensia to find out. the BN on the other hand has many tools and tricks.

    Even after you have vetted and out all your members and DUNs and wakils - it is very HARD to keep all of them under guard because -sometimes- all it takes is just one or 2 or 3 to LOMPAT & under prevailing Laws - you're GONE. Gone case.

    That's DEMOCRAZY -Malaysian style. 50 years after merdeka and that's what we have.

  12. Frog ? what frog !? it's a TOAD lah !
    when frog kissed by a princess can change to a handsome putra one BUT a TOAD ....SIGH !!

  13. If you really want to know why the Sultan was in such a haste to get BN back to power, look no further than the principal shareholders of GAMUDA Berhad.

    That is an official corporate website, by the way, not hearsay.

    PR state governments in Penang and Perak have been giving Gamuda a hard time..Perak royalty can't touch Penang, it had become necessary to remove the obstacles in Perak

  14. Anon 1.15pm

    I think the PR leaders have panicked and completely lost their bearings. The problem is their strategy was based on offensive and when they were attacked, they are completely unprepared and just couldn't cope,paralysed and didnt know what to do. The actions and decisions by Anwar and other leaders were rather of poor quality and betrayed their lack of clear thinking and grasp of the situation.

    PR got to understand that all the political branding and marketing
    ala Obama could go only go so far after the GE. Their biggest mistake was not just impatience but they are also guilty of being over ambitious. They should have stopped campaigning and consolidate their gains after the GE12 and strategise for the GE13.

    Instead the GSOS wanted to takeover the Federal govt via a strategy of "katakcracy". He was lucky as UMNO/BN was weak and Pak Lah was busy preventing a thousand mutinities within UMNO to counter Anwar. Further Pak Lah the typical Malay gentleman, refused to resort to streetfighting tactics to attack PR. However, with Najib, the gloves are off. DPM is no fool and his key advisors are people with far greater intellectual skills than Pak Lah's pathetic group. Also Najib is no slouch, he is a reader and a practioner of Sun Tzu's Art of War, which you should know is based on deception and unexpected moves.

    PR should have known that going against the imcumbant govt is unwinnable as BN has massive resources (money, influence, media, govt machinery, law enforcement, govt service,etc).

    The way forward for PR is to work with BN on a anti-hopping law. This will at least a move forward for the democratic process for the country.

    BTW, I am not a Malay but an Indian. And I am not a PR supporter.

  15. Any criticism of the establisment can and will be turned into a racila issue because of the racial composition of the establishment. So my friends in the opposition please take care and do not upturn the apple cart. Use the next four years to bulid up your strength including financial strength and prepare for the next elections.

    The PR should never and I repeat never give the establishment the excuse to resort to rule outside the framework of the constitution.

    This is esy for me to say but very difficult to implement. But please do give it a try.Good Luck Ramlax