Sunday, February 08, 2009

Karpal Singh demands Anwar Ibrahim step down as PR leader

There is a growing suspicion that the infamous ‘revolving door’ pollie from UMNO … no, make that PKR … no, make that UMNO … wakakaka …

… was a trap or a lure (bait) for PKR, a step towards ameliorating the adverse public relation consequences of UMNO's katak-fikasi intent in Perak.

With PKR accepting UMNO defector Nasarudin Hashim, UMNO could subsequently claimed it was PKR which started the nefarious subversion of the ballot box - you know, people who live in glass houses .....

Nonetheless, regardless of the veracity of the conspiracy theory, Najib will be blamed for the alleged devious scheme. And no doubt Nasarudin Hashim will be cursed for his lack of political ethics.

But we all must bear in mind that with such a bait, only a very very greedy and impatient fish would take it hook, line and sinker wakakaka.

He must have hope that Nasarudin’s defection would spell the start of an avalanche of defections from UMNO, hopefully its MPs (rather than ADUNs).

To understand why, see my posts:

(1) The torment and impatience of Anwar Ibrahim

(2) The Achilles heel of Anwar Ibrahim

Hook, line and sinker ….. I read that for him as wanting to be PM ‘by hook’ (has to be 'by hook' as he has only 82 + 2 more? MPs in his camp), and was joyous when ‘thrown a line’, but only to be sunk like a sinker …

… because, apart from the disgrace of being outmanouevred by a so-called Mr Zigzag, Najib Razak, ...

... the Khalsa warrior, Karpal Singh, had enough of Anwar Ibrahim, and has demanded in no uncertain terms that Anwar step down as head of the Pakatan Rakyat – see Star Online Karpal asks Anwar to step down as Pakatan leader.

Karpal juga ta’boleh tahan lagi Anwar’s deformasi nonsense of promoting political defections as if that’s the democratic avenue to government.

I believe Karpal was particularly incensed that members of PKR and DAP had been mesmerized by Anwar’s snake oil pitch into supporting the cross-over of elected representatives.

He accused Anwar for creating trouble in the opposition alliance, and voiced his desire for a new leader for Pakatan Rakyat. Karpal said:

“He (Anwar) has created enough trouble and it is time for him to bertaubat (repent). It’s time Pakatan got itself another leader.”


But on a serious note, as I wrote in The torment and impatience of Anwar Ibrahim:

Anwar Ibrahim is a talented man, blessed with the gift of the gab and a quick witted mind, though whether he has the ability to govern with vision, competency and effectiveness hasn’t been proven, no, even when he was in several ministerial positions including the DPM and Finance Minister in the BN government for almost two decades – au contraire, as I have come to believe.

His departure will be no loss to Pakatan Rakyat.

I reiterated this assessment of his unsuitability for leadership in Rid Pakatan Rakyat of contamination where I wrote:

Anwar Ibrahim is certainly not the person to lead the PR. He has contaminated the minds, stand and example of PR politics.

PR must now seriously consider the so-called political leadership, political ideology and political character of this person.

My blogging matey, anas zubedy has the same view as he blogged in Will Anwar make a stand on hudud?

Now, the Khalsa warrior has voiced the same assessment.

Anwar Ibrahim should do us all a favour and vacate the leadership position of PR. I believe the two parties in PR with the innate discipline to proceed positively from here are PAS and DAP. Mind you, there is still a place for PKR but certainly not for Anwar Ibrahim (who is more suitable and at home in UMNO).

If Anwar leaves now he will be remembered kindly as the man who had successfully brought PAS and DAP together into a workable relationship. For that we will be forever grateful to him, but he has done enough harm to Pakatan Rakyat’s reputation, standards and clean politics, ...

... and should, nay, must leave Pakatan Rakyat for the coalition party (of PAS, DAP & PKR) to have a decent chance to become the alternative government of Malaysia.

Strangely, Malaysiakini hasn't yet reported such a blazing headline, where Karpal Singh has demanded the removal of Anwar as PR leader.


  1. Malaysiakini is "sponsored" or "inspired" by Anwar Ibrahim.

    The demand by Karpal Singh for Anwar to step down as PR head is the last straw that will break the camel's back.

  2. So the storm in Pakatan in brewing , eventually it will be a free for all . As you can see oil and water do not mix so does parties with different ideologies .

    When we were posting questionable comments against Anwar , we were whacked left and right . Surprisingly thru our unmovable thoughts and conviction that we were speaking the truth , we were not swayed by the barrage of criticisms .

    So now the Lion Of Jelutong has the same opinions .

  3. KUDOS to BN or Najib's gang for blind siding the Pakatan Rakyat Alliance.

    Damn good strategy.
    1) Get the sultan to be the bad guys so the bloggers sidding the ketuanan melayu will have to back up the sultan.

    2)Get a DAP guy/gal to jump ship so to get DAP folks agitated enough to blame the action on Anwar and ignore the real cause of saving the raykat of perak at the same time ignoring the the PAS MB Nizar.

    3)Make sure the angry folks of pro democracy to fight between themelves so there will be riffs to make them fall back to the race values that malaysian are use to and not fighting for the cause of the people.

    ALL I can say...stop the Blame game....FOCUS people!!! Focus People fight for the right of Malaysians!!!

  4. Congrats are in order for your, ktemoc. I'm a constant reader, but hardly comment. But I know you have been consistent in your assessment of AI and had been whacked many a time for your views. Looks like you've been vindicated.

  5. He merely said what people don't dare to say...~~

    Anyway... Anwar can't step down... mainly because the PR will then be politically unviable~

    But one thing to ponder...

    DAP has been denouncing the ex-DAP ADUN Yang Berulat Hee Yit Fong...

    What's interesting is... Yesterday night PKR also led a demonstration at BN CNY celebration site in Ipoh... DAP joined it of course... and the main activity was to curse YB Hee...

    Errr... what about the other 3 froggies who are affiliated with PKR huh?

    I think to me it seems Karpal Singh was also trying to turn back the attention to these 3 frogs... rather than having everyone blaming DAP for the Hee~

    One must wonder how come PKR has been mostly silent about the 3 frogs all this while, except the by hook or by crook comment? Instead of talking about the 3 frogs, PKR leaders were seen slamming ex-DAP frog...

    I foresee everyone slamming Karpal Singh again... sigh...

    One thing for sure... you can't ask for sympathy when you yourself did it wrongly... look at how Hee is being thrashed even though she was acting kesian in Sin Chew~~

  6. kt,

    its already headlined!

    chaptokam, go get your monthly allowance from your Najib. Stay true to him coz he may do a Bala on you if you try to be funny. Enjoy your allowance.

    I may disagree with KT but at least he is consistent and back his stand reasonably well.

  7. Actually before Karpal, another DAP veteran, the cili padi, Fong Po Kuan indirectly aslo whacked Lim Kit Siang and gang. Why hit Hee? What about the arrogant Ngeh and Nga?

    DAP leadership must deal with internal conflicts
    by Kong See Hoh
    IPOH (Feb 5, 2009) : While accusing fingers are being pointed at DAP assemblyman for Jelapang Hee Yit Foong for deserting the party, DAP MP for Batu Gajah Fong Po Kuan(pix) says Hee's departure underlines the need for the party's central as well as state leadership to take a serious view of its internal conflicts.

    She told Sin Chew Daily on Wednesday the party must deal with the internal problems of Perak DAP head-on, understand what has gone wrong and look for solutions.

    Three-term Fong, dupped cili padi because of her fiery style, dropped a bombshell on the party before the general election last year with her announcement that she was not going to defend her Batu Gajah seat, but changed her mind after much persuasion from the party top leadership.

    She told the daily that Perak DAP's internal problems were not taken seriously before the March 8 elections, and neither were they resolved after the elections, allowing members' discontent against party leaders to brew.

    Fong said this was the reason she did not contest any post in the state in the last party elections.
    It was also learnt that Hee quit the party mainly because she deemed the appointment of state exco members not transparent and because she could not get along with Perak DAP state chief and senior executive councillor, Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham, and his cousin Nga Kor Ming, who is DAP state secretary and a state exco member.

    Hee, who is deputy state assembly speaker, had said the state exco should have a Chinese woman and that Ngeh and Nga, who are both lawyers, were best suited for the posts of speaker and deputy speaker respectively.

    "Hee Yit Foong has been unhappy since. Her resignation from the party shows that the internal conflicts are coming to a boil," said Fong.

    "The fact that the post of deputy speaker is ranked above an exco member does not help, as the exco members wield greater power and get bigger perks (than the Speaker and Deputy Speaker), the same way that ministers have more power than the parliament Speaker and Deputy Speakers."

    Updated: 02:56PM Thu, 05 Feb 2009

  8. Thank you very much anonymous 9:42 PM

    My big fat cheque is on the way according to Najib's aide . I disappeared from this site for three months for a holiday , courtesy of Wakakaka you know who lah .

    But back to serious business , other than being labeled froggie king , GSOS etc etc I still have a question to ask Anwar.
    What happened to his Kulim Bandar Baru MP ? The guy who asked Cina balek China ? What actions did the GSOS took on him ?? As far as I can recall ..... NONE ..No Action taken .. now missing in action .

  9. Actually, Malaysiakini has. Maybe not as soon as you might have thought, but nonetheless:

  10. Still, I would like to see who takes the helm of PKR, should Anwar choose to abdicate. Seeing as he's master and commander of it and that what is Keadilan without Anwar? Who would take the helm?

    Too bad Zaid isn't in a party or anything like that.

  11. Some, like good wine, mellow and get better with age. Others sour.

    And poor, poor Karpal Bhai! Does he think DAP or PAS alone could have pulled off March 2008 without the common, uniting and heroic efforts of DSAI?

    DSAI is only human and I agree that his earlier espousal of frog-hopping was precipitate and an error of judgement.

    But Rome was not built in a day and neither will the pulling down of UMNO/BN. And Karpal does not seem to see the larger picture and collective opposition towards reducing BN hegemony to below 51% and cut them down to size.

    Strange behaviour for a veteran politician who should know better than to ventilate party issues publicly instead of discussing them in a calm fashion, behind closed doors.

    Perhaps he has become handicaaped in the head rather than elsewhere after his debilitating accident!!

    Wake up Bhai1 What's your goal and priority? Work in unison with DSAI for that aim instead of shooting yourself in the fooot!

    And Bhai, don't kid youeself. At the moment, there's no better alternative to DSAI for Pakatan

  12. Some, like good wine, mellow and get better with age. Others sour.

    Depends on where the grapes comes from .
    Also the wineyard is important as is the soil conditions .

    Also the process plays its part .

    The Bhai fellow is as consistent as those fine wine made from the best grapes found in the beat wine orchards . They tend to taste better as it aged , the longer it is the better .
    As for the other fellow is as liken to good wine but turns bitter as it aged , probably the grape juice was contaminated by various toxic chemicals during the fermenting process .
    I wouldn't call this wine a good wine . But rather easily available cheap wine as there's no consistency in its taste .

    March 2008 would still have happen with or without DSAI .If you put a dog to contest , the dog would have been duly elected . Fact is many refused to believe the true reasons as what RPK says if Anwar were to ask for would be suicide members saying there will be 21 virgins waiting for them up in heaven , he would many lining up waiting to go to meet the virgins ..


  14. Yit Foong: DAP Didn't Want Me

    IPOH: Hee Yit Foong said she left DAP not because she wanted to take revenge against the party, but because the party didn't want her.

    She said she wanted to stay on, but what DAP secretary-general Lim Guang Eng had said made her feel that she was not wanted by the party, and she had no choice but to quit.

    Lim Guang Eng had said any state assemblyman out of touch for more than 24 hours would be deemed to have resigned from the party.

    She said the problems she encountered in the party had been accumulated for a very long time, and she definitely did not quit because she was not given a new official car.

    Yit Foong said during an exclusive interview with Sin Chew Daily on Saturday that certain people in the party had tried to reject and sideline her, for example, state chairman Ngeh Koo Ham had said in a meeting last year that she would not be given the opportunity in the next election.

    She said Lim Kit Siang knew about this thing but pretended not know anything.

    She lamented that party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng failed to see the truth and had not tried to find out the truth.

    "Certain people in the party have tried to smear me such that I have become sidelined and isolated. Some state assemblymen even keep a distance from me as if I were a leper."

    She said when she tried to find out something from other state assemblymen, they just said they knew nothing, especially the executive councillors.

    She said someone purposely replaced the city councillors in her constituency (Jelapang). She had asked to meet the menteri besar personally because of this matter, adding that there was black and white to prove this.

    She said from the various incidents, it was obvious that those who had tried to destroy her intended to squeeze her out of the party step-by-step.

    Pressure from within DAP

    Yit Foong admitted that she did not come under tremendous external pressure in the face of the overwhelming accusations against her. Instead, she said her pressure had come chiefly from the party (DAP) itself.

    She said all the negative news about her in recent days had been plotted by DAP, adding that those standing up to reprimand her were people with conflict of interests with her.

    "From what I've read in the newspapers, among those condemning me are people with conflict of interests with me in the past, not those who have helped me."

    Yit Foong said DAP had plotted to make people hate her. However, she felt this was not important as she could understand their feelings.

    She felt that not all people would point their fingers at her, adding that those knowing her situation would understand her.

    She said after assessing the situation she would decide later when to go back to her constituency to face the voters. (By LIU SUJUN/Translated by DOMINIC LOH/Sin Chew Daily)

    Looks like DAP is back to their old ways . When DAP reps leave their party it always has something to do with Kit Siang , Guan Eng , now its the Ngeh and Nga included but never Karpal ! .Food for thought .

  15. Besides telling Anwar told to quit,

    The Bukit Gelugor MP also hit out at his party strongmen – adviser Lim Kit Siang and secretary-general Lim Guan Eng – for not supporting his anti-party hopping stand.

    “I am not getting the support from my own party leaders, including Kit Siang and Guan Eng on the crossover issue.

    “When I suggested that the DAP should seriously consider leaving the coalition, especially during the hudud issue, both of them also did not support me.

    “It seems that they are supporting Anwar instead of me. I am the party chairman, don’t push me too far as I still have the support of the rank and file,” he said.

    Asked if he was thinking of calling for an emergency party meeting on the DAP’s role in the coalition, Karpal Singh answered yes.

    He was confounded as to how Anwar could have openly espoused crossovers after the people gave a resounding mandate to Pakatan in the last general election.
    It looks like he (Anwar) did not learn of the morality or rather immorality of political kangaroos hopping from the opposition to the Barisan during the time he was in the government,” he said.

    The chairman wanted his party to seriously consider his insistent call for the DAP to pull out from the coalition.

  16. Two Wrong cannot make a Right

    Anwar asks Nizar to carry on as MB

    IPOH: Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has played down DAP chairman Karpal Singh's planned suit against the Sultan of Perak for his "unconstitutional decision" to allow Barisan Nasional to take over the helm in Perak.
    He said the suit would not be filed. Instead a panel of Pakatan Rakyat lawyers would look into legal remedies to the situation.

    Speaking last night to a 8,000-strong crowd at the menteri besar's official residence here, which was occupied by Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, Anwar said the decision was reached when he met DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang earlier.
    He urged Nizar and the Pakatan executive councillors to continue with their duties as assemblymen and to return to their offices tomorrow as usual.
    Nsai sudah jadi Bubur apa lagi Anwar ?

    Firstly as you can see Anwar is directing Nizar and his Executive Councillors to reject the Sultan's directive , in other words he is asking Nizar and company to commit TREASON against his own Ruler.
    He should have ask Nizar to step down while the court process takes place or pending the legal process.

    Secondly he's treating the DAP Chairman as IRRELEVANT . He only meets with DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang earlier.
    Now you understand why in DAP the father and son are the supremo , DAP owned by them . Now you can understand why many potential people refuse to join the DAP .

  17. come on people. if you compare anwar and karpal , karpal has been constant and true to his statement since i know him in politics 30 years ago. anwar on the other hand is a dodgy and cunning character that cannot be trusted at all! karpal is right about anwar on many things. and anwar NEVER changed. the saddest part is that we have been letting ourself fooled listening to anwar too much until it cost us a state. do you really believed that the success of pakatan in the last general election is the result of anwar? it is NOT! the reason why pakatan wins a lot of seat is because of the weaknesses and internal problems which BN face. as usual, and as a cunning opportunist, anwar just took that opportunity to claim the victory of pakatan is because of him! please do not be fooled again by this guy!

    i support karpal and i urge the pakatan people, if you want to see long term victory, pleaseeee do not let anwar lead. he is a liability to the party.


    Antares's friend named backStreetGluttons, has called Ktemoc and people whom have similiar views about Anwar:

    "some so called intelligent/egoistic Bloggers (no doubt super-reactive well-read comfortably armchaired in their high ivory towers with lots of free/idle time )who derive great masochistic pleasure/satisfaction in their lopsided/untenable critique of Anwar as being immoral & overly ambitious ( & on his perceived shortcomings )for, as unlike you Antares they fail miserably on one major issue...they are unable and/or devoid of practical/realistic ideas/solutions,with respect to the present critical urgent time & resources ( the luxury of which Malaysia does not have, vis a viz the present world turmoil and that Malaysia is sinking faster than its neighbours). Put it this way... they love to ramble and rant but are really pretty shallow and hollow."