Sunday, February 15, 2009

DAP should stop defending Anwar Ibrahim

I have admired and still do Hannah Yeoh of the DAP. She’s a great representative for the people of Subang Jaya, and I wish her well.

Thus it grieves, in fact distresses me greatly to disagree with her on her views on Anwar Ibrahim’s 916 as measured against the BN’s coup d’état in Perak, which she had posted on her blog, and which saw her article clung on to by the Anwar Ibrahim’s blog like a drowning man would the proverbial straw, and …

… which is now published in Malaysiakini as Pakatan makes no apologies for Sept 16.

Hannah had attempted to dismiss the perceived parallel between Anwar’s 916 braggadocio and the BN’s coup d’état in Perak, and the embarrassing aftermath which saw delirious jeers of padam padan* muka
hurled against the Pakatan Rakyat.

* someone who loves me has corrected my poor Bahasa wakakaka

Now what was it that she wrote, which saw Anwar Ibrahim’s webmaster seize on it like a glass of cool water by a man dying of thirst?

… and which undoubtedly would have infuriated Karpal Singh because of the sad spin she attempted to weave in defence of Anwar’s promotion of political defectors (frogs) - an unethical means towards achieving majority rule.

Hannah wrote:
“Those who argue that the political crisis in Perak now is a taste of Pakatan Rakyat’s own medicine – a reference to Sept 16 – fail to see the key differences between the two.”

“When Anwar claimed to have the numbers to form the federal government, he wrote to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, requesting him to convene an emergency sitting of Parliament. This was rejected by the prime minister.”

“The next constitutional option was to press for the dissolution of Parliament to make way for fresh elections. This too was not entertained.”

“Anwar exhausted every constitutional means available to him. If Pakatan were to act unconstitutionally and lure defections, then we will be having a new government today. So, you can’t say that Najib’s coup in Perak and the Pakatan plan – Sept 16 – were one and the same.”

The following 2 points have been why I disagree with Hannah:

(1) Frogs! I am revolted by the very thought of a politician countenancing and tolerating frogs, let alone one bragging about and exulting in gaining the support of political defectors, in his obsession to seize ruling power.

If he has any sense of democratic values, principles and ethics, he should respect the ballot box, the choice and voice of the rakyat!

In this I deplore also what the BN had done in Perak, and regret what HRH had permitted to happen. But no less than these, I have been and still am repulsed by Anwar Ibrahim’s notorious preoccupation since 08 March 2008, that of enticing, encouraging, and egging political defections so they may hand him the key to the PM's office.

I can’t say much about those two Perak PKR defectors as that could have been a consequence of (the lack of) leadership by abysmal example, compounded by their pending corruption changes. I won’t waste a single more word on that revolving door UMNO-PKR-UMNO Nasarudin Hashim.

But I am certainly disgusted with what Hee Yit Foong had done. Though she claimed she had problems with her Perak DAP leadership which had driven her to be a political independent, she failed most abjectly to demonstrate that so-claimed independence and more importantly, she failed to represent the wishes of her constituency.

Instead she showed in no uncertain terms, through press conference and photographs in the immediate aftermath of the coup d’état, that she had already sold her political soul to the BN. In betraying her constituency, she joined the ranks of Jin Bihui (金璧輝) as the most hated female Chinese traitor (in Hee's case, in Malaysia).

What an ignoble finale (for surely 2008 would prove to be her last political election) to her 20 years as a DAP member.

(2) Evidence. It’s all well and good for Hannah to quote to us Anwar’s amazing constitutional procedures but in her one-sided articulation, she failed to explain why AAB had refused to convene an emergency sitting of Parliament or to dissolve Parliament to make way for fresh elections.

Now, why the hell would AAB bother to do that when the BN had won the 2008 general election with (at that time) 140 seats to the Pakatan Rakyat’s 82, a sizeable majority of 58 MPs? Which political leader in a democracy would be so foolish as to do such a crazy thing?

AAB might have been considered by PKR followers as of low intellect but it was obvious he was not that gullible as to take Anwar Ibrahim at his words, which I have alway held to be less than credible. Rather, those people who believe in Anwar's 916 bluff have been light years far more gullible than AAB, the man they had sneered condescendingly upon.

Cutting through the usual smoke and mirrors of Anwar’s bombastic boastful braggadocio, where was the evidence that he had the numbers? Did Mr Man Man Lai present in a press conference the 31 BN MPs who had defected over to his PKR, or take them along to see AAB?

He couldn’t even show or name one, zilch! Can anyone?

All Anwar could offer were pathetic useless excuses.

He had basically hoped for AAB to sign him a political blank cheque. Is this the PKR’s way to parliamentary majority? Through a game of poker bluff?

But regardless of the outcome of his bombastic but bombed 916 attempt, Anwar had openly promoted frogs as a means towards a federal coup d’état, so how could Hannah state 916 was different to the BN’s Perak coup d’état - perhaps save on one point, that Anwar Ibrahim failed miserably while the man he had sneered upon as wishy washy and henpecked, Mr Zigzag, had succeeded.

What Hannah wrote in defence of Anwar Ibrahim’s 916 was probably what had riled Karpal Singh. Karpal is not the spiritual guardian of the DAP for nothing. He has been consistently ethical in his politics, where he has always been against political defections. Such a man is not easily seduced into embracing unethical practice to gain greater political power.

Well, much as I love Hannah as a wonderful DAP representative, she has certainly riled me as well, so let me, someone who voted DAP in the last general election, give Hannah a piece of advice.

Much as the Perak disaster for Pakatan Rakyat had embarrassed the DAP because of its joining someone in wallowing in the froggie cesspool and getting sucked in by its fetid foul and filthy slime, DAP leaders and supporters must take that painful setback on their chin, fight back legally as necessary, but stop making excuses – let it be a lesson learnt, that when DAP joins PKR in vacating the moral high ground, it loses not only its right to criticise but more worrying, its political relevance as a superior political option to the BN.

It’s not worth defending a person like Anwar Ibrahim. Don’t let him drag the Pakatan, particularly the DAP, down to his level.


  1. a politician newbie trying to get limelight....

    how can she compare sept 16 with perak fiasco when the former was a BLUFF - a bluff that even extend to taiwan! so, if mr anwar really manages to get the number and kick bn out, would she condemn it as now or spin it that it is for the good future of malaysia! a frog is a forg, and i respect karpal for making stand of this. and this newbie should emulate karpal instead saying bota assemblyman's leaping is acceptable just becoz there was no change of government - such a stupid reason for newbie politician.

  2. anwar never got the numbers, if he did, it wouldve been a different story, and this woman wouldn't have to come up with a disgraceful excuse

    kesian dia

  3. denzook,

    you against frogging, sure or not? please give me a reconfirmation, will you? before you do that, please remember some of your postings elsewhere.

    Denzook, I dont often agree with KT but I give credit to his consistency, hence it is one of the blogs that I regularly visit. So I do hope you emulate his consistency.

    Oh by the way, what was your stand, Denzook, when UMNO staged ugly protests against HRH in Terengganu and Perlis?

  4. Former DPM has also got too much baggage. So there is no need to defend him. He should defend himself. I am sure that there are other younger leaders who are capable to take the lead. Ramlax

  5. The first time I saw "padam muka"
    I thought it was a typo.

    You want to look that up and
    show a bit more humility
    about your own "Malaysianess".

  6. She went so low to defend Anwar 's actions which have cost the country economy substantially.

    On the other hand, I am seeing that the UMNO-PKR-UMNO sensation is a shrewd master piece. Perhaps the art learn from Han Xin , a decoy which PR took. BN federal government will be saved as from now and they also got the Perak states. Now PR will think twice, is real or another BN trick before accepting BN cross over, even it is real I bet, they dare not take because they will find it tough to explain to the people. They contradict themselves by condemning the tactic BN took over Perak and they cannot afford to contradict themselves again by accepting any cross over, it will be a disastrous if they do that.

  7. wah, padan muka you ignoramus, thanks for correcting my poor Bahasa - I've learnt and will correct - always want to improve unlike someone wakakakakaka am grateful for your kind tutoring ;-)

  8. I am sorry that the young Hannah Yeoh also suffered the Pakatan cult syndrome. Or could she has now changed after became an assemblywoman, who knows,? There is a saying, "Once tasted blood,......"

  9. Hannah Yeoh is my local ADUN, and let me first say she is doing a great job for her constituency.
    Even local MCA types have a grudging respect for her

    On the subject of her blog posting, I disagree with her - frogs are ugly, whatever the excuse.
    But I can also understand where she's coming from.

    Pakatan Rakyat's broad tent needs to be supported and nurtured. Disagreements and weaknesses should be discussed and argued out - whether in public or in private, I leave it up to those involved. Its one of the best developments in the history of this country's politics; compare this to the "I am UMNO, I am Tuan" BN culture.

    No doubt some of DAP's old guard and hard-core supporters would prefer their comfort zone of Lone Ranger-style ideological purity instead of having to consult, compromise and sit beside smelly guys like Anwar Ibrahim and Hadi Awang.

    If DAP listens to Karpal Singh's push for it to quit PR, and hence becomes instrumental in the collapse of PR, independent voters like me will not forgive the DAP.

    Believe me, the retribution at the ballot box will be very ugly. DAP may end up with single digit MPs, and Karpal Singh will be g-o-n-e.

  10. There is no Pakatan cult syndrome. Only PKR practised it. To be fair, as I see it, Hannah was only defending Anwar to distance Pakatan (and more probably the DAP) from the ugly shameful underhanded backdoor froggie practice ...

    ... which was why I posted: "... DAP leaders and supporters must take that painful setback on their chin, fight back legally as necessary, but stop making excuses – let it be a lesson learnt, that when DAP joins PKR in vacating the moral high ground, it loses not only its right to criticise but more worrying, its political relevance as a superior political option to the BN."

  11. "ideological purity"

    I wouldn't like to expand this argument on 916 to be more than it really is. Extreme positions derived from ideology, e.g. dealing with the Sultanate, have already been compromised to some extent (wearing songkok, accepting titles). But on certain things there has to be a hardline, and not just for ideological reasons.

    916 Federal-level katakracy would have been not only "immoral", but in the long term it would have proven to be a massive strategic blunder to the detriment of Pakatan and Malaysia.

    At this point there is growing realization that 916 was a mistake, and if we can accept it as a mistake and move on that would be the best course of action. If one were to hold their breath for a public recognition of this from Anwar Ibrahim one would surely pass on, but I don't think it's too much to accept a change of position on party crossovers in the same way that Anwar had eventually dropped the "turun harga minyak esok" position. Whatever his motivations, we know Anwar can evolve over time, which could be a good thing.

    But if leaders are still trying to rationalize 916, then it's going to take some time to get to the point where we can move on. I'd like to draw a parallel to the five stages of grief here, but I'll leave it to the imagination of readers :-)

  12. If she so unsure and green in this, she should stop making comment to even appear in malaysiakini to gain limelight. how long she's been in dap?? she had even bypassed old veterans to contest for DUN seat, and even she boasted she's been selected for witnessing obama inauguration, that does not merit her to give such naive comment to compare sept 16 with perak crossovers, moreover accepting bota assemblyman crossover because the latter does not impact government change! it will be real good she just stick to problems in her constituency than trying to be p-r champion wannabe - even my mp tony pua and dun didn't resolve such stupid attention as this!

  13. "even my mp tony pua"

    To give credit where credit is due, Tony did say in an interview (around May last year I think) that DAP's position is *no crossovers*. He copped some flack for that statement, from DSAI supporters who alleged he did not even understand his own party's position, lol...

    After that, he stayed away from the issue of crossovers.

  14. kt,

    u seem to bent on demolishing anwar by all costs.

    but let me remind you, your thoughts about this country... would it be okay to live on with what we have for the past 50 years and seeing it rots by the day or you want a change?

    we can't predict anything, whether anwar will be the future leader or bn will change for the better but it is undeniably true that most people do not harbour any hope for bn and the person whom malaysian pinning their hopes on, is, .... anwar.

    for better or for worse, anwar is the man right now, who else in your mind has the supports

    you may or may not influence the outcome by what you write but you do cause frustration and concern for people who enter you premise... you are not helping at all.

    i respect what you believe in but in today's condition, in this dire situation... we have to cast our differences and even our principle to be together to fight those people who have little or no onscience and don't even know what is principal..... by their daily actions.

    till today, you still have to convince them you are not chinese from china... they have not even started to THINK about the new malaysian chapter and that is 'MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA'.


  15. I agree with klsusie. Let Anwar your nemesis rule the country for 5 years and, if he is worse than the present batch of umno wardogs, we can always kick him out in the 6th year.

  16. I don't have to demolish Anwar at all; he demolishes himself by his less than kosher and insincere conduct (eg. how can a promoter of reformasi embrace frogs? forked tongue lah) - all kaytee has done has just been to point them out ;-)

    Anwar was part and parcel of the bad portion of the BN/Perikatan's 50 years (let's be fair, some of the earlier years, at least until 1969) was reasonable, even good.

    Anwar's less than credible talk and grandstanding bullshows and sleazy proclivity (frogs to seize power, praising Nasarudin Hashim's first defection as “... reflected the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... as the beginning of a new wave.”) indicate he is yet to shed off his UMNO stripes.

    No, we cannot afford to give Anwar even 1 year let alone 5 coz he'll revert to his draconian past as an UMNO ketuanan Melayu proponent, telling 'Cina, balik Tiong Sun' or threatening Hindus he might 'stop the temple bells from ringing'.

    What about his promised disciplining of the Kulim Wonder - cakap ta'serupa bikin! Ta boleh percaya lah.

    He is too dangerous and too untrustworthy to let loose into the halls of power.

  17. kt,

    put yourself in anwar's shoe, if he tried to discipline everyone, from pkr, pas and dap... he would be alone by now.

    the coalition is really loose and unstable, can he assert principles when there is a danger of breaking up the pakatan.

    may be you are hiding something from us but really.... he is the hope and unfortunately the only hope.

    he goes, reformasi goes, and with them, goes the Malaysian hope, our only hope.


  18. Another by-election? Bukit Lanjan

    "....Sementara itu, Naib Presiden PKR Azmin Ali berkata pihaknya tidak akan berkompromi dalam isu gambar bogel Elizabeth Wong...."

    Gambar bogel ADUN PKR...tindakan menanti

    Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) PKR kawasan Bukit Lanjan Elizabeth Wong mengaku gambar bogel yang tersebar kini adalah gambarnya. Beliau yang pernah menjadi jadi pembantu khas kepada Presiden PKR Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail akan membuat laporan polis hari Isnin. Kini timbul desakan agar beliau meletak jawatan kerana moralnya dipertikaikan - Sementara itu, Naib Presiden PKR Azmin Ali berkata pihaknya tidak akan berkompromi dalam isu gambar bogel Elizabeth Wong. Katanya, PKR akan mendapatkan keterangan Exco itu serta laporan polis sebelum memutuskan tindakan lanjut. Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim pula berkata isu itu akan dibincang dalam mesyuarat Exco Negeri, Rabu ini - 10.35 pagi -16/2/2009

  19. KT,
    Somehow got that nasty feeling Anwar must have did a number on you.You want to be a bulldog that bites, but most people see it an agenda from you like that poor bastard Rocky cock being an umno spin master.You get the drift old man!

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  21. KT 12:01 PM

    My dear friend ,
    One thing I really like about you is your consistency all this while .

    You are another Lion refering to the Lion of Jelutong who calls a Spade a Spade .

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  23. "...agar beliau meletak jawatan kerana moralnya dipertikaikan"

    So suppose Dollah was caught on spy camera while pissing in the toilet, he too must resign for bringing his morality into disrepute?

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  26. Now Nude Pics !!!!!!

    The salacious side of Malaysian politics has once again been exposed after the circulation of nude pictures said to be that of Selangor state executive councillor and PKR politician Elizabeth Wong.

    The photographs are believed to have been taken by a former boyfriend without her consent.

  27. She's a young, unmarried woman...if somebody took nude photos of her without her permission, why should she resign ?

    Chua Soi Lek was caught on video bloody committing adultery...if these BN Machais don't know the difference, I'm afraid there's no hope at all for BN....

    The photo of her standing next to Khalid Ibrahim is totally meaningless.
    You think this is Iran ?

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  30. I would urge you people to stop commenting anymore on the issue of Elizabeth Wong's photos. I don't like it especially those puerile comments.


    Five Pakatan Rakyat State Assemblypersons from Kedah have already met the higher echelons of Umno and have given their undertaking to cross over en bloc once the numbers enable Barisan Nasional to form the new government in Kedah. RM100 million has been allocated to the Kedah exercise and those crossing over are going to be well rewarded.

    In Selangor, Hassan Ali has been promised the post of Menteri Besar if he can convince enough of his people to join him in crossing over. This is of course further to the millions he and his gang are going to receive. So far he has only two from PAS and another two or so from PKR who have agreed to join him. So he will need a couple more to finalise the plan.

    More frogs on the way ?

  32. I'm disappointed with Hannah too. She's a good ADUN but unfortunately like many guillible Malaysians, she is still under Anwar's spell. Anwar Ibrahim is the biggest snake oil salesman out there! Wake-up Pakatan Rakyat! Thank good we have bloggers like KTemoc who never tires of knocking some sense into the politically naive. Readers out there: wakakakaka - up!

  33. I wish the PR members will wake up from their spell. I am sure that are other PR men/women out there who have no baggage and who can lead the PR.

  34. today she posted that she's absolutely against party hopping. some spinning words on the roll again. why don she just admit it she's young and green and makes mistake in commenting instead of spinning she's right. and bout eli's moral issue, it's not moral issue to begin with! it's blatant privacy intrusion, that's all!