Monday, February 16, 2009

UMNO's Nazri supports Elizabeth Wong, PKR's Khalid Ibrahim equivocates

UPDATE - 17 Feb early morning

Since I posted this, Khalid Ibrahim has finally voiced more committed support for Eli.

Hmmm, better late than never I suppose, but I have to say, in contrast to Nazri Abdul Aziz' correct statement against the contemptible photos and his nice word of encouragement for Eli, I have been deeply disappointed with Khalid's (political) over-caution about rallying to Eli's defence when basic decency had demanded his prompt, unreserved and 'loyal' support.


Malaysiakini - Nude photos: Exco lodges police report.

As you would gather from my post
I support Elizabeth Wong; I deplore Khir Toyo's cynical politics I have been as outraged by Khir Toyo’s failure to condemn that despicable act as I had been by the contemptible circulation of photos involving the private moments of an individual.

Instead Khir Toyo has shamefully attempted to exploit Eli’s current vulnerability. I truly despise such guttersnipe politicking.

But I have been pleasantly surprised by two BN leaders who came out as decent human beings to condemn the outrageous acts.

Malaysiakini reported in
'Gross invasion of her privacy' the following:

Nazri Abdul Aziz, Minister in Prime Minister's Department

I sympathise with the executive councillor, this thing should have not happened as she the people's representative and she had been performing her duties.

Therefore, to foil what she has done for the community in this manner is not good. But I hope her spirits (remain strong) and she will not bother about what has happened.

Bravo Nazri, well said. Today you sir have earned my respect for your statement of support, as to be expected of any decent person, more so from a parliamentarian. Thank you Datuk!

Chew Mei Fun, Wanita MCA chief

Wanita MCA empathises with Wong... We are outraged by such shameful acts of using women as sexual objects - it is an outright invasion of the privacy of women as well as exploitation of women for political use.

Well said, Mei Fun, I owe you a kiss.

But alas, read the following tap dancing equivocating statement by Elizabeth Wong’s own PKR boss, as reported by Malaysiakini:

Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, asked if Wong would be asked for her resignation, said the state government would look into all aspects of the incident before making a decision on the matter.

“Let the police report go through (it) and then we will have our own discussion on the issue,” said Khalid.

We are open to all possibilities but given the situation it is best to give the victim the right of hearing and we have to listen to her explanation.”

Dei Khalid Ibrahim, listen carefully - a good leader always stands by his troops when any one of them is in strife (and who hasn’t committed any wrong). It’s time you have a bit of backbone and come out bravely to support her. If she is the victim as you said, then WTF are you equivocating about?

She must and should be protected and supported.

And WTF do you mean by “We are open to all possibilities ..."

Are you opening the door for her possible dismissal from the Exco?

If you are, as I suspect as much through your shifty equivocating, then you are a ball-less spineless gutless no-leader.

For f* sake, just look at what Nazri Abdul Aziz of UMNO had said, in stark contrast to your beating around the bush and preparing the grounds for Eli's dismissal (or forced resignation).

May I remind you again that Nazri is UMNO, you are PKR and Eli is PKR!

Gawd, gasp, omigosh (Eli's lovely expressions), what a f*up party PKR is!


  1. WTF.

    BTW, Khalid is just another ex-umno. Bad politikus habit hard to die.

  2. I am also surprise with Khalid Ibrahim statements, but PR supporters were quick to say that is the work of BN, perhaps it is the work of PR.

  3. Boss sir,

    Believe it or not, around 10 moons ago Bukit Lanjan was considered as having higher intelectual pedigree with superior academic credentials among PKR reps.

    "... it is not how many years you have my son but your i.q. ...."

    Just to remind.

    - Seri Setia -

  4. Let me first say I wholeheartedly stand by Elizabeth Wong in this difficult period.

    Khir Toyol's total lack of moral judgement disgusts me (but I'm not surprised).

    Let me say one thing for Khalid Ibrahim. I have been a Senior Executive in exactly that situation when a subordinate whom I had confidence in was accused of wrongdoing. I personally felt the accusation grossly unfair, but as the Senior person who has to ensure a proper investigation and MAY just have to make some tough decisions later, I had to say the correct thing in public, at least until all the facts were established. Everybody else has freedom of speech, but the Head Honcho DOES NOT.

    And I remember saying almost EXACTLY how Khalid Ibrahim put it.
    Give him a break - he's not free to give his personal opinion, not at this juncture anyway.

    That is due process, not politics.

  5. why report to the police?

    The whole Fuckatan Riot lead by the boss Anwar condemn the brutality of the police, police corrupts lah, police cannot be trusted, and yet this a**h*** MB say leave investigation to the police?

    Apa you cakap, MB Khalid. Belit-belit betul

  6. Xiean

    but PR supporters were quick to say that is the work of BN, perhaps it is the work of PR.

    Won't be surprised if it turns out to be PAS . As they are also trying to embarrass PKR and trying to take over the Menteri Besar's position . One less PKR Adun means one more extra PAS Adun , going by the numbers . This could also be because they lost one Menteri Besar ( Perak ) cause by PKR froggies , Now they are trying to redeem that by taking over Selangor . Further to that they are now afraid they PAS will also lose Kedah's Menteri Besar . See my comment on Next Kedah in the previous article .That's my take and analysis .

    See this article from Malaysian Insider :
    Elizabeth Wong’s political fate may be decided by Pas
    By Neville Spykerman

    SHAH ALAM, Feb 16 – Despite being widely seen as the victim in the nude pictures scandal, Selangor Executive Councillor Elizabeth Wong may be forced to relinquish all posts and resign as the Bukit Lanjan assemblyman.

    Party sources told The Malaysian Insider that this may be the worst case scenario for Wong if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) partners, particularly Pas, do not stand by the 37 year old former environmentalist.

    But I still say that Mot***** Fcuker Khir Toyo is somehow involved as Elizabeth's former boyfriend is an Indonesian and that M Fcuker is a Javanese .I suspect a collaboration between KT and PAS !! Sounds ridiculous ?? Maybe , but my six sense tells me 50/50 chance they are involved .

  7. Hi chaptokam,

    PR foundation crack further.......

  8. Please note that the MCA operative chaptokam fully supports Elizabeth Wong in this invasion of privacy issue .
    I am also sure there are many other BN operatives previously mentioned supports her on this issue and wish her well .

    If she is forced to quit all her positions , I would call on her to recontest all those seats whether they like it or not . Leave it to your imagination who is "they"

  9. Hi Xiean

    Yep , this is the start of the internal bickering session as I mentioned before . There's no way water and oil will mix and there's no way parties with different ideologies can stay long in this marriage of inconvenience . Bound to get divorced after discovering their incompatibility .

  10. Hi chaptokam,

    Khalid's statements doesn't sound good for Elizabeth Wong, looks like they know more....

  11. Hi chaptokam,

    Khalid's statements doesn't sound good for Elizabeth Wong, looks like they know more....


    Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim in a media statement said the Pakatan Rakyat state government would stand by Wong.

    "For the past 11 months she has carried out her duties diligently and I have confidence that she will continue to perform her duties and responsibilities in serving her constituents as (a state assemblyperson) and an exco.

    "YB Elizabeth has a right to privacy in her personal life and that should be respected by all. My other exco colleagues and I will give her support during these trying times," he said.

    He added that he believed "some irresponsible parties" would use the issue for political mileage.

    "I appeal to the public not to make hasty judgments prior to full police investigations," Khalid said, adding that the matter would be discussed at the state executive council meeting on 18 Feb

  13. However, Selangor opposition chief Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo questioned Wong’s morality. “This is about morality, whether the pictures were taken with or without consent is another matter, I cannot accept a lawmaker whose morality is questionable,” Khir told The Malaysian Insider.

    What morality are you talking about you Mother fcuker ? Sorry for my language , but I really can't stand this bloody ass hole from Java .

  14. Is this PKR internal bickering?

    "....Sementara itu, Naib Presiden PKR Azmin Ali berkata, pihaknya tidak akan berkompromi dalam isu gambar bogel Elizabeth Wong. "Pendirian kita dalam pakatan adalah jelas, kita tidak akan berkompromi dalam soal moral," ujar beliau. Katanya, PKR akan mendapatkan keterangan Exco itu serta laporan polis sebelum memutuskan tindakan lanjut....."

  15. Good for Nazri.
    And the Khalid response is not good at all.
    And Wan Azizah's is inane: "There is a pattern of PKR Assemblymen being attacked," she said, alleging that the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional has had its share of scandals too. "

    I am someone not too fond of pkr politics, but I support Eli Wong in this. She has my sympathy (many of us women do) and she should carry on with her job.
    I'm disgusted with responses like that toyo fler. Wow, entirely sin-free, are we?

    Must also point out, pkr response to this is not logical either. Very early they are already pointing fingers at Umno. Even the victim herself never said so.

    to YB Eli,
    Don't worry. You have not shamed yourself in any way.


  16. Thought your previous article defending Elizabeth Wong was pretty good, but here, you jumped the gun, with regard to Khalid Ibrahim. I agree with one of the posters above: if you are in a senior position and caught virtually unawares by what has transpired, you have to take the cautious approach, especially after the katak episodes in Perak.

    Chaptokam, being his usual comical self, tries to put the blame on PAS (LMAO!). This is clearly not the case, as seen from the following reports in PAS' newspaper, Harakah:

    Elizabeth Wong jawab isu penyebaran foto bogel beliau (Eli's own statement on the matter)

    Pihak tertentu berniat jahat dalam pengedaran foto Adun Selangor (includes Khalid Ibrahim's response: very different from KT's unfair account of him above)

    Kes Elizabeth Wong tidak jejas kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat (includes Nik Aziz here -- yes, even him, defending her position as ADUN, and stating that the photos were distributed with malicious intent)

    Anyway Chaptokam: why don't you change what MCA stands to Malaysian Comedians' Association? The Chinese claim that your party no longer represents them, and the new name will make it a multi-racial party, with the possibility that tempe-eating pendatangs (like the Toyol former MB) could also join?

  17. mca = Malaysian Castrato* Association

    *Castrato = Sans Balls

    A male singer who has been castrated before puberty to preserve the soprano or contralto range of his voice; supported by a man's lungs, the voice was powerful, agile and penetrating. Castratos were used in the Roman Catholic Church for more than 300 years and occupied a dominant place in opera in the 17th and 18th centuries.

  18. It will be tough for her, even she did nothing wrong, it will be best for her to resign. She will be subject of cheeky comments in and out of parliament as well as within her own party and rival party.

    Most likely a internal work, like the case of Dr Chua..........

  19. What's wrong in this country: hard-working principled ADUN resign on non-performance related issues while tainted jumping ones stay on?

  20. Did I touch a raw nerve ??
    when I said I "Won't be surprised if it turns out to be PAS ."

    Obviously the guy who asked that MCA name be changed to the Malaysian Comedians Association could possibly be a comedian himself .
    Is shows he doesn't understand " Wont be surprised " and he has also jumped the gun on me like when he accused KT in regards to Khalid Ibrahim .

    In politics , nothing is impossible .
    It also doesn't looks at the way many people think that's what or why or when it should happen . Its all a delusion or a mirage as what they want you to believe .
    The impossible contrary to what you believe will happen , that's why we need to think out of the box .
    That's where body actions , events that happen will be the prelude to the big picture if you know how to read it .
    Analyse what I said :

    As they are also trying to embarrass PKR and trying to take over the Menteri Besar's position . One less PKR Adun means one more extra PAS Adun , going by the numbers .

    PAS has always been interested in this MB's position - true
    PAS protested against Theresa Kok's appointment as Dep MB saying there's no position provided for in the Selangor state constitution - true
    PAS has been colluding with UMNO to form a unity govt in Perak -true
    PAS has colluded with UMNO with the intent of joining it at Federal level - true
    PAS could be colluding with UMNO in Selangor with the intent of bringing it down - read this article :
    Are Kedah and Selangor next?
    Five Pakatan Rakyat State Assemblypersons from Kedah have already met the higher echelons of Umno and have given their undertaking to cross over en bloc once the numbers enable Barisan Nasional to form the new government in Kedah. RM100 million has been allocated to the Kedah exercise and those crossing over are going to be well rewarded.

    In Selangor, Hassan Ali has been promised the post of Menteri Besar if he can convince enough of his people to join him in crossing over. This is of course further to the millions he and his gang are going to receive. So far he has only two from PAS and another two or so from PKR who have agreed to join him. So he will need a couple more to finalise the plan.
    true / false / probable ??
    One less PKR Adun means one less problem for them to achieve their goal - true
    PAS lost one Menteri Besar ( Perak ) cause by PKR froggies - true
    PAS now afraid they will also lose Kedah's Menteri Besar - probable
    What's left ? Selangor

    These are all the events that have happen or are in the process of happening before the big picture comes .

  21. Anonymous 9:49 AM and Geriman

    Thank you for the name calling .

    We are seasoned to that already and we are very used to all the name calling including personal attacks . It serves no purpose and it will not help this nation .
    As it is I thank you for exposing your yourselves and your thoughts .

  22. Chaptokam! Hahahahaha! Why are you funny even when you try to be serious?? :-))

  23. Wong to quit, its sad but realistic........

  24. Well, I do kind of suspect the same as Chaptokam. This cannot be the work of BN as there are a lot better ways of ending Eli's political career if they really wanted to. They would have uploaded the video clips onto Youtube and posted the pics to foreign websites.

    We have seen how ADUN V.Arumugam (funny the name means 6 faced in Tamil)was betrayed by his own party members in revealing about his "extra curricular" activities. So I am not surprised if this was PR's internal sabotage.

    The thing we need to understand is that in Selangor, there is a war going on between PR parties. It is DAP vs PKR, DAP vs PAS, PAS vs PKR, etc. It is due to the shameless pursuit of power. It is no secret that none of them happy to share the spoils. To make matters worse, there is also in-fighting among PKR. This is between old PKR and the new , parachuted candidates from NGOs and others (like Eli, Loh, Mike, etc). These old timers of PKR are extremely jealous of these newcomers becoz withnin a short span of time these newbies managed to raise and occupy senior posts like exco and directors of state bodies. There are knives drawn and backstabbing been going on.

    People who know Selangor politics would say that this is must the work of PKR's own people. That's why some PKR folks are quick to distance from her.

  25. And Gombak MP Azmin Ali insinuating tell alot...........

  26. Just ask ourselves who got most to benefit if Elizabeth resigns ? BN ? No because, they are unlikely to win if there going to be a by-election in Bkt Lanjan.

    Also notice the pics were sent to Malay Mail and not the NST or the Star. MM is known for sensationalist news and not exactly pro-BN.

    Notice also that Eli has pissed off many developers by her staunch opposition on hill-side development. Recall at that time some DAP and many PKR folks were mighty offended and blamed her for influencing Khalid Ibrahim to the ban.

    Also these newcomers never warmed up to old skool PKR foot soldiers who thought they should be the ones who should be elevated to ADUN and other high positions within the state govt. When they did not get these positions they blamed Khalid and ever since trying to undermine him and the new PKR reps.

    Elizabeth is not exactly a popular figure among PKR rank and file as she is considered "aloof" and "business unfriendly" due to her intellectual approach and a concern for environmental and social issues.

    Just imagine someone who can take over her portfolio. This new rep can wield considerable influence and has much "opportunity" financially.

    One would expect PKR leaders including Anwar to stand firm behind Eli but there is not even a word of support from the GSOS. Instead these hyenas had been making nasty insinuations about Eli.

    I guess Anwar wanted to get rid of her and asked her to resign rather than Eli doing it voluntarily. Knowing her, she would have done so since she is someone with integrity.

    Shame on you PKR....

  27. Umm..GSOS was not in the country throughout the episode

  28. Umm..GSOS was not in the country throughout the episode

  29. I am no fan of PKR.
    Did not vote for them, and never will.
    But I think Elizabeth Wong should carry out her work as diligently as before.
    What has nudity got to do with being a good people's rep.
    Her house is her private domain and what she does there is not our business.
    Most women including I often walk aound semi-nude in our house.

  30. Hi idzan ismail,

    I do not think that is so straight forward, I afraid there may be more than sleeping in nude. That why PKR now performing damage control and buying time. Any sane political party would not want to lose people of Eli Wong calibre.

  31. To quote Killer : Just ask ourselves who got most to benefit if Elizabeth resigns ? BN ? No because, they are unlikely to win if there going to be a by-election in Bkt Lanjan.

    Looks like its either the old skool PKR chaps or the PAS young turks collaborating with KT ( Khir Toyo ) who would probably be the financier for the " bribe "

    However according to new information received , Elizabeth's former boyfriend is a local Malay who happens to be a PKR operative as some like to use this phrase . He is also a Special Assistant ( Pembantu Khas ) to a PKR MP .
    The photos were taken during the good times and sold when the relationship turned sour and in the process of breaking up or already broken up which ever is appropriate .

    So the question now is who provided the money or finances with the intention of forcing her to quit . And as Killer said who is the beneficiary ?

    Which comes back to the collaboration of enemies to finish off a common enemy . Will elaborate on this later . No way PKR or PAS goons will be able to provide the money requested .So that leaves the one whom I refer to as the M Fcuker is a prime suspect due to his constant harping on the issue asking Eli to step down . He's a prime suspect as the financer .

    Next , the former boyfriend being a PKR operative and as a special assistant to a PKR MP would have constant contact with the young turks from PKR including the one who aspires to become the next Menteri Besar of Selangor . This guy would have a leverage to demand for the MB's post failing which he can use to give veiled threats as perceived in this article :
    In Selangor, Hassan Ali has been promised the post of Menteri Besar if he can convince enough of his people to join him in crossing over. This is of course further to the millions he and his gang are going to receive. So far he has only two from PAS and another two or so from PKR who have agreed to join him. So he will need a couple more to finalise the plan.

    So here we have the financier , the plotters and the beneficiary .
    Lets see whether I am right or I got it wrong !
    Coming back to the collaboration of enemies , back in the olden days in China where there are warlords or Rulers hating the Emperor . These warlords themselves who are also fighting each other knows that they cannot overthrow the Emperor individually . So they teamed up or collaborated among themselves to remove the common enemy , the Emperor. Once that has been accomplished , they will then fight among themselves to see who will be victorious and succeed the Emperor .That strategy is being used here .

  32. Hi Xiean

    I do not think that is so straight forward, I afraid there may be more than sleeping in nude.

    You may be right as I have also received some info suggesting that but I shall not divulged that info otherwise KT ( Ktemoc ) not Khir Toyo will delete my comments .

    But to be fair to her its her own private life and she deserves her privacy as she's still single. A lot of people will find her very attractive including me . Ahem !! It has nothing to do with politics and I find it disgusting for someone to bring her down in this manner .

  33. Hi Chap and Xie An

    I agree there's more to it.
    If you see it, at first Khalid was vehemently defending Elizabeth.
    But after the Boss made his comments, he slowly relented.
    Of course Anwar wants to show the Malays especially, Pakatan do not condone flouting of moral issues.
    PAS is non-committal.
    But to me this is not sodomy, murder or corruption which touches people's lives and Elizabeth must resign.
    Let's see a new angle the, convenient blame game.
    Maybe both PR and BN created this so that there will be a by-election.
    There is no basis of proof here.
    Just to provoke you guys.

  34. Hi idzan ismail,

    The issue here is Betrayer and Careless, otherwise we will not be talking of moral issue, support and resignation.

    Take this as a lesson learn, its pay to be careful with who you sleep with, be smart and never allow it to be filmed, especially you women.........

  35. Yes bro.
    Your advice is duly noted.
    But sometimes in the hour of passion, you tend to forget you are Adun, you know.