Thursday, February 19, 2009

Perak in driverless auto-cruise

Last year in September (after 916 wakakaka) I blasted Dr Abdul Aziz Bari, a professor of law and, I suspect an anwarista, in my Don't misuse the King!

Oh, I would recommend to Hannah Yeoh she reads my post as well wakakaka.

In that post I provided a piece of advice for the good professor. I said: ... don’t try to be too clever and open the royal Pandora box.

Well, guess what happened recently in the royal Pandoerak box?

I have stop reading Dr Bari’s articles after that post-916 brouhaha-for-nothing, but I bet he must have sung a different tune when the Sultan of Perak recently dismissed Nizar and the PR government wakakaka.

Hmmm, I am having too many wakakaka’s in this post but I have to blame Dr Bari for the hilarity of the post-916 ... wakakaka - sorry, will try to be serious ;-).

So … in a lovely Ruy Lopez: Marshal counter-attack, Perak DUN speaker V Sivakumar has cornered the Sultan-appointed MB and a few of the UMNO ADUNs, and effectively/legally swung the balance of power back to the PR wakakaka (sorry) ;-).

I hate to use another chess term but alas, I have to say it: Sivakumar has brilliantly brought about a stalemate.

Wiki describes ‘stalemate as:

… a situation in chess where the player whose turn it is to move is not in check but has no legal moves.

One of the rules of chess is that stalemate ends the game, with the result a draw. Often during the endgame, stalemate is a resource that enables the player with the inferior position to draw the game.

The only possible continuation of the game in Perak has to be a new game (no wakakaka this time but wink wink nudge nudge).

But PM Abdullah Badawi has now cried ‘mama’ or rather, ‘Tuanku Tuanku’ because he stated, as reported by Malaysiakini, They've disrespected sultan's decision.

My dear PM, please remember it's the rakyat who decides on the choice of government, not the Sultan.

See what I mean by the title of my post last year Don't misuse the King! which I now extend to AAB.

BN in particular UMNO is deliberately playing on the feelings of the Perak heartland that the PR (alamak, so many Chinese and Indian ADUNs lah) is treasonous to HRH.

A sweetie told me last night that she wouldn’t be surprised if UMNO federal government resorts to its favourite weapon, the ISA, to remove Sivakumar and a few of those troublesome Perak PR ADUNs.

Already, as Malaysiakini reported in Police, MACC reports against speaker: ... several pro-Umno non-governmental organisations will file reports with the police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) against Perak speaker V Sivakumar.

But in the midst of this stalemate, where the civil government in Perak will eventually collapse, how should we save the situation?

Perhaps by:

(a) Using the ISA to remove the PR ADUNs?

(b) Declaring a state of emergency for the State of Perak and rule it through a NOC?

… or …

(c) The commonsense solution to such a terrible state of political affair in Perak: ... Return to the Perak people for their decision on who should be governing the State?

And while BN-UMNO and PR both bicker and make political chess moves against each other, and law professors gift us with their different opinions on the legality of Sivakumar's forced stalemate wakakaka, the governing of the State is left in auto-cruise ...

... but for how long would this auto-cruise be tenable?

There is one man who can end this stalemate.

Unfortunately he remains in majestic silence when he should be saying something.

God save the …….. people of Perak!


  1. Interesting! Interesting! Political wit game..... I guess they forgot about the Speaker all this while.

  2. I wonder how long suffering the people of Malaysia is. While the people power of the Philipines overthrew a corrupt Marcos Government, what will be the straw that will break the proverbial Malaysian camel's back?

    Will it be the abuse of ISA or emergency rule?

  3. Yes, Sivakumar is simply brilliant. Apart from the ISA, the dirty folks at UMNO (yes, the Toyol couldn't have acted alone) could do an Elizabeth Wong on Sivakumar, as suggested by Stock Tube:

    Deface V.Sivakumar personality – pay RM500 bucks to a photoshop specialist to doctor V.Sivakumar’s photo with a local Bollywood actress in a sexual intercourse position. In hours you’ve another Elizabeth Wong’s nude photos scandal. Now get Samy Vellu (Khir Toyo needs to rest) to demand V. Sivakumar’s resignation *simple huh?*.

  4. You forgot!

    Penang also on AUTO CRUISE as LGE is always not around .
    Perhaps it is REMOTE CONTROL from Parliament house .
    Want to create issues in Penang , do it when Parliament is in session as LGE is NOT around .

  5. Elifan

    There's a way to beat this Sivakumar guy.
    Just you wait and see.
    The might of the BN.

    Chap, LGE an absentee CM?
    Is he off to Melaka helping his wife run the DAP there.
    No wonder thousands of mudskippers are seen at Gurney Drive.
    Can we expect some mud slinging in Penang.
    Huhu, anything for controversy.
    Our politicians thrive on that.
    BTW Elizabeth has gone overseas to nurse her broken heart.
    That's the beauty of our politicos. They can get away to find peace of minds unlike us mere mortals.
    Could she have gone to Indonesia to seek a settlement with Hilmi?
    Or she's gone to USA like her boss Anwar.

  6. idzan ismail

    Chap, LGE an absentee CM?

    Only in Penang six months in a year . What can you expect from a CM who wears several hats or more explicitly as I put it has two wives , one in Penang and the other in Kuala Lumpur ? You either take care of Penang ( 1st wife ) full time or you take care of Federal / National issues in Parliament full time . Right now he's like a loose person , running around from Penang to Parliament to Malacca to Perak to becoming Anwar's ADC everywhere.

    And still talking like an Opposition YB in Penang when he is running the state that's why he is our Cheap Minister of Penang .

    We are suffering here in Penang with this joker running around . Police parking summons have gone up to 100 ringgit from 50 with no automatic reduction . Municipal parking compounds have to be paid in full at 30 ringgit , no automatic reduction , used to pay 15 after a 50% reduction . Parking collection everywhere is now extended to 12.00 midnight . Imagine paying parking fees until 12.00 midnight , use to be until 5.00pm in town area and until 10pm at Gurney Drive areas .

    So Sis , what say you ? on this Low Grade Entertainer ?

  7. Elifan

    Sivakumar is simply brilliant ?

    What say you if this were to happen in Parliament ? Whereby the Parliament speaker suspends all the Oppostion MPs (PR Mps) for 18 months or maybe less say one year ?

    Would you call the Parliament Speaker brilliant ? Maybe that could be done in due time .

    And in the meantime Sivakumar will be charged with sedition very soon .

  8. I don't quite agree with the way speaker handle it... as it can set a dangerous precedent...

    but nonetheless, the speaker sworn into the position to uphold the constitution, which clearly ruled that the Zambry government is ILLEGAL...

    Maybe we really need drastic measure during drastic times~

  9. Purely a desperate kamikaza move. The speaker V Sivakumar must have been order to carry out this mission of no return, that how PR leaders rewards their people. Sacrifice of pawn is no big deal...........

  10. According to the news, it is proposed by DAP lawyer cum ADUN Wong Kah Woh, execute by Sivakumar.

    Good move, it is really a stalemate.

    Even AAB and NR dare not to play the emergency card - it will hit the volatile economy and trigger a drastic fell on KLSE, BN stand to lose more money than gain (Perak state).

    A lots of foreign investor is just taking oppornutiy to close down manufacture operation and do lay off should there is any disarray happens, to avoid paying compensation. Billions has been pump in to support KLSE to float around 850-900.

    AAB purposely avoid the emergency move, and throw the balls to NR. Well, we all know who own Chimp bank and many other listed company.

  11. sivakumar disappearing act, courtesy of you know who lah.

    ha2, you think the in coming wants a by-election? you kidding, KT.

    I feel so sorry for your friend Najib. Whichever way he is dmaned. He goes into a bye election, he will lose his pants. (oops, better take a photo and circulate in the internet of his endowment).
    he throw the emergency boook, he is dman for life.

    His way out? Ask Rosmah lah.

  12. Well this deadlock can only be solved by you know who?
    He is paid by the taxpayers money so could someone please tell him to wake up and undo the f$#%@ing wrong .Then the whole of Perak can be at peace.Is it so f#$@^ING HARD TO LET THE PEOPLE DECIDES THE GOVERNMENT OF THEIR CHOICE?
    Does'nt the guy who is so learned in law understands the people's anger and anguish?Why want to be stubborn or is it he is paranoid or senile?

  13. Photos of Sivakumar sleeping semi-nude, with strategic shots taken up his sarung, will soon be circulating in cyberspace. Hope he has better sense than Eli, and wears underpants beneath his sarung.

  14. Clearly the hostile move by the Perak speaker is to force a state election, but a war which open up more front without a sound defenses is not brilliant, like what I said earlier "KAMIKAZA" Its obvious their provocation have antagonize the HRH further instead of getting the HRH to their side. What will happen to the speaker status if HRH retaliate and banish Sivakumar from the state "death" and I think this is likely to happen. Even if there is a state by election and PR won what will happen if HRH refuse to swear in the elected representative "also death".

    Of course we prefer solutions to be solved based on principles of natural justice, but Sivakumar as the speaker already showed the way by being partisan. Simple if you want to play that way let play your way and see who can play better. If HRH carry out what I mention above what you pro PKR have to say?.................

  15. Hi Chaptokam,

    BN should start playing their game, purposely find fault with PR ADUN and suspense them for five years, give them the taste of their own medicine, you people still got eight states and the federal govern, give them back.

    Once beaten twice shy......but the PR people never learn....

  16. XieAn, it's a myth that HRH can banish or ban anyone from his State. He has no such constitutional power. At most, HRH can refuse to invite someone to his birthday party or personal (but not State) function waakakakakakaka

  17. Aiyoyo...BN didn't do its coup-de-tat
    homework properly lah. No point screaming "DERHAKA" now.

    Did Sivakumar say anything about Royalty ? NO.
    BN overlooked the fine print that the PR Speaker - REMAINS the Speaker. BN is free to challenge his ruling in Court.

    I used to complaint bitterly how unfair some of the BN speaker's rulings were. My wiser lawyer friends shook their heads and lamented that its damned difficult to overturn a Speaker's decision in court. What goes around, comes around.....

  18. Chaptokam: The Speaker's decision cannot be challenged. Charging his legitimate action in a court of law, or worse, as you stupidly suggested, charging him for sedition for his legitimate action, is not going to work!

  19. Elifan : How about suspending all the PR / Opposition MPs from Parliament for one year ? As you said , the Parliament Speakers decision cannot be challenged ? So that will be another stalemate in Parliament ? Tit for a Tat ????

    My reason suggesting him to be charged under sedition derives from the fact that the Menteri Besar is sworn in by HRH . To go against his decision tantamount to usurping his powers which amounts to treason and therefore can be charged for treason or sedition .

  20. Isn't it astonishing and laughable that our flip-flopping sleeping PM should ask the illegal Perak MB to make a police report.

    Good God, if a PM (and the DPM/PM designate) who has the power over our entire nation cannot resolve the impasse amicably with the different factions and the Sultan, what exactly is he there for?

    This alone is telling in that UMNO/BN do not have adequate leadership and that its days in the sun is over.

    It's time to call for fresh elections not just in Perak, but the whole nation!!

  21. KT,

    Tks....learn something today from you. But I still maintain that Sivakumar is finish, one way or other. His actions is also unconstitutional.Below statements abstract for NST.

    Several PR lawmakers here said the move was totally unexpected as they had painstakingly gone through the state constitution and the assembly's Standing Orders prior to Wednesday's hearing before the Rights and Privileges Committee.

    "I was shocked upon hearing Sivakumar's decision. We had discussed about this (possibility of suspending Zambry and his exco members) and strongly advised against it.

    "By doing so, we have fallen into our own trap, akin to stepping on a banana peel planted by ourselves.

    "I honestly do not know whose advice he (Sivakumar) took before making up his mind," said a PR lawmaker.

  22. Ktemoc, why do I get this sense that you're one of those anti-Anwar, pro-Pakatan bloggers who can't seem to be impartial and judge actions rather than characters? And you seem to attract such like-minded readers too - most of the commentators here are not thinking rationally, simply delivering judgements and being prophets, decrying of what is to come! Please, put your money where your mouth is! Don't be another Ibrahim Ali!

  23. The Perak Crisis: Karpal stumped by Sivakumar's decision

    IPOH: Pakatan Rakyat members are shaking their heads in disbelief over the suspension of Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six exco members by Speaker V. Sivakumar for 18 months and 12 months respectively.
    Even DAP chairman Karpal Singh, a prominent lawyer, is stumped by Sivakumar's decision to order the suspension.

    Karpal told a press conference at Parliament House in Kuala Lumpur Sivakumar must call for the assembly to meet to endorse his decision to suspend Zambry and six executive councilors.

    He said Sivakumar's decision must be endorsed by the house.
    read rest of article here :

    Sivakumar ...Oh ...Sivakumar
    What have you done ?
    You are walking on thin ice !!!
    You are putting yourself in a precarious situation .
    Don't make yourself into a hero !
    Cause a dead hero is no hero .

  24. PM in contempt, says Ngeh

    By Adip Zalkapli

    KUALA LUMPUR, 20 — Perak DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham accused Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi of being in contempt of the Perak state assembly privilege committee because the prime minister had admitted asking Perak menteri besar Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir to defy his suspension.

    Perak Speaker V Sivakumar has suspended Zambry and the entire state executive council from the assembly for between 12 and 18 months, in the latest development of the Perak constitutional crisis.

    Ngeh alleged today that Abdullah had broken the law when he asked Zambry to lodge a police report against the speaker, as he argued such an act contravened Section 3 of the Perak Legislative Assembly (Privileges) 1959.

    According to him, the section states that no member of the legislative assembly, which also includes the speaker, shall be liable to any civil suit or criminal proceedings, arrest, imprisonment or damages for anything done or said by them in the state assembly or any committee.

    read rest of story here :

    This is the shit stirrer who caused all the trouble , if not for him Hee would not have become an independent . Can somebody please plug a banana into his mouth ! .

    If a female legislator gets molested in the Perak Legislative Assembly then she cannot lodge a police report as according to this Ngeh fellow , no member of the legislative assembly, which also includes the speaker, shall be liable to any civil suit or criminal proceedings, arrest, imprisonment or damages for anything done or said by them in the state assembly or any committee.

    What low quality legislator have we got here ? Another idiot ! I think they can do anything in the Perak assembly including throwing of chairs , shoes , wearing just their undies , etc , etc ,.....

  25. One day BN syok-syok
    Next day PR syok-syok
    Third day back to BN syok-syok

    Who cares about the rakyat...

    Anyway, Chaptokam was very happy with BN's ethics-less takeover, so he has ZERO moral credibility...

  26. Anyway, Chaptokam was very happy with BN's ethics-less takeover, so he has ZERO moral credibility...

    That's politics , lah ......stupid !
    If you want to be in high profile politics be prepared for any eventuality cos in politics there is no long term friend and there is no long term enemy . Today you are my friend , tomorrow you are my enemy and vice-versa .

    Ever heard this phrase : to excel in politics , one's heart must be blacker than coal and you chop off the head of an enemy without blinking your eye . If you can comprehend what I am saying , then you would not be asking or posting those comments .

  27. KT,
    Your goon Chaptokan is getting a bit annoying and this bloody old motherf#@$#% ought to be censured.Your comment sect with this guys sucks.Period!

  28. To anon 5:19 PM,

    You project yourself as a product of Hitler's super human beings that share the believed that they super creature were able to see things that average human could not and looking out at the masses as inane, stupid and animal-like.

    Please, go back to that era and joint him, current time is not suitable for your type.

  29. Anonymous 9:37 AM

    If you like to hear comments pleasing to your ears , there are many blogs that will please you to your balls .

    Try Malaysia Today and Susan Loone .
    We write not to please anyone , we write to objectively put our views across , if you think our views sucks , there's a place your lips would full fill its job , try your mother's tits , but be careful you might be drinking expired milk hopefully not yet yogurt .

  30. And Anonymous 9:37 AM stop complaining about me , telling the blog owner to delete my comments , spammer , saying I'm getting a bit annoying , calling for me to be censured .
    This only shows your weak character , that you cannot engage a commenter in a civilised , knowledgeable and professional way .

    Typical of low class quality , mentality squirks .