Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elizabeth Wong - betrayed and betrayed again!

As I had voiced my fears in UMNO's Nazri supports Elizabeth Wong, PKR's Khalid Ibrahim equivocates I believe that’s about to come to fruition, namely my fears that PKR is gradually disowning Elizabeth Wong (Eli to her mates), who is its ADUN for Bukit Lanjang and an Exco of Selangor State.

I had written what Malaysiakini reported of Khalid Ibrahim’s initial lack of support for Eli):

Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, asked if Wong would be asked for her resignation, said the state government would look into all aspects of the incident before making a decision on the matter.

“Let the police report go through (it) and then we will have our own discussion on the issue,” said Khalid.

We are open to all possibilities but given the situation it is best to give the victim the right of hearing and we have to listen to her explanation.”

Man man lai at its most gutless equivocating.
Thus I had feared he was preparing to cast Eli away like a used tissue. Though he subsequently voiced his support for Eli (which he should have in the first place) I wasn’t all that convinced.

Today, alas, I read with greatness sadness Malaysiakini article Nude photos: Wong offers to quit.
Eli had bravely but with tears tendered her resignation as both Exco and ADUN for Bukit Lanjang to the MB.

Malaysiakini photo

In another accompanying Malaysiakini piece 'I've done nothing wrong' Eli stated her innocence from any immoral or criminal acts but announced: “I have decided to make a stand, in the interest of the party and its struggle for the people.”

I have also received a letter from PKR Sungei Petani, which after lambasting Khir Toyo and Ali Rastam has this to say (extracts):

Dear Elizabeth,

We, the member of PKR nationwide will always support and stand firm behind you in facing this incident !

Besides, I would like to urge the leaders of PKR especially central leadership to support our YB Elizabeth and persuade her not to quit.

As reported by Merdeka Review, the force of[sic] calling her to quit is actually PKR party leaders after last night's meeting.

As we know this is the conspiracy of BN, it has nothing to do with Eli's moral. Therefore I would call for all PKR party leaders to stand firm behind Elizabeth and support her to continue her responsibility to serve the people !

Dear PKR Leaders, it is time for your to show your support to someone who had sacrificed a lot for the party and the people of Malaysia !

“… the force calling her to quit is actually PKR party leaders after last night's meeting.”

"... and then we will have our own discussion on the issue,” said Khalid"

Why would a person with the inner strength and fighting spirit of Eli who has proclaimed her innocence resign, ... if she was not under pressure from her own PKR people?

Pertinent notes:

(i) She has not committed any crimes,

(ii) She is single,

(iii) Not a Muslim (so khalwat is not an issue),

(iv) Didn't steal anyone's husband,

(v) events photographed were in the privacy of her home,

(vi) I will deal with the unmitigated bullsh*t of her alleged immorality later in another post

So why should she resign?

Today Khalid Ibrahim ran, it would seem, to hide behind the yellow sarong as reported by Malaysiakini in MB to seek 'royal guidance' on exco's status.

And a hitherto silent Anwar Ibrahim has finally emerged to comment on the issue, but adopted Khalid Ibrahim’s half-hearted support of Eli – see Malaysiakini Anwar: We'll decide after she returns from leave.

What is there to decide any further when a victim of a sleazy operation, your party member and a most loyal one, needs your immediate support? Her going on leave is a totally separate matter which shouldn't affect your immediate and unequivocal support of Eli Wong - She badly needs that right now - but I guess that's just too much to ask.

Suffice to say right now, I had enough of the PKR half-hearted wimp-ish man man lai evasive answers.

Eli was betrayed by someone she trusted who took the photos. But I am more disgusted by those who would betray Eli Wong during her most vulnerable time of need.


  1. “I have decided to make a stand, in the interest of the party and its struggle for the people.”


    sounds like the party wants her to quit. rubbish aside, i agree she's innocent and victim of gross privacy intrusion. and pkr, mb, bn watsoever has no right to demand her resignation. as an (ex)activist, she should stand up and fight for her own belief and never let her constituent down, even the damage is more of personal. and to those ppl eager to take peek of the photos, they should ashamed of themselves and stop spreading the links and have respect eli and spare her from this indignity..

  2. Sorry - I think the party did the right thing and not to commit either way publicly as a wrong decision and outcome could become egg in the face for the party.

    Hopefully behind the scenes, the party leadership are giving her the fullest support.

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  6. This is the GSOS' official statement,

    "Elizabeth Wong has spoken at length to Azizah and me. We have discussed the issues and we understand her reasons and the decision she has taken.".

    Tell me, based on what PR told us so far, where is the justificaition for her resignation ? Mind you, PR's de facto leader himself has been jailed, facing a sodomy charge and has a morality that is full of holes like the Moon.

    She has done nothing wrong and committed no offence legally(based on PR's account).

    So this could mean 2 things. One, they are not telling us the whole story which might paint Eli in a nagative light and / or involve violation of legal and ethical codes. Second, it could be an over-riding consideration for taking a high moral ground. Well, I would rather belief Osama bin Ladin when he talks morality than the GSOS. DSAI considers ethics, morality and laws as something that useful only when they can be used to attack BN.

    All these statements and the PKR leaders' body language only go to confirms my theory that Eli has been framed by PKR Old Guard faction. As such the candidate for Bkt Lanjan (if this comes to that) would be intresting.

    As for the bumbling clown Khalid, yet again he demonstrated an inability to make decision and want the Sultan to do for him so that he can be absolved if this blows up on this face.

    The next few days will be interesting as more details of the scandal emerges. I suspect just like the case of V Arumugam, we might end up with a completely different story altogether

  7. I'm sure the overwhelming majority of non-Malays and more liberal minded urban Malays in the country will consider her an innocent victim, sympathise with, and support her.

    But, There are other realpolitik considerations.

    Strictly speaking she was committing Khalwat with Hilmi, her Malay boyfriend (ex-, that is).

    While it is not a legal offense for a non-Muslim, it will not be easy even for Silver-Tounged Anwar Ibrahim to explain in the kampung heartland, especially with PKR/PR facing two by-elections in rural constituencies. In addition Anwar needs to keep PAS on-board the Selangor government.

    I had felt for a long time that Eli's relationship with Hilmi would inevitably come to a grief.
    I couldn't see it having any long term future, but I kept quiet as it was none of my business.
    I'm very sorry it ended up like this.

    Its all very sordid and sad, but in the end, Eli is politically expendable.

    Be brave Eli. Be wiser in your future relationships.

  8. The half hearted support and actions from her party leadership give rise to doubt her claim of innocent. Any sane political party would not want to lose people of Eli Wong calibre. Who actually cause most damage to her, her own party.....

  9. It prove my though that PKR actually infested by at least 30% of scum.

    March 08 election has catapult many clean PKR candidates that OUTRUN scum inside PKR. Eli Wong are one of those. And UMNO doesn't espect this either.

    If Eli Wong quit, it only mean PKR are HOPELESS umno substitue that are WORST than PAS.

  10. Eli
    Kindly consider to recontest your seat. To prove it to those block heads that you still have the support of the people in your constituency .

    The other way is are you prepared to contest under the BN banner ? I'll lobby for you direct to the top .

    Forget about PKR , PR , people who do not stand by you during trying times .

  11. Folks, take a step back from the emotions.

    She is an innocent victim, YES.

    I had one of those damned e-mails in my Inbox this morning and I dumped it straight into the Trash, but how many people downloaded the photos ?

    Can she realistically continue as an Executive Councillor of His Majesty's Selangor State Government, with thousands of copies of her naked pictures flying around the internet ?


    I'm very sorry, Eli, you are a wonderful person, but this is life.

    Bad things happen to good people.

  12. PAS S'gor said politicians must have moral integrity. If investigation reveal any moral transgression on the part of Elizabert Wong, PAS Selangor wants appropriate action to be taken against her..

    What is PAS term of Moral transgression....sleeping in nude?

    What is PAS appropriate action.....stone to death?

  13. I am sorry, but I beg to differ. Why should the victim be made a victim again? Would a victim of rape deserve any less respect? Similarly, why should our respect to this person be any less?

  14. @chaptokam
    "Kindly consider to recontest your seat"

    Correct me if I am wrong but resigners cannot contest for 5 years or something.

    PS: Unless the rules do not apply to BN candidates of course (like the maximum campaign spending for instance). In which case, your advice is very relevant ;)

  15. Dear Kaytee

    The trouble with us humans, we are not so good also, but we expect our reps to be on high moral ground.
    If Elizabeth expects his bosses to defend or protect her, sorry sis, you are in politios world, where cat eats mouse.
    If I am Elizabeth, I will resign if forced to, but I will drag my boss too.
    He's no holy-moly.
    He's got moral issues too.
    Oh I forgot he's a man.
    This Hilmi, son of a gun, is surely a married man.
    That is why he did not make an honest woman of her.
    Pity the woman, a national embarrasment and facing it alone.
    Enough already.
    Do not be too judgemental.
    Next time it could be your mum, your wife or your sister.

  16. Xiean

    PAS Selangor wants appropriate action to be taken against her..

    I hoope the Chinese in Selangor will come to their senses and STOP supporting them .Period .

    No point talking about these people wearing skull caps , had their brains all clogged up .

    See my comment in the previous article implying they has a hand in this . Collaborating with Hilmi (Eli's ex boyfriend ) and possibly with Khir Toyo .

    They would stoned a woman who has been raped to death for adultery.

  17. Remember what Azmin Ali said the other day?


    "....Sementara itu, Naib Presiden PKR Azmin Ali berkata, pihaknya tidak akan berkompromi dalam isu gambar bogel Elizabeth Wong. "Pendirian kita dalam pakatan adalah jelas, kita tidak akan berkompromi dalam soal moral," ujar beliau. Katanya, PKR akan mendapatkan keterangan Exco itu serta laporan polis sebelum memutuskan tindakan lanjut....."

  18. In view of this lowdown shenanigance, our RULERS too are keeping their lips sealed..HRH Sultan of S'gor said many things recently, HRH the Agong yesterday said some things about unity blah blah blah...Isnt it time they stand up and say !!!!ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!
    tHE FORMER LORD PRESIDENT...NOTHING TO SAY....my my my What have we Malaysians(Malays/Indians/Chinese/Ibans/Dayaks/etc/etc)done to deserve this fate? Divine intervention desprately needed..

  19. What? Hilmi?? You are here too? LOL! Chaptokam!! (ever the joker!!): Eli running under the BN banner??? Hahahahahaha! That's a good one! You will campaign for her if she does? Hahahahahaha! That's an even better one!! LMAO!!

  20. KT

    I am revising my views on her after viewing those awful pics of her in various..ahem...poses.

    Her position now is totally untenable not just because Hilmi's a married and a Muslim but her political foes (which includes every party right from PAS to UMNO) will exploit the issue to the hilt.

    I liked her too since she proved time and time again to be someone with principles unlike the rest of Selangor exco who suddenly became "business friendly" (just like our Cheap Minister of Penang).

    I am sorry to see her go but I think she has no choice. And do not for a moment take what the GSOS says. That sodomite has forked tongue. I wouldn't be surprised if he is forcing her to go as we speak.

  21. you all can grandstand about your morality.

    whats worse, a land grabbing ex-MB or some nude photos? What more, she is not a bloody Muslim and why do you all apply your muslim laws.

    KT, I thought your anger will be applied more towards the pontificating corrupt ex-MB and that Hamid fella.

    Toyo, bring your army to Bukit Lanjan. We will defeat you coz goodness will always triumph over evil and darkness. I fone stand on the side of righteousness, there is nothing to fear.

  22. If Malaysians of all backgrounds cannot recognise the fact that Elizabeth Wong should continue her work despite this incident, then I think no need to bitch about how Malays are the ones who deny Malaysia meritocracy. You yourself don't understand a damn thing about meritocracy.

    But the thing that sickens me the most are the jokers who say "yea I think she should continue, but then this is Malaysia la"... WTF is that supposed to mean? What defines Malaysia if not her people?

    If you take your own value system and put it in a box for safe-keeping, then of course the country will undergo Islamization, Malay ultranationalisation, UMNOisation etc... and it's YOUR fault, due to YOUR lack of political courage, or perhaps your lack of belief in your own value system... which means perhaps you should just embrace Islam and be done with it.

  23. Anon of 11:08 PM, February 17, 2009, I have already expressed my utmost disgust with Khir Toyo for his grubby exploitation of Eli's unfortunate situation.

    But I am angry at the lack of old-fashioned loyalty and leadership, the reluctance of her PKR top brass to stand by her, as she has not committed any crimes, corrupt acts or dismeanours.

    What she had done in the privacy of her house (provided it's not a legal crime) is not for people to moralise over, nor to pass judgement nor to comment on. It's akin to peeping in someone's bedroom and then hypocritically expressing horror or puerile comments at what the couple had done in the private confines of their room.

    In fact, righteous people would apprehend those who pass those photos around as criminals. But this is a side issue.

    The main grievance I have is that she has been let down by her own party because of their gutless fears that she could drag PKR down.

    The sad thing is political interests, opportunism and expediency have truly murdered loyalty well and good.

  24. Is Hilmi a married man? Then Eli Wong needs to pay “moral damages” to his cuckolded wife.


  25. http://www.mmail.com.my/Hunt_for_Wong_culprit.aspx

    Hunt for Wong culprit
    By Yushaimi Yahaya and Frankie D'Cruz February 17, 2009 Categories: News

    Nude photographs of Selangor legislator Elizabeth Wong were handed over to the Petaling Jaya police last night by the Malay Mail.

    A Bukit Aman task force, assigned to probe the case, is expected to interview several people, including a Parti Keadilan Rakyat member in his 30s said to be Wong’s former boyfriend, to identify the perpetrators behind the recording of the images.

    The boyfriend, a former PKR divisional secretary and now an ordinary member, is a personal assistant to a PKR Member of Parliament.

    Wong, 37, who is also Bukit Lanjan assemblyman and State executive councillor for tourism, consumer affairs and environment, told Malay Mail during a meeting last Friday that she had broken up with her boyfriend.

    Malay Mail editors, who had alerted Wong to the pictures at the same meeting, handed over two images to senior police officers, who later recorded a brief statement from them last night.

    One was a picture of her sleeping on the sofa of her Bukit Gasing home, and the other, with her private parts exposed.

    Police were also informed that Wong had confirmed that the pictures were taken in her home.

    Wong had confirmed to Malay Mail at last Friday's meeting that the pictures were that of her but maintained that the identity of the photographer was a mystery.

    Police sources said the probe, to ascertain who had taken the pictures which Wong had claimed were taken without her consent, is expected to also cover a report published in theSun yesterday.

    The newspaper had front-paged a report on the existence of “at least 10 other” photographs and video clips of a State assemblywoman.

    It reported that it had sighted two photographs and “at least 10 other pictures that have fallen into the
    hands of unscrupulous people who are attempting to use it for political purposes”. theSun had said that the two photos it sighted showed a PKR State assemblywoman “asleep on a couch, her clothes ruffled and tousled, exposing intimate areas”.

    Malay Mail also had a report yesterday on nude photographs of Wong being in public domain. In our report, we had stated that it was not known if the photos were widely available.

    Wong, who issued a media statement yesterday after making a police report in Damansara the night before, is scheduled to give her full statement to the police this afternoon.

    The Selangor State Exco is expected to meet this morning to discuss the matter.

    Leaders of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition met last night to discuss the issue which has sparked a public debate, with Barisan Nasional and PR leaders as well as the public having mixed views.

  26. This is what I got from Antares about the perpetrator of the crime. It is certainly more believable than the incredibly jocular speculations that the circulation of the photos was from PKR, PAS, DAP, Anwar Ibrahim, Khalid Ibrahim, Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang etc... (The kind of jokes that Chaptokam indulges in, LMAO!):

    I just received an SMS saying he was a Malay guy and that he's now hiding in Indonesia, after receiving an undisclosed amount for handing the photos he took over to a party best left unnamed - but most of us have a pretty good idea who in Selangor desperately wants to see you [Eli] out of the exco.

    Anyway, this is a lesson for all ladies not to get involved with UMNO men, or those who can be bribed by UMNO (like some stupid members of the PKR). It doesn't take complicated logic to know who was the one who sponsored this, or at least is privy to it. There is a Javanese pendatang who is wantonly excited about the photos and want Elizabeth to resign. The one guilty of taking the photos is also hiding in the Javanese pendatang's homeland. Very clearly, the pendatang was ready with his comment when this unfortunate story became public knowledge, and quickly uttered it. As a contrast, the top brass at PKR were caught unawares at that time, and obviously did not know what to respectably say at the spur of the moment. They are very unlike the well-prepared pendatang, who had a ready comment. The answer as to who the "party best left unnamed" is, is clear.

  27. Is her boyfriend Hilmi? see below

    From Elizabeth blog posted on 10March 2008

    ".......My special thanks to the following folks:- My family - especially my mother who came down all the way from Ipoh to support me, like making me sleep, making me swallow 5 vitamin pills each morning and for all those soups and herbal drinks; my boyfriend Hilmi who has been incredibly patient and supportive..... '

    Full link here:-


    GE12) THANK YOU!!!!!!! March 10, 2008
    Posted by elizabethwong in "We can do better", Current Affairs, Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.
    Tags: Bukit Lanjan, GE12, PRU12, Selangor

  28. Gambar bogel Elizabeth Wong soal kecil…ada kes yang lebih besar di sebaliknya


    Isu Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri PKR kawasan Bukit Lanjan Selangor Elizabeth Wong tidak terhenti setakat penyebaran gambar bogelnya yang didakwa diambil secara curi.

    Tidak ada siapapun yang waras fikiran merestui perbuatan rakam curi yang ikut istilah Wong ‘menceroboh privasinya’.

    Apa yang Agendadaily dengar menjadi soksek di kalangan ahli-ahli PKR sendiri ialah pimpinan parti itu khususnya Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim tengah cukup berserabut memikirkan bagaimana nak tangani isu Wong tanpa melondeh pekong yang bakal nak ‘meletup’.

    Buat sementara mereka boleh halakan senapang ke arah sandiwara tuduhan biasa ia tindak tanduk jahat Barisan Nasional nak jatuhkan wakil rakyat Barisan Pembangkang.

    Namun tidak berapa lama lagi orangramai akan mula sedar apa isu sebenarnya di sini. Ia bukan sekadar gambar tetapi lebih melibatkan soal moral seorang pemimpin dan wakil rakyat PKR.

    Wong bukan beragama Islam maka tidak hairanlah seperti yang dikatanya dengan tegas dalam sidang akhbarnya di ibupejabat PKR pagi Selasa beliau tidak merasa ada buat apa-apa yang salah dan tidak malu dengan seksualitinya sebagai wanita bujang.

    Sebab itu soal adanya lelaki dalam rumahnya di Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya yang didakwa ambil gambarnya itu bukan jadi isu baginya.

    Yang jadi isu baginya ialah gambar yang dirakam curi itu saja yang jejaskan reputasinya sebagai wakil rakyat.

    Apa yang pasti Wong yang berstatus wanita bujang berusia 37 tahun itu kenal baik atau intim sekali dengan lelaki yang berada dalam rumahnya itu.Jika tidak mana mungkin lelaki itu boleh berada di dalam rumahnya apa lagi ketika dia sedang tidor di atas sofa.

    Namun apa yang cuba ditutup dan jadi perkara yang amat dibimbangi oleh para pemimpin PKR sekarang takut-takut ia ‘meletup” dan menjejaskan imej parti ialah teman lelaki Wong dikatakan seorang Pemuda Melayu Islam.

    Lebih membingung mereka lagi ialah teman lelaki itu dikatakan ahli PKR sendiri dan berkhidmat sebagai pembantu kepada seorang ahli parlimen PKR di Selangor.

    Kalau betul bagai dikata ini sudah jadi kes bersekedudukan antara seorang wanita bukan Islam dengan lelaki Islam sama-sama ahli PKR.

    Jadi bagaimana mereka nak rasionalkan hal ini di kaca mata orangramai dan para penyokong khususnya yang beragama Islam.

    Cuba bayangkan bagaimana rakan parti itu dalam Barisan Pembangkang khususnya PAS nak turut sama mempertahankan Wong apabila kelak tahu ia melibatkan kes bersekedudukan dengan seorang lelaki Islam ahli PKR.

    Ketika mereka cuba mendakwa BN tidak bermoral cuba menjatuhkan wakil rakyat mereka rupa-rupanya insan yang mereka cuba lindungi itu sendiri tidak bermoral dari kaca mata orang Islam.

    Sungguh anih sidang akhbar Wong tidak ada sesi soal jawab.Kenapa beliau takut nak bersoal jawab dengan para wartawan.

    Beliau juga mengelak untuk bercakap lebih mengenai identiti teman lelakinya.

    Apakah ini kerana takut para wartawan korek perihal teman lelakinya itu seorang pemuda Melayu beragama Islam.

    Anwar sendiri mengelak ketika ditanya wartawan dalam sidang akhbarnya di lobi Parlimen petang Selasa adakah kemungkinan gambar Wong yang berbogel itu dirakam oleh ahli PKR dan mereka yang rapat dengan wanita itu,

    Bayangkan ini jawapan Anwar ,”Saya tak tahu, saya tak mahu campur, sesiapa yang ambil kerja ni kerja jahat, siapa yang edar kerja ni kerja yang aibkan orang..jadi saya tak tahu,”.

    Mana mungkin Anwar tidak tahu siapa teman lelaki Wong kerana Penasihat PKR itu sendiri kata beliau dan isterinya Datin Seri Wan Azizah Ismail sudah menemui ADUN Bukit Lanjan itu untuk mendengar penjelasannya.

    Untuk mengelak lagi beliau sekadar menjawab,"Kita dengar penjelasan beliau dan berasa simpati terhadap apa yang beliau tanggung berhubung usaha untuk menyerang peribadinya yang sangat jahat.”

    Soal yang semua orang nak tahu siapa sang penjahat yang ambil gambar curi Wong .Itu Anwar belum cakap secara pasti kecuali main sandiwaranya menuduh BN.

    Satu sumber yang rapat dengan pimpinan PKR memberitahu Agendadaily sebenarnya ada kalangan pimpinan PKR sudah lama tahu teman lelaki Wong itu ada simpan sesuatu “pasal Wong” dan telah cuba memujuknya agar tidak bertindak menyebarnya.

    Sumber itu mengakui insiden penyebaran gambar itu lebih berpunca dari pertelingkahan peribadi antara seorang lelaki dan seorang wanita yang ' ada hal' .

    Ditanya mengapa BN pula yang dituduh sedangkan pekong itu sukar nak ditutup,sumber itu hanya tersenyum sambil selamba berkata, “ biasalah tu.” - 17/2/2009

  29. http://satirapolitik.blogspot.com/2009/02/elizabeth-wong-paradoxical-society.html

    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Elizabeth Wong - The Paradoxical Society

    I havent 'touched' the blog for quite some time, due to some foreseen and unforeseen events that have unfolded for the past few months..Anyway, cut the crap, lets focus on the Bkt Lanjan's rep nudity issue for now..

    I strongly condemned the immoral, unethical, wrongful act of Eli's disgruntled ex-boyfriend(they broke up recently, according to report) in disclosing all the indecent, private pictures of her to the public. But at the same time I also strongly belittled her claims that the event is an attempt by her opponents -BN composite parties- to discredit her as a person, and as a politician. This is a very malicious, discrediting, misleading comment in my opinion. This is an attempt to shape and influence the public in general, to become what is known as a paradoxical society.

    While BN, for the last decade especially, has been strongly advocating what I term as 'unhealthy & unfair policies' in its political actions, to put all the blame of one's problem/wrongdoing squarely onto BN ONLY is foolish and absurd. And totally unfair. Is there a need to politicise this issue by blaming BN for her ex-boyfriend's fault? Judging from the formal statements coming from Eli's camp so far, there has been no condemnation focussing on her ex-bf's wrongful action so far - all the talks has been on:

    The events of the past two days have shown an insidious and underhanded attempt by certain quarters to smear my reputation. My personal life and privacy have been violated.
    These people have conspired to undermine my credibility both as a Selangor State Exco Member as well as a Keadilan leader. Although the smear campaign directed towards me has caused me a lot of anguish, I am aware that the real objective is to discredit Parti Keadilan Rakyat.


    It is precisely this that I believe that these attacks will continue with greater intensity, and I have no doubt that Umno and Barisan Nasional will continue to manipulate the situation. Accordingly, I have decided to make a stand, in the interest of the party and its struggle for the people.

    Read the full statement from Eli's blog.

    Come to think about it - wouldn't it be more beneficial for Umno/BN to secretly get pictures of PR top leaders ie LGuan Eng, Anwar, Azmin etc etc in compromising position - for the purpose of shaming them, instead of focusing their efforts on a leader like Elizabeth Wong? After all, Elizabeth's influence inside PR alliance is not that prominent. Elizabeth has been dragging her feet on this issue for quite sometime -a political mistake in my opinion- and has been giving out conflicting statements on the status of those pictures (rumours going around of a video as well).

    I'm pretty sure, given the circumstances in the country today, any BN leader exposed in the same way as Eli, will be chastised by PR leadership (some, if not most) as well. Or am I wrong about this?

    She should have criticised the action of her ex-boyfriend, and not dragging Umno and BN into it. Of course Umno and BN will grab this opportunity to discredit her - its their job! Just like PR, which I am sure will take advantage of any BN's wrongdoings as well, right? But to say that it is BN's fault (in snapping those pictures & distributing it freely on the internet), is purely "disgruntled" hearsay, an alleged assumption without no basis whatsoever. Is this the kind of political policy that PR wants to take, the dirty politics route? Then what is the difference between PR and BN?

    Despite her innocence -she is the victim, no doubt on this- there are some questions that can not be ignored; as an Asian, and her public statements for the society to uphold its Asian values, why on earth did she sleep with someone who is not her husband? Is this the Asian values that she has been championing out for? There are some aspects of the pictures that portray a different story, to the one that she said. Consenting or not, it is left to everyone's opinion (or imagination?).

    By trying to smear and vindicated BN in this public fiasco of hers, it has done more harm than good. It is best for her to listen to what Tuan Guru Nik Aziz said when asked to comment:

    PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat said the alleged scandal faced by Selangor Exco member Elizabeth Wong was a personal matter and that he would not get involved in the matter.
    “It’s just too bad that she is embroiled in the scandal and I sincerely hope that she could resolve the matter amicably,” he told reporters after launchingthe RM8mil hangar belonging to the Asia Pacific Flight Training in Kota Baru yesterday.

    I'm quite saddened if this is the political strategy PR had to take. Again and again, political blunders have been made, lately, and prove to be detrimental to its 'cita-cita ke Putrajaya'. Recent events already show us how BN managed to use PR's blunder (in political strategy) to its benefit. It is PR's own undoings, to be honest. Blaming the other side as responsible for every single mess of ours, will create an undesirable effect - people will question PR's stand/firmness towards issues that involve its own leaders' mistakes/corruptness. After all, it will be seen as unfair to many, by consistently 'exposing' our foes evil deeds, while at the same being restrained, muted whenever our own leaders made a mistake. And to top that, we always accuse the other side of 'concocting', 'conspiring' the mistakes/deeds that we've done. To err is human, but to finger pointing others for our mistakes is naive at best. Or hypocrite.

    Any scandal, intentionally or not, will destroy a politician's career, made no mistake about this. Vijandran, Rahim T. Chik and the recent Chua Soi Lek knows this; too bad that Eli has to suffer the same fate, via her disgruntled ex-boyfriend. A muted response also doesn't help eg in the case of Zul Hassan (PKR Perak) who confessed in court that he received sexual favours, also said "“If people sedekah (donate), don’t you want to accept it?” (in the same court)

    What Eli, personally, and PR/PKR in general, should have done is to emphasize the wrongness of Eli's ex-bf, and not making a polemic out of it. This will be seen as a victory for the victim, thus permeating a sense of 'clemency' among rakyat towards her (despite her innocence, image is everything in politics!). Clemency, will trumps Hypocrisy.
    Posted by budak tua at 12:51 AM

  30. http://melvin-mah.blogspot.com/2009/02/elizabeth-wong-nude-scandal-what-about.html

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    The Elizabeth Wong Nude Scandal: What About Hilmi?

    Yesterday at lunch break and after work hours, I've stumbled upon a few entries that suggested that Elizabeth Wong's ex-boyfriend Hilmi could be responsible for those nude pictures.

    While Malaysiakini reports that Pakatan Rakyat leaders blame the gerombolan for making more trouble after the Perak affair and then trying to start a ruckus in Kedah and Selangor, the bet is that the breaking off of the relationship between both of them could cause this. Perhaps the guessing is that disgruntled over maybe the what she did, he'd use those pictures as blackmail against her.

    Do I see Elizabeth as someone who's willing to do those kind of acts? I have bumped to her in three occassions, the last being the PROTES event in KLCC January last year and brief appearances can give a hint that she doesn't do that given she has been career-minded first as the human activist before going into politics.

    Last night while having dinner a friend told me that he was convinced that Hilmi is likely responsible for starting the thing and that was exploited by the Gerombolan-controlled media, since they'd crave on releasing something sensational - well, everyone wants something sensational...of course. He showed me the number of that guy. I only nodded. Was the motive clearly to be used as leverage or something that can be taken advantage upon?

    Let's see how this plays out. Right now, poor Eli is taking time off, maybe back to Ipoh or something. And we shall see whether she stays or not. If the people clearly say that they want her back given of how well she performed for Bukit Lanjan, that means people forgive her, which is a complete reverse of how Hee Yit Foong was smacked when she declared herself BN friendly.

    Posted by Melvin Mah at 12:17 AM

  31. YB Eli was betrayed by her own people of PKR itself because Eli, in short period has shown great leadership, bypass almost all her comrades. She was very outstanding and performed like a perfect leader.

    Her outstanding performance invited jealousy from within her party. It is an open secret in PKR that Eli has enemies from within her own party, PKR.

    Anwar Ibrahim and few other PKR leaders knew about this and quickly put the blame on UMNO . Those were just an attempt to cover up the reality, but that harsh actions open to more questions which are hard to hide. Poor Eli....Damn you Anwar!

  32. My support goes to Elizabeth Wong.

    Her political career is not over -- she can continue her NGO activism.

    Phua Kai Lit

  33. The "learned" interrogates: "Is her boyfriend Hilmi?" Tsk tsk tsk! Why are you "learned" people so slow on the uptake? Of course it was...!! Can't you see that name being bandied about on several blogs, including the Comments section of KTemoc's blog? Sigh! Why did your parents waste so much money on you to make you "learned" when you come to know of this name so very late? Anyway, what you quoted was the past: no mention of "Hilmi" in her two latest press releases on 16th February and 17th February, although she did mention her supporters, constituents, family members and Khalid Ibrahim.

  34. I know and you know that this is not a ploy plotted by BN. It is a case where intimate relationship turns sour. And the most probable man responsible is the other half (used to be) of her. Since 'HE" is also a PKR man, it could be an inside job.

    Being politicians the BN men (PR alike) will take advantage (Who dont)over the situation. But now those PKR jokers put the blame on BN was another backfire action. And the rakyat is laughing, good JOKE thay said! Anwar and his gang should go back to school to learn 'damage control'!

    Eli is a nice lady, but her days destroyed, not by BN but her own bosses!

  35. As much as i disagree with PKR admistration technique, i think the move by Khalid to seek 'royal guidance' was brilliant. to me, it seems like khalid is sending a message to the sultan (after the sultan defend the perak GBP100 underwear dude) thats says " u like to talk about morality? talk about this!". Either move by the sultan may resulted public outburst. Aside from that, khalid may also hide behind the sultan (as u had said) and if the sultan agrees in favor of eli, khalid can also indirectly humiliate the ex selangor mb who is so keen on protecting the sultans, ie, let the toyol experience being betray by sultan.

  36. Kindly do not post long comments, especially spams from MSM or other blogs - I may have to delete them this evening.

    Keep your comments to reasonable length like those by downunder, Hell-me and Mark Ng, and where you want to quote the MSM or other blogs, just a brief precis of their articles plus their URLs should do.

    If you really need to post a longish comment, that's ok provided it's your own/original comment and not a spam.


  37. Planted by BN again? Please lah, enuff of deflections!!


    Trojan horse
    Elizabeth Wong's predicament indicates the second time PKR's home defence system may have been breached by trojan horses -- in computing or Greek epic terms -- in a spate of short time. Both involved individuals who offered their voluntary aide services to help in party work.

    Look at Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan who almost did in Anwar Ibrahim in Sodomy Ve. 2.0. He was an aide to PKR.

    Now, the ex-boy friend, as we read from the Press, was said to be a former aide to PJ Selatan MP, YB Hee Loy Sian (PKR).

  38. Is this him? Oh my! What a handsome man! No wonder Eli was taken in. Sorry Eli, look for another, more trustworthy man. Hell with Hil-whatever. I'm sure there are thousands of more trustworthy men (perhaps not as good looking though) who would love to devote their lives to such a lovely, intelligent and politically-committed lady as you! {If I were unmarried, I would be in the queue too, :-)} Go back to work, Eli! Put this behind you!

  39. The political pundits have already begun to look at Bukit Lanjan.

    The odd thing is this used to be a most solid BN seat.

    Its the epitome of Malaysian middle-class suburbia. Ikea, Starbucks and 1-Utama. Chinese majority constituency.

    The tsunami of March 08 2008 changed all that. The middle-class revolted almost as a solid bloc against the BN.

    Its a year later ? Have things changed ? Has BN managed to win back support ? Will PKR's treatment of Eli Wong backfire on them ?

  40. Folks

    Read this about Hilmi Malek...mmm...


    Look at his idols and friends...

    And read this...


    (read the 4th last comment from the bottom).

  41. Jeff Ooi's observation is highly relevant because it underscores a dilemma that DAP faces right now (at least in the Klang Valley).

    Since 308, the DAP has received some interest from young Malays. However, the existing DAP grassroots often feels that some (though of course not all) of this lot are a bit "dodgy": either not genuine, or in some extreme cases there are even suspicions that they are plants from UMNO or special branch. I tend to think they are being a bit paranoid and yes there's possibly some chauvinism there too, but I can't judge or say for sure since I'm not active at the branch level.

    Whatever it is, I think the net result is that, for better or for worse, DAP is carefully "controlling" the intake of Malays, but when I say control I mean there is an unwritten unspoken consensus at the grassroots level, not that CEC or state-level leadership decided to direct branches to raise the bar for entry.

    If it's proven that Hilmi was the culprit here, that will certainly not help increase the rate of Malay integration into DAP's grassroots. The suspicions of many will be seen as somewhat justified.

  42. I don't think Hilmi is a Trojan horse. She met him long before she became a PKR ADUN, when she was more of a SUARAM activist, among other things.

    I think its just a relationship that has gone bitterly wrong (from his point of view, anyway), and he's decided to take revenge - and maybe - make some money from it.

    The political angle appeared only after the story became public, and some elements in UMNO decided to extract maximum filthy capital from it. I have no idea whether Khir Toyol knew it before or after it became public.
    There's no evidence (yet), but for all I know he or someone in UMNO could well be the paymaster

    Its surprisingly common for salacious photos or videos to be posted by nasty ex-lovers to be posted on the Net.
    Most of the time people don't give a hoot, but in this case she's a high-profile Exco in the middle of a nasty political battle in Malaysia. There are unfortunate racial and religous overtones, too, because it involves a Muslim man.

  43. The latest news that saying Khalid wants Eli to remain as ADUN but resign as Exco only solidify Chaptokam and my accusations that this is an internal PR's sabatage out to discredit Eli.

    Eli is a victim of dirty PR politics and big business fearful of her alleged "anti-business" stance (ie, hillslope, environ issues,etc).

    It would be intresting to see who replaces her in exco and how fast this happens. But I think Eli would not take kindly to this and would resign her ADUN as a protest.

    As for int's comment about Hilmi being a plant, fyi, he was a member of PKR Pandan division and not DAP.

    Jeff Ooi as usual talking rubbish. He must remember he also being looked as an outsider by Penang people for his parachute candidacy despite being a non-resident and a brand new member. He holds such a powerful position that he is more influential than exco and even the useless DCMs who are no better than Deputy Office Boys.

  44. And Killer is just an opinionated f.....

  45. To Elifan
    Quote :This is what I got from Antares about the perpetrator of the crime. It is certainly more believable than the incredibly jocular speculations that the circulation of the photos was from PKR, PAS, DAP, Anwar Ibrahim, Khalid Ibrahim, Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang etc... (The kind of jokes that Chaptokam indulges in, LMAO!):


    Well this is the king of jokes that chaptokam indulges in LMAO!

    This is also the impression I get from these low quality jokers who post comments without reading comments posted in the previous article .

    Here is a part of my previous comment :
    Looks like its either the old skool PKR chaps or the PAS young turks collaborating with KT ( Khir Toyo ) who would probably be the financier for the " bribe "

    However according to new information received , Elizabeth's former boyfriend is a local Malay who happens to be a PKR operative as some like to use this phrase . He is also a Special Assistant ( Pembantu Khas ) to a PKR MP .
    The photos were taken during the good times and sold when the relationship turned sour and in the process of breaking up or already broken up which ever is appropriate .

    So the question now is who provided the money or finances with the intention of forcing her to quit . And as Killer said who is the beneficiary ?

    Which comes back to the collaboration of enemies to finish off a common enemy . Will elaborate on this later . No way PKR or PAS goons will be able to provide the money requested .So that leaves the one whom I refer to as the M Fcuker is a prime suspect due to his constant harping on the issue asking Eli to step down . He's a prime suspect as the financer .

    Next , the former boyfriend being a PKR operative and as a special assistant to a PKR MP would have constant contact with the young turks from PKR including the one who aspires to become the next Menteri Besar of Selangor . This guy would have a leverage to demand for the MB's post failing which he can use to give veiled threats as perceived in this article :
    In Selangor, Hassan Ali has been promised the post of Menteri Besar if he can convince enough of his people to join him in crossing over. This is of course further to the millions he and his gang are going to receive. So far he has only two from PAS and another two or so from PKR who have agreed to join him. So he will need a couple more to finalise the plan.

    So here we have the financier , the plotters and the beneficiary .

    For your info the prime suspect whom I refer to as M Fcuker is Khir Toyo , read all my comments posted in the previous article .

    I mentioned as a special assistant to a PKR MP would have constant contact with the young turks from PKR . When and where did I mention that the circulation of the photos was from Anwar Ibrahim, Khalid Ibrahim, Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang etc... (The kind of jokes that Chaptokam indulges in, LMAO!):

    Some people talking as usual with BLOCK BRAINS , from PKR I guess .

  46. Killer

    There are many publicity seekers in PR lately . The latest coming from the Cheap Minister of Penang :

    GEORGE TOWN: The police are expected to record a statement from Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng following reports in the Chinese press on an alleged plot to assassinate him.

    Did you recall a couple of years back the reason why he was charged and jailed for two years ? He was jailed for having claimed that a 13 year old girl who was raped was in jail instead of the perpetuator (Rahim Tamby Chik the ex CM Malacca ) who is roaming free . It turned out that it was a false statement , the girl was never sent to jail , but was in a welfare home due to her age .

    So we have a repeat of that , only that someone wants to assassinate him . Now he ha come out with a different story to cover himself . He told the polis it was just rumours and not true after the story was splash across all the Chinese MSM .

    So you see your take on Jeff Ooi as usual talking rubbish is within NORM in DAP .

  47. Killer

    Are you also aware that there's a certain DAP exco in Penang always on leave , gone to New Zealand . On leave can you imagine ? Has a wide range of businesses including a printing company . Wonder why he has to go to New Zealand so often ?

    Maybe I might have an answer , to renew his ...... PR membership . PR can be read with two meanings , wink...wink...

  48. Anonymous 2:31 pm says: "And Killer is just an opinionated f....."

    You know what? That is my view too! LOL!

  49. Wow,

    Didn't know I have so many fans...thanks Anon 2.31 and Hell-Me...I am touched.


    That exco is a member of PR's New Zealand branch perhaps...that's new info for me...thx....

    In any case all these excos can stay in Timbuktu for all they care as they do nothing and have no power any way. Only LGE, Jeff, Lim Ching Tong and Betty make makes every decisions.

    The DCM1 is a joke. Even PKR's own Malays hate him. That Prof Rama's an outcast among Indians as well. His claim for fame is in telling people that he only works 9 to 5 pm and only from Mon to Fri. He is off on Saturday and Sunday, even if Penang sinks he wouldn't bother during weekend. He is off duty.

    Yeah LGE is possibly the worst CM/MB in Malaysian history, a lot worse than Khir "Mat Jawa" Toyo, Nik "Horny" Aziz and even Mohd "Mat tyson" Mod Taib.

    LGE is a publicity seeker who is permanently on a "denial" and "gostan" mode. People are losing job by thousands yet he is going around and painting rosy picture and claiming only 1k ppl retrenched. Flextronics just announced that they are retrenching 10% of workers, Bosch is only working half-a week, Sanmina on the verge of closing, Intel is moving to Kulim, Dell is moving to China and dozens of others have retrenched or retrenching now. It is estimated that at least 50% of Penang SMEs will close shop. Could be 80%, we will never know.

  50. Alamak Chaptokam! You are casting aspersions on the great tempe-eating, kuda-kepang-dancing pendatang Toyol? How dare you! Chaptokam, you must remember that you are a mere member of the MCA. How can a mere member of the MCA dare to cast aspersions on such an important member of UMNO?? You must remember that with the enormous amount of money that the Toyol has, he has every chance to be the next UMNO youth chief. He also has the racist credentials to win the post: look at the report in the Malaysian Insider on his debate with the other UMNO youth contenders. You must also remember that should the Pakatan Rakyat state government collapse in Selangor, the Toyol will re-assume the Menteri Besar position. Ohhhhh Chaptokam! How dare you!!

    Anyway [LMAO!], I am just playing the devil's advocate above: just to underline the irony of being in MCA (or Gerakan and MIC for that matter) while a racist like the pendatang Toyol continue to be an important leader in UMNO. Anyway, here are the allegations against the Toyol in Chaptokam's post, which must be repeated, as most right-thinking persons on both sides of the political divide will agree with them:

    Looks like its either the old skool PKR chaps or the PAS young turks collaborating with KT ( Khir Toyo ) who would probably be the financier for the " bribe " .....

    No way PKR or PAS goons will be able to provide the money requested
    [yes Chaptokam, you know that most PKR and PAS members are poor].So that leaves the one whom I refer to as the M Fcuker is a prime suspect due to his constant harping on the issue asking Eli to step down . He's a prime suspect as the financer . .....

    For your info the prime suspect whom I refer to as M Fcuker is Khir Toyo , read all my comments posted in the previous article .

  51. Current Penang State Government does not have the ability to function, no statesmanship and diplomacy in their style of government. Blaming and pointing fingers are their culture, populist policies are their only answers and the only reliability they have is good in twisting and turning around. Not forgetting that talking louder is their only substances.

    Yes, LGE governance is reprehensible and flawed. This is another reason Penangites are losing our jobs.

  52. Let's not go offtrack - post is about Eli Wong, not LGE. Thanks

  53. Dear Ktemoc

    These hardcore MCA guys never fail to amaze me with their conspiracy theories!

    Killer 4:05 pm. Please get your facts right first. LIM Chin Tong????

    Phua Kai Lit

  54. I agree with Mr. Khalid when he said he needed to check the matter with Eli first. It is obvius that you cannot make a responsible stand if you dont know the truth, at least the real story from the person concerned. And it would make Khalid looked dumb if he supported Eli first and then dumped her, or vice versa. And if Khalid condemned Eli first, then supported her - he is surely an idiot. So the wisest way is to take the middle path.
    Th key to this thing is Khalid didnt know the real story at that time, thus he could not declare his stand. To depend on stories from newspapers is totaly unwise, especially at time where media is at govt side.

    You are being influenced by emotion. you love her, thus you want everyone to throw their support to Eli totally. That's why you even criticised this small thing. Rationally, what some PKR leaders did was the right thing at that time.