Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Good judgment comes from bad experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment
- Will Rogers
Have they regretted what they did or didn’t do?

Hee Yit Foong – wasted 20 years of membership with DAP, and for what? Unwanted by MCA and Gerakan, despised by DAP!

V Arumugum – all lost because of an undivorced wife.

Dr Syed Husin – most admired socialist to a sad apologist for someone unworthy?

HRH – most respected royalty to most ……..?

AAB – landslide win to landslide problems.

Chua Soi Lek – (censored)

Koh TK – inheritor of a once-proud party, founder of a piffling party

Kayveas – also inheritor of a once-proud party, founder of a nothing party

Anwar Ibrahim – on the threshold of the No 1 political office – brings to mind an African saying: “Never tease the crocodile till you’ve cross the river” – now forced from senior management down to Sales department - wakakaka


  1. What is the price for regret for Hee, I mean her?

    Will a few million soothe her conscience or was it pure principle she stood for?


  2. Basic reality of life.

    You can't cross the river without teasing the crocodile.

    Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved without risk and adventure.

  3. Everything in life has a price

  4. Anwar Ibrahim – on the threshold of the No 1 political office – brings to mind an African saying: “Never tease the crocodile till you’ve cross the river” – now forced from senior management down to Sales department - wakakaka

    Times are bad , even the factories are giving VSS
    Karpal wanted a VSS for him . In MNC terms is Voluntary Separation. In layman's term - YOU'RE FIRED

  5. Hi All

    Interesting piece from YB Wee Choo Keong's blog:

    P.S. I regret that the landmark piece of architecture in Malaysia
    (original Subang Airport Terminal)
    has been "disappeared".

    Phua Kai Lit

  6. DAP needs to clarify whether they are for or against hudud. They say they are not for hudud but action speaks louder than words. Principles are swept under the carpet for the convenience of attaining power. Even the chairman is exasperated by the flip floping policies of DAP leadership. Is winning elections really more important than be true to your principles?

  7. Move IT, you hit the bull eye.

    It is very clear DAP is only interest in winning. This is the reason, I am saying that DAP winning will not be sustainable as they are misleading the people to win. They said strongly that they are against huduh, but they will support PAS candidate who want to implement huduh law. They say very strongly that they are against party hoping, but they will support Anwar's policies of party hoping and welcome those frogs with open arm. They will continue with their populist policies but that is not the substance to govern the country.

    But some people are still blind they can't see it.

  8. MCA says they represent the Chinese community. But they happily support UMNO candidate "Ketuanan Melayu" and have been steadily selling off the basic rights of the Chinese for decades.

    I Ahmad Ismail (of "pendatang" fame)becomes a candidate in the elections, MCA will happily campaign all out on his behalf.

  9. Interesting to note that PPP and Kaveas said that when he came back from USA they would address the serious issue of Badawai telling them to FO from the BN coalition since they would not be repealing the ISA.

    The silence is deafening and the price of integrity is....suck on your own d..k!!

  10. This is just a general statement and of course does not refer to anyone in particular - Give a prostitute a million dollars and she will sleep with any man, even a known venereal one. No?

  11. Anonymous 4:37

    Yes lah veneral disease can be cured , one million dollars ? once in a life time deal , Phua .

  12. Move IT

    Glad to know you have made that observation too . Guess Xiean said it all , no need for me to repeat or to reemphasize .

  13. All the signs on the ground point to a sad outing for BN in the two (maybe three ?) upcoming b(u)y-elections.

  14. Anonymous 4.37pm

    No. If i am a prostitute, I won't.
    I will keep myself clean for my other clients.
    The more clients, the more moola.
    Economics 101

  15. Idzan Ismail

    depends , depends , depends on who is the customer lah !!! hahaha

    Also depends whether she's still young or about to be out of circulation very soon , you know ! But then if she 's about to be out of circulation , she can still go to either one of these three cities Puducherry, Kolkata, Ravula-palem,
    she'll still fetch good prices .

    Nice to hear from you long time no see ......Wakakaka

  16. Hee is a heepocrit like all of us only thing that as a politician turned pollu-tician, hee deserves the hee-ps of brickbats or praise depending on how hypocritical one is. Hee should have the guts to resign than wait for her camry which will surely let her lose any last bit of dignity hee has. I will vote an independent who serves the voters as best without betraying their trust or selling his or hee-r principles. Yes after 20 years doing worse than a Facebook divorce means hee got all her values and priorities screwed. At least hee did a saving grace for BolehLand chinese and perhaps changed UMNO's label of them from 'pendatang-balik-kampug-lah' to 'penyelamat-orang-ketuanan-kampung'.

  17. Hi Chaptokam 4:48 pm

    I suppose you mean
    "sexually-transmitted diseases"
    (STDs) or "sexually-transmitted
    infections" (STIs) and not the
    obsolete word "venereal disease".

    No, not all people are willing to prostitute themselves (not even for a million dollars). Definitely not like a lot of members from a certain political party that cliams to represent the interests of the Chinese. But who willingly ally as junior partners with the Big Brother political party for a cut of the financial gain even if the country goes down the drain!

    I guess some people don't seem to realise that there actually are those who are incorruptible for religious or ideological reasons e.g. Nik Aziz from PAS and Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj and Dr Nasir from Parti Sosialis Malaysia!

    Phua Kai Lit

  18. Ah yes, chaptokam 4:48 pm

    You forgot that the STD/STI
    called HIV/AIDS is incurable??

    Phua Kai Lit

  19. Guys, let's not get carried away by the salacious. Call Hee a traitor, turncoat or running dog or even a political whore but we needn't throw in STD and suchlikes lah puheeeeze!