Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bapak Katak-fikasi

Malaysiakini - PBS: Anwar started the frog culture.

On Thursday when the world’s greatest political deformer reformer, Anwar told AFP that the change of government in Perak must be decided only by going back to the people for a fresh mandate, PBS vice-president Herbert Timbon Lagadan couldn’t tahan anymore, calling Anwar a hypocrite (which I and many others know already).

Anwar, the chief architect of the 1994 ‘by hook’ changeover of the Sabah state government, had the brazen shameless cheek to accuse the BN of trying to form the state government in Perak by hook or by crook, more by crook.

Lagadan screamed (I think) at Anwar: “You are the one who started the ‘frog hopping’ culture.”

Lagadan reminded us of known facts, that “... it was well known Anwar was the mastermind of the downfall of the PBS government in 1994. I wish to remind Anwar that he is reaping what he had sown in 1994. He was the one who started the 'frog hopping culture' in politics and caused the downfall of PBS government 15 years ago 'by hook or by crook'."

But wait a minute, come to think of it, Anwar had been correct in accusing the BN of trying to form state government by crook.

Afterall, wasn't he the UMNO person who did just that to Sabah as Lagadan just reminded us wakakaka.

In my post last year I posted Bapak Ops Lallang, where I showed a list of our national Bapak’s, as follows:

Tunku as Bapak Merdeka

Tun Razak as Bapak Pembangunan

Tun Hussein as Bapak Perpadauan

Tun Dr Mahathir as Bapak Modernisasi

AAB as Bapak Mertua


Anwar as Bapak Ops Lallang

Looks like we need to accord him another one, Bapak Katak-fikasi

Wakakaka ribbet ribbet ribbet wakakaka


  1. Aiyah we all in Sabah know that already lah, that is why I am against the 916 hopover party.

    Go on rub it in 'serve you right Anwar' but this does not make the frogging it in Perak right either.

    Hope this will put an end to the frog ending season and an anti-frog law should be introduced asap as suggested by DAP.