Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Zoo of Kubang Pasu

When asked what role Dr Mahathir could now play, PM Abdullah Badawi said that an UMNO member’s role is to support and ensure the success of the party’s struggles and programmes. But the news headline was unfairly more provocative, stating 'Toe the line, Abdullah tells Dr M'.

A bit of sh*t-stirring eh?

But Dr Mahathir today averred that UMNO Kubang Pasu members had been bribed to vote against him, to forestall his attempt to win a delegate's position in order to address UMNO members directly at its national assembly. According to Dr Mahathir, envelopes containing RM200 changed hands.

UMNO loyalty costing only a mere RM200?

He said:
"I am confident that the decision in the recent elections is caused by bribes. I can't prove this but I know somebody saw one being passed to voters in envelopes. It was money that decided the day. This so-called defeat in Kubang Pasu has not changed my mind at all. Actually it was a defeat but for me it's a moral victory."

Dr Mahathir pointed out how far UMNO was prepared to go in order to silence him. He said:
"For this small election, the state government mobilised resources making it look like a presidential election."

Indeed. What is there to hide? Must be humongous.

What about the common people? What have they to say?

Malaysiakini reader A Wong wrote: This is an example of money politics at its worst. The powers-that-be must take us all for fools with all the spin they have been giving us on the reason for Dr M's defeat and that this campaign is beneath him. Let us just call a spade a spade.

Again the monkeys are going all out to protect the lion king, a somewhat lethargic one if I may say so myself. We are not dumb. We know why this is happening but nevertheless it would have been enlightening and interesting if things were allowed to run its natural course. Do you know what's so infuriating out of this series of events besides the obvious lesson that we should all learn from, which is, it’s better to feed a dog than a human? Well, that’s why the saying is 'dog is a man's best friend' and not the other way round.

Then reader YSM said: He was revered by so many. Four years ago, praises after praises were heaped on him. His hands were kissed, he sat on the shoulders of those who had served him in his 22 years of power. They booked a stadium for his farewell as he was driven around the stadium in a Land Rover doing his victory lap. He was accorded the title of Tun and some say he was the greatest prime minister Malaysia has ever had.

Mahathir hasn’t changed. He is still the feisty old man who left office three years ago. The difference is that he has no power, and no power in the BN is as good as an outsider.

It strange that the Malay culture which gives honour and respect to the elders in this case do not give Tun Mahathir the stage to address the UMNO opening. He should be one of the keynote speakers; an honorary position to address the people since he led the party for 22 years. The imagery here is the majestic Lion, now old and weak, has become prey to his own pack.

Looks like it's more than just ducks and fishes. We now have monkeys, lions and man's best friend, the dog. And perhaps a frog too? But certainly there was a pit of double-headed snakes.

It’s one hell of a savage zoo in UMNO.

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