Monday, September 25, 2006

Un-marginalised Patrick 'Badawi' Lim

Dr Mahathir has dropped another scandalous cluster bomb at AAB.

He accused AAB of allowing his 31-year-old SIL, the one and only Khairy Jamaluddin, and (Khairy’s) businessman friend Patrick Lim to virtually rule the state of Trengganu.

Now, Mahathir isn’t the first to say this about the state of affairs in Trengganu being 'managed' by Hang Putih. Raja Petra Kamalrudin of Malaysia-Today blog had posted this sometime ago. Raja averred that the menteri besar (state premier) of Trengganu had been bypassed where developments and the associated money are concerned. Hang Putih is in charge, with Patrick Lim as his advisor. If the MB refuses to 'cooperate', he receives an immediate telephone call from you-know-whom.

Dr Mahathir said: “This Patrick Lim is Patrick Badawi.” Ouch!

“This is the new constitution that is changed without the knowledge of Parliament. The new constitution says the son-in-law and Patrick are ruling Terengganu.”

In regards to this, let me share with you what reader Mohd Rafidi Daud informed me of the list of honorific titles for Malaysia's PMs:

1. YM Tunku Abd.Rahman: Bapa Kemerdekaan
2. Tun Abd.Razak: Bapa Pembangunan
3. Tun Hussein Onn: Bapa Perpaduan
4. Tun Dr. Mahathir: Bapa Pemodenan
5. Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi: Bapa Mertua


It’s not just Dr Mahathir or Raja but many, even and especially in UMNO, have criticised AAB for allowing his SIL to run the nation for him as if he (the young laddie) is the de facto prime minister.

Well, at least Patrick Badawi Lim is one Chinese who isn’t marginalised, as Lee Kuan Yew had averred Chinese Malaysians to be.


  1. Well, as a Chinese, I certainly "proud" to have Patrick Lim as the "representative" from Chinese community. And one positive point about KJ: this shows KJ has no "problem" with Chinese, so says who he is a racist?? ;)

  2. Dear KT

    Patick Badawi is a race traitor. He has sold out his race for a few gold coins, as have MCA/MIC/UMNO et al.

    Money trumps race/religion in Malaysia.

    Race traitors beware, once the rakyat realizes this....

  3. another honorific title for our present PM is 'bapa 'tak tahu'. :)

    it sounds better as 'patrick lim badawi' ouch! looks like another SIL!

    khairy boy is a hypocrite. he works with chinese, has business dealing with chinese yet he attacks the chinese like nobody business.... and he will say all in the name of his own race and religion. *sic*

  4. Kali Jambantulin thinks he is what God had given to Malaysia; wait till Abdullah get booted out or steps down under pressure ,then this bugger (Kali Jambantulin ) political life will be finished.

  5. ok now who wants to help me stage a coup?

  6. After the coup d'etat you will find that you have jumped from the frying pan into the fire. They are all the same, money making machine and just like a leopard who cannot change its spots. We are already in a catch 22 situation which is irreversible with the only hope of striking more oilfields or gold ores to make our life better. Meanwhile eat, drink and be merry while we can. Anybody for a vodka.

  7. another gelaran for badawi is "kepala bapak kau"

  8. These AAB & Co don't care about anything other than money they can reap while they are in power. To them, "With Power Come Big Money Easily". Hope their reign end up prematurely and Rakyat stop them from "Cabut Lari".

  9. Is this Patrick Lim really Chinese? he looks suspiciously Mid Eastern. Even I look mere Chinese than him, and I am not even Chinese.

  10. I believe he's actually Sri Lanka Tamil, with some Chinese blood. His father (or grandfather) advised him to adopt a Chinese surname (he chose LIM) to further himself in Malaysian business.