Friday, September 08, 2006

The Untouchable Crown Prince

Yesterday in Parliament Dap Karpal Singh asked a question which we all have asked too but admittedly long knew its answer. And of course Karpal knew the answer as well.

He took Khairy Jamaluddin, the UMNO Youth deputy chief, to task for his recent racist
remarks against the Chinese community. Karpal, the Lion of Gelugor, thundered:

“Why is it that nobody dare to touch Khairy Jamaluddin? Is it because he is the son-in-law of the Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi?"

The answer is YES!

“His remarks are deemed as seditious under the Sedition Act and he can be jailed up to three years or fine RM3,000 once convicted in court. Will the attorney-general (Abdul Gani Patail) initiate action against him?”

The answer is NO!

House speaker Ramli Ngah Talib tried to stop Karpal from asking those embarrassing questions by ordering him to focus his speech on matters related to the 2007 Budget, but Karpal insisted that he had the right to debate any topic.

Karpal criticised the way Khairy
handed over a memorandum to US State Secretary Condoleezza Rice when the latter attended an Asean meeting in Kuala Lumpur in July.

He asked:
“The police had initially tried to stop him from going into the conference venue. Later, they relented and let him in - is this because he is the premier’s son-in-law?”

The answer is YES!

Will PM AAB say anything or respond to Karpal Singh?

The answer is NO!

Well, two YES-es and two NO-s, so let it not be said that KTemoc has been unfair ;-)


  1. You are a nut. The population of the Blacks and native Indians in the US was not even 20% of the US population prior to the American civil war. Please get your facts right.

  2. Kari Jambantulin bugger thought he could climb up the political ladder by playing the racial and religious cards.

    Wait till Abudllah is toppled or resigns then KJ bugger days in politics will be finished.

  3. above spamming comment erased!

  4. KJ is the ultimate opportunist in Malaysian politics today. Inciting racial hatred in Umno General Assemblies ... while Hindraf leaders are arrested under ISA for bringing the plight of poor marginalised Indians to light. The hyprocrisy in this fucked up country is amazing.

  5. seconckasscitizen,

    u r damn right!i still got 1 eye left,probably later got no eye 2 c!

    all these pharked-up umno elites shud be r.i.p.!