Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Chinese Zionist behind every Malaysian bush!

Then, there was Universiti Paling Malu (UPM). Now there’s Universiti Sangat Malu (USM).

Racism is well and alive in Malaysian universities, if the incident at USM had been anything to go by. Undoubtedly it will continue its virulent spread among the minds of our young Malaysian, thanks to the government agency, Biro Tatanegara (BTN).

At the USM compulsory one-day seminar themed ‘Seminar Bina Negara Mahasiswa’ (Building a nation of graduates) on Aug 26, first-year students were told that Malaysian student groups are being sponsored by Jewish elements intending to undermine the nation’s security.

The seminar was conducted by BTN. Other speakers at the seminar included USM deputy vice-chancellor (student affairs division) Dr Jamaludin Mohaiadin and a BTN officials.

But the sinister aspect became clearer when the speakers tried their utmost to ‘demonise’ the anti-establishment student groups, mainly Chinese Malaysians, by linking them to anti-Islamic elements, which want to see demonstrations and chaos in this country.

Given this shameful propaganda, who dares to say our universities haven’t kept up with contemporary issues. In the old days, Chinese Malaysians who didn’t toe the government line were labelled as red communists. Now, they are tagged with the Star of David, all in keeping with current affairs.

A student revealed:
"Speakers first touched on the non-profit National Endowment for Democracy (NED) organisation, which they said is sponsored by the United States and Jewish elements. This organisation, in return, sponsors the Asia Student Association (ASA).”

"Next they claimed that the Malaysia Youth and Student Democratic Movement (Dema) is a member of ASA while USM’s Chinese language society (USMPBT) and USM student progressive front (USMSPF) were branches of Dema."

Obviously the aim has been to link student groups with Chinese majority to foreign elements. The speakers also showed photos of Chinese Malaysian students participating in demonstrations with their leaders faces circled in red [What! Not blue and white?].

The speakers were not above resorting to nasty words intended to humiliate Chinese student leaders like former USMPBT president Soh Sook Hwa, Dema organising secretary Lee Huat Seng and several current leaders of USMPBT and USMSPF.

According to the student source, the speakers created the impression that Chinese Malaysian students are to be blamed. The seminar also promoted the 'official version' of a recent act of gangster-ism in Universiti Paling Malu (UPM). Again it blamed the Chinese students from the ‘anti-establishment’ faction.

Well, there’s always a Chinese communist … er … I mean … Chinese Zionist behind every Malaysian bush!

The source said:
"They said the perpetrators [hoodlums] were not shouting but merely singing college songs. They didn’t play the video clip, they only showed the footage which is against the UPMSPF and claimed that the UPMSPF members pushed the perpetrators."

Those attending the seminar were also warned not to record or take pictures of the proceedings. Aiyah! Shy of what had been said?

Don't forget these are government agencies propagating ill feelings if not hatred among the undergraduates. University?


  1. Branding others as Zionist agents or anti-Islam is not unique to the racist/religious bastards in USM. This tactic is oft employed by many Arab Muslims when they want to blame others for their own folly or when they want to force their agenda on others such as in the Sudan where African Muslims are being victimised by Arab Muslims.
    It is not difficult to see why the non-Muslim world stood by and watched as the Israelis pounded Lebanon and the Palestinians. Maybe the non-Muslim world is sick and tired of Muslims blaming others for their problems when the real problem has to do with Muslims using Islam to impose their racial and religious bigotry upon others. Muslims should sort out their own brain first before they seek to tell others what to do.
    I have a feeling what we are seeing today in Iraq is just the beginning of an ever-widening conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims with the latter doing most of the dying and suffering. Ordinarily, these sort of destruction would be viewed by many non-Muslims as terrible. But looking at how Muslims are more than willing to use their religion against others unjustly, many non-Muslims will be silently rooting for the next US president to be more anti-Muslim than President George Bush.
    If the Muslims think that President Bush is an asshole wait till they get a Democrat in the whitehouse. Remember, it was a Democrat who escalated the Vietnam.

    Looks like many Muslim asses are going to be stuffed with American bombs. Too bad.

  2. "They said the perpetrators [hoodlums] were not shouting but merely singing college songs. They didn’t play the video clip, they only showed the footage which is against the UPMSPF and claimed that the UPMSPF members pushed the perpetrators."

    Looks like the news machine is in FULL SPIN cycle... Singing "college songs"??! Since when did college songs have monkey whoops in them... unless if UPM has just been renamed 'Universiti Paria dan Monyet'?

    Ah yes, blame the victims despite strong video evidence to the contrary! "Uhhh... I didn't punch him in the face, he bit my fist with his teeth!"

  3. Has all your diversions failed? Non-logical excuses not cutting it? Played too many race cards and now the rakyat has seen your bluff?

    All is not lost, for there are ALWAYS... THE JEWS! Yes, the Jews, blended and formulated to perfection for your own convenience to use as scapegoats. Versatile and adaptable, the Jews can be used to solve for almost any uncomfortable occasion. Whether it be an economic recession, black metal music, indie-films like Gubra, or undesirable student organizations, just apply a liberal dose of "The Jews" together with "they did it!", and all your political problems will be diverted away!

    For better results, use the evidence below to prove how insidious and technologically advanced The Jews are! (sold separately for RM39.99)

    Notice: The Jews should only be blamed when used with a crowd of religious and racial extremists. Consult your spin doctor for advice before blaming The Jews. Side effects may include paranoia, racism, unsightly appearance to the international community, foot in mouth disease, soft nails, nausea, localized skin itching, temporary hair loss, and insomnia. Do not Blame The Jews when confronting learned people, liberals, or on the international arena.

  4. What does the Higher Education Minister and Education Minister have to say to this? Denial as usual instead of taking full responsibility.

    Now you know why we try to avoid national universities, heck even ministers' children are sent overseas, the horror of parenting grads-turned-hoodlums.