Friday, September 01, 2006

Warning: Hate Mails, Wild Rumours Abound!

Malaysiakini reader Ibnu Hakeem has the following information and advice for all of us. He revealed:

Over the past 48 hours, I have been receiving a spate of hate messages and wild rumours via SMS. Their frequency seems to be increasing. It is almost as if these hate messages are being coordinated and orchestrated. I say this because some of them are subtle but sophisticated.

Yesterday, one message came through the SMS saying a girl of a particular race had been kidnapped by some men of another race. Today, I received two SMSes saying people of a particular race were distributing flyers somewhere in Kuala Lumpur alleging that people of another race were plotting this and plotting that.

Then I have also been receiving the usual very stupid religious hatred messages including one most stupid message that a particular brand of mineral water was actually 'air jampi' by a particular religion that could change your faith.

The fact that these messages are coming through one after another gives the appearance that it could be orchestrated. Fellow Malaysians, please do not spread, resend or forward these rumours and hate messages to anyone. Let’s nip them in the bud by erasing them. Also do not be influenced or moved by these messages.

I am a Muslim and I have the greatest respect and care for all my fellow Malaysian friends, be they Muslim or non-Muslim. And I know that all of you share my sentiments. We all care for each other - maybe more than we would like to openly admit.

Happy Merdeka and may God Bless all our people and our country.

Ibnu Hakeem has been a prolific writer to Malaysiakini. I have read many of his letters.


  1. I've many friends who received the same msgs and all I did was to remind them:
    1. cost of SMS
    2. sms ploy by ehem(telcos) to benefit from 1.

  2. I've received them too.
    Glad to hear of Malaysians Muslims like Ibnu Hakeem who doesn't take the hate mails seriously. We shldn't propagate these propaganda tools that will undermine our society. I really want to believe in Msia.

  3. chris-u, ask these so-called "enlightened" Muslims if they are willing to give up their Malay Special Rights which is inextricably linked to the Muslim religion in the constitution.
    Can religion and race ever be seperated in Malaysia for the Malays? Even PAS understands it needs to support the 30% Bumiputra bullshit in order to surivve.
    Stop being so stupidly naive. It is bad for your health.