Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dr Mahathir: "Pak Lah is a liar"

Dr Mahathir said UMNO had gone to enormous lengths to silence him, by ensuring he didn’t win a delegate’s position to the UMNO general assembly. As a non-delegate, Dr Mahathir won’t be permitted to speak at the forum.

He mused:
"For this small election, the state government mobilised resources making it look like a presidential election."

Then in typical Mahathir-sarcasm, he said:
"I say three cheers for this government ... you have used a big sledgehammer to kill a single mosquito."

Maybe they think the Mahathir-mosquito has dengue, malaria and whatnot sting?

Mahathir as always, didn’t go down without fighting. He sneered at his successor for lying over the cancellation of a proposed new bridge to Singapore. He blasted AAB for making statements which have been lies. Mahathir even averred that AAB picked up the habit of lying after becoming friendly with the leaders of Britain, the United States and Australia.

Looks like WW IV has started!

He warned ominously:
"You can try and shut me up Pak Lah, but I have a big mouth and I am going to use this big mouth to expose all the misdeeds of the present government."

"I have a duty to correct things which go wrong to make sure that this country goes along the right path and to make sure that this country is not used by anybody for their own personal or family interest."

Do you think Dr Mahathir will now attend the UMNO assembly as a gagged guest, sitting among the VIPs, no doubt itching to seize the mike like Tom Jones but shackled by protocol and his non-delegate status to his cushioned chair?

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