Sunday, September 03, 2006

Khairy Jamaluddin Heckled by UMNO members

Last month PM AAB decided to legitimise illegal motorcycle riders - known as Mat Rempit (Malaysian bikkies). The proposed moniker for those illegal daredevil bikers who zoomed around the streets of towns, endangering innocent pedestrians and bystanders, is Mat Cemerlang, a dubious re-invention that provides them with undeserved respectability.

There is even a formal ceremony for this involving the PM to be held in the Bukit Jalil national stadium this coming November for the conferring of the new title.

It’s such an atrocious proposal that I refuse to translate the new appellation for those bikkies. How in the world did the PM of a nation get conned into such a silly idea, and what’s the rational for legitimising such illegal activities?

It seems, at least on the surface, that Putera Umno chairperson Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim was the proposer. Abdul Azeez
explained the reason behind his recommendation to change the illegal race participants' image towards something better.

"We are finding a proper direction for them. We could not stop them to continue with their interests but we can guide them to find a (better) direction. If we cannot stop them, we join them. We try to understand them because they are our youths."

Would you join drug addicts who can’t stop their habits, or other law breakers?

Instead of legitimising their illegal and highly dangerous activities, why doesn't Abdul Azeez get them off the streets on to a government-funded drag track, where they can indulge in their love for excessive speed without intruding on the safety of other law abiding citizens?

Mind you, the problem with the Mat Rempit is of course their perverted love to 'show off' in front of the public, which has been why they race (illegally) in the midst of towns. As Mat Cemerlang, I suppose their activities will become legal.

Then, could Abdul Azeez have inadvertantly given the game away as to who was the real brain behind the silly scheme when he said that on August 26 (since passed), he and UMNO Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin would go down to the ground on their motorcycles to meet the Mat Rempit?

Then, yesterday Hang Putih
told the Titiwangsa UMNO divisional meeting that the Mat Rempit only involved the Malays. Why was there a need to bring in an ethnic element into the Mat Rempit issue? Does it matter that they involved only Malays?

At the meeting, a group of UMNO members was heckling him when he read his speech. The hecklers started to shout five minutes after Khairy started to read his speech, and continued to do so with every sentence of his speech which lasted more than 30 minutes.

When Khairy threw in the bit about Mat Rempit involving only the Malays, that obviously must have gone unappreciated because the hall went ballistic and ended in a chaotic manner.


  1. Oxford U. must've been proud of their grads for coming up with stupid ideas.

    Now how about Snatch Thieves as Mat Gemilang? Or the moniker is already taken?

    Soon the PDRM will out of work 'coz every criminal will be 'ReBranded' by these UMNO Psychopaths.

  2. Hey, does this have anything remotely to do with the fact that the counter-argument by Yasmin Ahmad fans (against those who say her movies are pencemar budaya) is that movies like Remp-It is in fact more mencemarkan budaya (Melayu)?