Monday, September 04, 2006

Dr Lim KY: "Hang Putih's a low standard opportunist"

After putting himself as an ethnic warrior by warning UMNO members about the possibility of the Chinese community taking advantage of any internal strife among UMNO, Hang Putih was also not above resorting to the use (or misuse) of Islam to represent himself as a defender of the faith against the same imaginary but convenient Chinese foe.

The whiter-than-white warrior has been totally unrepentant, and believe it or not, he's back again with his ethnic-oriented insinuations.

This time Hang Putih has accused the predominantly-Chinese Gerakan state government of marginalising the minority Malays in Penang island, to the extent of driving them to move to the mainland – to Butterworth and Sungai Petani. He made this accusation during a Putera Umno launch in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.

Hang Putih averred that the marginalisation of the minority Malays in the island had been why UMNO had raised the issue of rotating the Penang chief minister post so that their rights could be safeguarded. What a hero!

Koh TK, Penang’s CM, challenged him to show proof, a case of 'put up or shut up'.

Then Gerakan president Lim Keng Yaik, who had already given Hang Putih a leadership lesson day before yesterday, waded in again. Lim called him an opportunist for attacking Dr Koh.

He said:
"Taking potshots against a Chinese chief minister of Penang reflected that these leaders were (of) low standards. I think it is (political) opportunism in their haste to climb up the political ladder … (by intending to) become heroes of their own race."

Well, Hang Putih has been boo-ed and heckled by his own people at the Titiwangsa UMNO division meeting, and that wasn’t the first time he has been boo-ed by UMNO members, so he must be desperate to portray himself as the defender of the faith and race. Expect more of same fare from him.

Hang Putih, pahlawan terhandal
Berjuang untuk Lib* .. bangsa
Hang Putih seorang yang terkenal
Ya lah, kenal yang berwibawa

* er … what’s the Malay word for Liberty?


  1. Liberty, at least in my own understanding, means KEBEBASAN.

    Well, back to your hang Puteh ..... I guess the guy shot his own foot. He might not have meant it but like the Malay says NASI SUDAH MENJADI BUBUR. Pity, an Oxon grad still talking as if all of us are still some hotentots in a hot Kalaharu desert.

    You ought to notice that UMNO leaders tend to play up racial issues whenever they feel cornered and threatened politically. Another race riot and the big losers will probably be those leaders themselves - in 1969 the world couldn't care less but in 2006 the world might want to see some justice done. Remember the riot in Jakarta not so long ago changed the whole political facade of the country .. and in the process ended one of the most bigotted dictatorships in Asia. Even his own soldiers could not defend Suharto .... and in Malaysia expect everybody to jump down the sinking ship when they realise that UMNO titanic is sinking. To prove my point, look at Dr M now .... every soul in UMNO is shunning him.

    To say that UMNO is unbeatable is an exaggeration ... look at other parties formed by the Brits almost at the same time as UMNO like the Congress Party of India (a pale shadow of itself now) and its nearest cousin, KANU of Kenya. Once the ship starts to list, all crew will save themselves first and not the ship ......

  2. For people like him and his ilk there is a name. They are called shit sticks because they agitate and stir up the shit pot and create a problem where non existed before.