Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dr Mahathir: "Khairy's all talk but no action"

Dr Mahathir sneered at Khairy Jamaluddin as ‘all talk but no action’. He pointed out that other than making racist remarks, Khairy has done nothing concrete to alleviate the problems faced by the Malays in Penang.

He stated: “What have they done? They are in full power now. They can grab (Penang Chief Minister Dr Koh) Tsu Koon by the scruff of his neck and throw him into the sea because they are so powerful.”

“But they haven’t done anything other than make racist speeches in order to gain popularity with the Malays. He is entitled (to make such statements). All those who are in support of the government can freely voice their opinions. Those who don’t, cannot say anything.”

Mahathir said the party now has many spin doctors to badmouth and sideline him. He remarked with caustic sarcasm:
“There are new UMNO boys now. They are very loyal, they work very hard to spin. The new UMNO information chief Brendan Pereira (News Straits Times group editor) and [P] Gunasegaram (the Sun and Nexnews group executive editor). All very loyal, they work hard to spin.”

He also scoffed at former MAS chief Tajuddin Ramli’s claim that Mahathir had forced him to buy the national carrier’s shares. The ole man said:

"When he got MAS, my god, he just got bubbling away at all the possibilities. From Malaysian helicopter services to practically being the owner of MAS, he was so very delighted. Now he is saying I forced him."

Alamak, Tun, ta'kan belum tahu hal cari makan kah?

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