Thursday, September 07, 2006

Menteris Besar Rorted Money for Poor

Eat your bloody hearts out, if you’re worried about rising prices in fuel, electricity, etc and god-knows-what next. Some people wouldn't have any such worries. They had mucho cash to 'play' around with.

According to the Auditor-General’s Report 2005, a special fund channelled to several states for the purpose of helping the poor has been used for
unrelated matters, such as renovating the official residences of menteris besar (state premiers) and buying equipment for private television station ntv7 (for one of the premier). Oh, those 'poor' menteris besar.

The money was also used to erect billboards advertising impending visits by PM AAB as well as his deputy, Najib. Those 'poor' two!

Then there were buying of pin labels for dignitaries as well as hats and clothes for the state assembly’s march pass team in conjunction with the Merdeka celebrations. 'Poor' them, having to march.

The report also revealed that RM 110,000 from the fund was channelled to Puteri Umno Sungai Petani, based merely on a working paper to set up a tuition centre. The Auditor-General’s Report said the payment should instead be based on the monthly claims submitted by the centre’s teachers. But I suppose a noce lump sum of over 100 grand was more convenient for 'poor' Puteri UMNO members to 'play' around with.

Next, 700 computers worth RM 2.10 million were bought with the fund’s money without calling for tender. Undoubtedly for the 'poor'.

Now, this one probably should take the cream. RM 190,374 was spent by a state without the Treasury’s approval for among others, congratulatory messages in newspapers and office equipment. Congratulations for helping the 'poor'?

Meanwhile, another state took out RM 5.44 million from the special fund allocated to it to acquire furniture for the Seremban and Port Dickson district councils administration office. Another RM4.50 million was used to convert the state's official guest house into the menteri besar's residence. Oh that 'poor' MB!

So on so forth, the rorts and rot went on. Probably the only people who didn’t get any money (apart from the poor opposition) were the ‘poor’ for whom the money was meant. That's how they can stay poor.

Malaysia Boleh!

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