Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Stupid Idea No 2 - Discount for Traffic Fines

Transport Minister Chan Kong Choy has been pissed off with the police for reducing traffic fines without consulting his ministry.

But Internal Security and Public Order Director Commissioner Mustafa Abdullah dismissed the Minister’s annoyance, saying arrogantly: “We can reduce them when or how we want to. We do not have to consult the Transport Ministry. We have the power to do so.”

Comm Mustafa had announced on Monday that the police would slash traffic fines by as much as RM 200 to encourage offenders to pay up. Additionally, the lower fines would also result in less corruption as offenders would have fewer reasons to offer bribes to traffic policemen.

If those are the two reasons, then I wonder why the fines were laid in the first place. Why not ‘no fines, no corruption, no de-motivation for offenders’.

Here, we have the Police believing it can cure corrupt practices among its officers by reducing traffic fines. I am not sure whether to laugh or to cry.

Guess what message the Police is sending out by encouraging offenders to pay up on smaller fines when their offences had merited bigger penalties in the first instance.

Sure, the Police has the powers to f**k around with the amount of fines. But does that mean the Police has exercised it correctly?

No wonder the Royal Malaysian Police has been so f**k up with such stupid thinking and arrogance from its senior officers. It's avoiding the bloody hard yards of actually rooting out corruption among its members by such bullsh*t gimmicktry.


  1. Well, I'm not really against the reduction in fines, unless they did it properly. Should've counterbalanced it with stricter demerit points system.

  2. Think it might have to do with Merdeka Spirit like last year? They're 'encouraging offenders to clear their fines' too last year with 50% dicounts. So this year, around the same time, they pull another crap out of their hats.

    As for those who thinks the summons discounts are goodwill, think AGAIN.
    It comes out from your TAX!
    Why do you think this 'goodwill' announcement comes out AFTER Budget 2007?
    Look for the figure RM4.9Billion
    Nothing comes FREE.

  3. that`s malaysia boleh for you!!!