Saturday, September 09, 2006

Chad: Chevron now OK, Petronas not yet

Latest from al Jazeera:

Chevron Corporation, the US oil company, has agreed to pay taxes it owed to the central African state of Chad and it can, therefore, continue to operate in the country, a Chadian presidency spokesman said on Friday.

"Chevron has agreed to pay the taxes to the Chadian treasury in the coming days ... it is staying (in the country)," Dieudonne Djonabaye told Reuters by telephone from N'Djamena.

A spokesman for Chevron, the second biggest US oil company, declined to confirm or deny the statement.

Djonabaye said the agreement had been reached during a meeting in Paris on Thursday between Idriss Deby, the Chad president, and Dave O'Reilly, Chevron CEO


Deby, softening his original expulsion order, had said in Paris on Monday that he expected the dispute with Chevron and Petronas to be solved through negotiation.

Petronas received Chad's 24-hour Expulsion Order

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