Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stupid Ideas No 3 and 4 - Shark Island & 'Minority Reports'

OK, Malaysians, fasten your sat belts and hand on!

At a dialogue on crime prevention that were participated by parliamentarians and the police, the following
recommendations were made by your elected representatives.

Gerakan Federal Territory chief and Segambut MP Tan Kee Kwong suggested that the law has those criminals thrown on a created island, and to make sure that there are lots of sharks there.

Isn’t that a f**king brilliant idea or what, or perhaps I should rephrase that as brilliantly f**k-ed idea?

‘Create an island’ … and … 'ensure plenty of sharks’?

This bloke must have read too many cheap fiction novels, perhaps even heard of Isla De Prisio in Costa Rica, or seen movies like 'The Birdman of Alcatraz'. If that’s the quality of anti-crime suggestion by our elected representatives, I might as well be in parliament as I can do better.

Then UMNO Titiwangsa parliamentarian Astaman Aziz called for a programme that would identify families with potential criminals in their midst. He said:
“Whatever we have said so far is crime deterrent, we should talk about crime prevention, which is detecting potential criminals.”

Has he seen the movie ‘Minority Reports’? If not, then he is dangerously talking ‘eugenics!’

Eugenics is a social theory advocating state or social intervention to improve the human race through various/usually nasty means. The aim is supposed to create healthier and more intelligent people, save society's resources, and lessen human suffering.

An example of eugenics = selective breeding!

Once, Singapore’s former PM had actively encouraged that, by urging ‘graduates’ to marry ‘graduates’. Maybe LKY had thought that a BA marrying another BA might produce a potential MA? He even asked a visiting Princess Margaret what she thought of his idea. The Princess said (sarcastically) it might work for horses!

Eugenics is dangerous and repulsive because frequently the concept would be used as a justification for state-sponsored discrimination, forced sterilization of persons with genetic defects (as had happened in Sweden), killing the mentally retarded (Nazi Germany), and finally the big one, racial genocide - Nanjing, Burundi-Rwanda, Darfur, Holocaust – I am not sure whether I should include Cambodja because there, it was Khmer killing Khmers.

The only decent recommendation came from Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Dr Maximus Ongkili. Maximus said that crime can be prevented if the public played a more proactive role by instilling good values in the younger generation – in other words, parents, elders and teachers!

He said: “We want these youngsters to start early by saying ‘No’ to crime.”

Amen to that.

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  1. hey about the other stupid idea - rebranding the mak rempit?

    whoaa! indeed this idea from tan kee kwong is simply, absolutely, totally ridiculous!!! how on earth can an elected MP think of such idea??

    first and foremost if you throw criminals into a shark infested sea, you are advocating murder! so that's it? criminals are worthless people to be murderered?

  2. ... er ... no lucia, he didn't say 'throw them into the sea', but onto a 'created' island with sharks around it. I better improve my English lah ;-)

    as for the Rempits see my eralier postings http://ktemoc.blogspot.com/2006/09/khairy-jamaluddin-heckled-by-umno.html and (the frightening one) http://ktemoc.blogspot.com/2006/09/mat-rempit-as-private-police-force.html