Friday, September 08, 2006

Mat Rempit as Private Police Force?

The incoming Inspector General of Police (IGP) has criticised the Mat Rempit (illegal bikkies) as bad for tourism because legitimising these bikkies give the impression to tourists that Malaysia is a lawless country. Most Malaysians agree with him.

And I would like to add that the Mat Rempit are not only bad for tourism but dangerous to society for their reckless riding stunts amidst innocent bystanders.

But Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, the Putera Umno chief is defiant. He said the proposal to confer recognition plus a new title on the Mat Rempit into Mat Cemerlang will go ahead. Putera UMNO has organised a series of activities for the bikkies, including a dialogue with the Deputy IGP, despite the latter’s criticism of the group.

Abdul Azeez said: “The dialogue will be open and they (Mat Rempit) are encouraged to ask any questions they may have. I view this as a positive sign because as far as I know, this sort of dialogue has never been done before.”

I have no doubt that his stubborn defiance has more to do with the unseen ‘sponsor’ behind the scene.

But wait, he has startling and bloody bizarre news for us. He said: “The ultimate goal of Putera Umno is to make Mat Rempit the eyes and ears of the police and to report on the activities of rogue Mat Rempits.”

“…the eyes and ears of the police …”?

Next, we’ll have Mat Rempit performing duties that police outriders do, and even chasing and apprehending other rival bikes, rather than just 'report[ing] on the activities of rogue Mat Rempit'?

Then he finally said what we knew all along, that he admired the solidarity among Mat Rempit and, if harnessed, they could be an asset to Putera Umno.

This is how warlords form their private armies or special police force.

Khairy Jamaluddin Heckled by UMNO members


  1. Just shows the mentality of Pemuda Umno. Bucnh of people who are bankrupt of ideas.

    And they supposed to be the pemimpin pelapis.

    Ayo! Scary one...if they are gonna be the future leaders of this country.

    What hope do we have?

    Pity us. Pity Malaysia!


  2. It seems like my merdeka wish is not answered!!! :(

  3. Khairy plays the 'Malay" card because he knows there are many Malyas in the country who will rush to support him as a Malay hero.
    Do not worry about these leaders to be. Worry about how simple- minded the supporters of these Malay heroes are

  4. Lowlifes are rakan cop cemerlang now, hah? Looks like I can't put off buying that new gun now (self-defence). Seriously, arm yourselves.

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  6. above comment was by Din - he said "police should xxxx all those Mat Rempits and turn them into Mat Robokops."

    Dei Din, jangan lah!

  7. The question should be why would they want to be Mat Rempit if they could be UMNO members enjoying APs, NEP & MA?

    These youngsters are out for self glory but were prepared to risk the lives of others, causing perils and hurting and beating up others just because they are a grouping. It's gangsterism and now UMNO calls this: cermelang!

  8. Am I being unduly fearful or is there a similarity to the "Hitler Jugend" here ?

    Truly, I hope I'm really wrong...


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  10. No, not the Hitler Jugeng - those were just kids under an ideological flag, an Aryan one no doubt but nevertheless still an ideological banner.

    If the Rempits could be viewed at all as anything historical, it would be more as potential Nazi Brownshirts or Mussolini's Blackshirts, mainly street scums legitimised under the sponsorship of a political party.