Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ku Li: "Dr Mahathir was robbed of easy victory"

One of Dr Mahathir’s old foes has come out to support his (Mahathir) accusations that UMNO leaders had played dirty to stop him from being elected as a delegate to represent Kubang Pasu at the UMNO general assembly.

Everyone knows that an UMNO leader is sh*t scared of the Grand Ole Man revealing all the 'dirt' directly to thousands of UMNO members.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, also affectionately known as Ku Li said that the powers-that-be (meaning top UMNO leaders or just one leader) had robbed Dr Mahathir Mohamad of an ‘easy’ victory in the Kubang Pasu Umno division delegates contest.

He declared:
“With the state of play, I suppose you cannot expect anything other than a loss for Mahathir. I think people were determined to stop him from being elected.”

“Otherwise how could a man - a leader for the Kubang Pasu division for more than 30 years who brought development (there), an ex-premier who created a name for the country - is suddenly not wanted by his own people.”

“It’s shocking. I don’t think the Malays are that ungrateful. After all, he is only seeking to be a representative (of the division), not to become prime minister or deputy prime minister. He doesn’t want that anymore.”

“He would have won easily. He is not just a great leader but also a world renowned leader.”

Ku Li suggested to Mahathir that the latter should still file a complaint with the UMNO disciplinary board even though he doesn't have faith in its proceedings

But Mahathir said what’s the point when a member of that disciplinary board was his so-called old mate, former Kedah menteri besar Osman Aroff, a man he (Mahathir) had found a job for when Osman lost his menteri besar’s job. Osman campaigned strenuously against Mahathir.

Meanwhile AAB expressed shocked at Dr Mahathir’s accusation of money politics and dirty tricks. He said he had prohibited 'outisders' from interfering with the Kubang Pasu UMNO divisional selection fo delegates. He immediately called for a report on what Dr Mahathir had complained, but a report that would be written by two men who had campaigned bitterly and aggressively against Mahathir’s candidature.

The AAB requested report will be handled by Kedah’s menteri besar and the Kubang Pasu’s UMNO division boss, Johari Baharom, he of the Et Tu Baharom (otherwise known as 'Melayu Mudah Lupa') shame.

But as with all AAB’s called-for 'reports' we can predict the findings. Afterall, when he promised to investigate into Scomi to see whether his son’s company had received preferential treatment form the government, he demanded a 'report' on the scandalous allegations from Scomi. What finding would you expect in that report?

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  1. KTemoc Konsiders said...

    What finding would you expect in that report?


    All I know is that Pak Lah will give the same standard answer:

    "Saya sudah meneliti laporan tersebut dengan sedalam-dalamnya.

    "Dan mendapati tuduhan Tun Dr Mahathir tidak berasas dan tidak benar."