Friday, September 15, 2006

Siapa Yang Biadap?

There's a new bimonthly tabloid in town, called Putra Post. It's run by Gen-M, the support group for Dr Mahathir.

An extract from Malaysiakini, which reported on Putra Post's debut:

The article then said that Umno leadership “has treated Mahathir far worst than the opposition ever did”, and that Mahathir has been turned into a ‘pariah’.

The Post’s opinion piece on page 10 focussed on Umno deputy youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin’s statement at the Umno Youth Tangga division meeting where Khairy reportedly told members to be wary of ‘traitors from within’.

“Khairy needs to reveal to Umno or the Malays just who these traitors are ... As politicians, don’t hide behind the title of deputy youth chief and son-in-law of Umno president. If transparency is desired, then expose the story to its entirety.”

The piece, entitled “Siapa pengkhianat dan siapa api dalam sekam?” (Who is the traitor and who is the fire in the husk?), said that Khairy “should show more respect to the elders as they have enough asam garam (experience) to lead Umno”.

I read in the UndurLAH blog that Khairy alluded to Dr Mahathir as an 'ape'. The new blog said that AAB has failed to act against his son-in-law who hinted that Mahathir was an ape.

Here's a young 31-year old UMNO novice, who parachuted into power through a marriage, insulting the former president of the political party, a man who led both his party and the nation for 22 years, as a simian. Even the chief opposition party, the DAP doesn't do that.


  1. i do not foresee his future ... why? coz there is just none ...

    not gonna see him go any further ...

  2. Kali Jambantulin political life will be like a shooting star; bright but brief.