Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hishamuddin blasted Wee for 'Khairy-ish' behaviour

This piece of the usual ding-dong news by Bernama was published in Malaysiakini, but in Bahasa (Malay language).

Apparently the Sec-Gen of the MCA Youth Dr Wee Ka Siong had raised an issue regarding a Chinese teacher being forced to teach Islamic studies to a class of students. The Minister of Education, Hishammuddin Hussein described that complaint as lacking any basis, and had been for (Dr Wee’s) political self promotion.

warned Dr Wee: "Bila anda campurkan agama dan politik, ia adalah sesuatu yang tidak boleh dimaafkan. Ini satu amaran kepada Ahli Parlimen muda yang beraspirasi. Saya selaku Menteri Pelajaran tidak akan bertolak-ansur dengan hujahan sedemikian dan saya tidak akan melupainya.”

Rough translation – words in parentheses thrown in by KTemoc for context:

“It’s unforgivable when you involve religion and politics (issues) together. This is a warning to an ambitious Member of Parliament. As the Minister for Education I will not compromise with such (dodgy) questionings nor will I forget them.”

Hishamuddin stated that what had actually occurred was a Chinese teacher being requested to keep an eye over a class (presumably the Islamic class) during the changeover period while the subsequent class was being organised. Once the re-organising was completed, the Chinese teacher taught her subject.

He revealed this in response to Dr Wee’s complaint after officiating at the Kampar UMNO delegates meeting.

Hishamuddin averred that the top leaders of the Barisan Nasional (BN) will not permit overly-ambitious (avaricious?) party leaders who raised racist issues just for their own popularity with members of their ethnic party.

Hmmm, didn’t Khairy Jamaluddin also raised religion and race in his political statements during an UMNO meet, and may I just add, a political statement that was framed as an inflammatory insidious but inexcusable insult at the Chinese Malaysian community as a whole.

I didn’t hear Hishamuddin blast Khairy equally with the same degree of ferocity that he had toasted Dr Wee with. In fact, he did a Pontius Pilate by saying Khairy would have to explain. I also recall him being angry with the MCA Youth for demanding an apology from Khairy who insulted the entire Chinese Malaysian community.

By his ‘tough’ talk, directed at a MCA Youth leader, has he been grandstanding on racial issues himself, or really sermonising on political propriety?

The latter case seems rather weak given his reluctance to blast Khairy Jamaluddin whose insults have been worse and totally unacceptable. But then, should we cut some slack for Hishamuddin as the leader of UMNO Youth who may be ‘aspiring’ for a party Vice-President post?

I hate to say this, but Hishamuddin's over-the-top warning to Dr Wee in the wake of Khairy Jamaluddin's atrocious statement and his (Khairy's) unmitigated defiant lack of repentance smell like a typical UMNO case of cakap ta'serupa bikin (failing to conduct oneself in accordance with one's declared principles).


  1. You translation is wrong, it ought to read, "This is a warning to all young ambitious members of parliament".


  2. Wrong? Not so, though it may also be read your way.

    I could argue that if Hishamuddin had used "Ahli-2 Parlimen muda" then there's no denying that it has to be the way you've translated it.

    And considering the "context" of his warning coming together with his rejection of Wee's complaint, I would argue it was designed as a reprimand for Wee and not as a general message.

    Yes, it could go both ways. But OTOH, perhaps I ought to and should concede to your translation, as my Bahasa is admittedly rather shaky ;-)

  3. but the other day he was also saying this:
    or my blog:

    touching on young leaders who made 'racial and religious statements' at the gerakan youth and wanita convention.

    when was his reprimandation of dr wee? (you no provide the bernama link - malaysiakini link no can read if no sub). was it before or after his statement at the gerakan convention? if before, then his racial statement at the gerakan convention, he could mean dr wee too!

  4. Lucia,

    It's a Malaysiakini news titled "Amaran Hishammuddin kepada setiausaha Pemuda MCA", dated 02 Sept 2006, which in turn quoted Bernama - unfortunately I was never able to find a link for any Bernama article (must be my lack of knowledge) but sorry I can't tell which Bernama dateline that article carried.

    There's no mistakening it was Dr Wee - the news item stated Dr Wee's name in full. He made that scathing statement at the Kampar UMNO delegates meeting, or rather after the meeting to the media, undoubtedly reminding his own turf he's still a real Hang Tuah, despite his recent attempt at portratying himself as a more "national" leader.

  5. mmmm..., One of reason why Penang and few other states lost to DAP in election 2008.

    Hishammuddin and Khairy should resign for rest for life.